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Written by jodie, 2019/11/10

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Jodie 2025808200

  • 2019/11/10 (6 months ago)

calls me at 𝟯 am in the morning everyday.  It's annoying and distracts my sleep.  Can someone track this number down?  Do something?  disconnect this line..


Shawnbostic 2025808200

  • 2019/11/10 (6 months ago)

This was a call from my fiancee via Skype. A You may not know who is calling but it IS Skype and not one of those sneaky bill collectors I was expecting..


Kristyneilson 2025808200

  • 2019/11/06 (6 months ago)

The police is gonna get yew.Yew gonna end up get tin in some ..


Vane 2025808200

  • 2019/11/06 (6 months ago)

I have been receiving these calls for 𝟰 years now and it seems as though nobody in law enforcement cares or the media or any of my State Representatives or Federal Representatives. All victims need to form an alliance to put a stop to these criminals. Please email me a John𝟰𝟭𝟱𝟱@live.com.


Dickerson 2025808200

  • 2019/11/05 (6 months ago)

We are a software company. We are receiving calls from this number as well. We would like this to stop for we are a professional company..


Notaro 2025808200

  • 2019/11/03 (7 months ago)

same! they had heavy British accents. this is freaky. does anyone know how they got our numbers???.


Samantha 2025808200

  • 2019/11/03 (7 months ago)

Early am call to cell phone then followed up by two more to the house phone. House caller nasty abusive-stating I was sleeping with his wife-spoke in foreign tongue. House phone id said the call was coming in from "security screen"..


Santi 2025808200

  • 2019/11/03 (7 months ago)

This number is someone calling from Skype messaging on a computer. My husband uses Skype to call me when he's deployed, but I would assume lots of people use Skype to make prank calls, since most people wouldn't trace the number back to an individual..


Pamintuan 2025808200

  • 2019/11/02 (7 months ago)

This person called our call center and got ah old of one of my agents and was continuously sweaing at him, saying that he was going to kill my agents family. A The he was going to kill babies. A This sounded like a recording from various movies or something because the responses from this guy didn't match up exactly with what my agent was asking him for. A He gave 𝟯 warnings and hung up..


Lemley 2025808200

  • 2019/10/30 (7 months ago)

Whoops, I accidentally typed splatters. ^^ I'm really espio𝟭𝟱.


Marcsnell 2025808200

  • 2019/10/30 (7 months ago)

Hi, I read your post and I need more info. Please email me at john.𝟰𝟭𝟱𝟱@live.comThank you, John.


Berto 2025808200

  • 2019/10/28 (7 months ago)

I've been getting 𝟯 calls from this number from the same person called "Charles" he told me to come meet him at his store somewhere in Stillwell, Oklahoma. he told me and my workers that he was working at A to Z pawn shop and that we called him.


Maryeustace 2025808200

  • 2019/10/27 (7 months ago)

Received a call this morning at about 𝟰:𝟱𝟱 a.m. I was asleep, of course. Anyways, they ended up leaving a voice mail calling me a "". I tried calling the phone number back, and it didn't work..


Shaquillejackson 2025808200

  • 2019/10/27 (7 months ago)

this fool knew things about me and my son and we do not use Skype.  thinking that this trend is getting popular with kids from his past that are using this fault in Skype system  to harass us.  Skype needs to address this issue..


Daisy 2025808200

  • 2019/10/27 (7 months ago)

Depending if you have an 𝟴𝟬𝟬 # service. If you do, then you can have his nub er blocked or even the whole county blocked.read my post ISPY bottom of forum.


Joycefitzgerald 2025808200

  • 2019/10/27 (7 months ago)

Have been getting harassed for the past hour from this number!!!! They keep calling me from 𝟯 different numbers and not saying a word, they stay on the line and occasionally press buttons. The other numbers are 𝟬𝟬𝟬-𝟬𝟭𝟮𝟯-𝟰𝟱𝟲 and an unknown number. Soooo annoying, wtf!!.


Azlan 2025808200

  • 2019/10/26 (7 months ago)

Why is this person calling me? A Please stop it now!.


Dillonburke 2025808200

  • 2019/10/25 (7 months ago)

Said he was calling from Israel and asked what I thought about Israel. I told him that he had called my business and I didn't have time for his questions..


Jessicacallan 2025808200

  • 2019/10/23 (7 months ago)

Got 𝟮 calls from this number....


Kimberlypagan 2025808200

  • 2019/10/23 (7 months ago)

Human voices calling repeatedly saying hello, also stating i was a derogatory term for a homosexual person. Possible came from Skype..


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