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Post by Xenbag,

2295186462 In this age people share images so many times a day they need a high quality and 100% safe application to perform this task. Xender app is one of them. With the app you can send your video everywhere you want, from your iPhone to iPhone and vice versa. You may download Xender app from for free!

Post by Guest,

229-518-6462 I have received calls from this number in less than an hour

Post by Taylor,

2295186462 Also, Thank goodness for Trap Call, they called as No Caller ID and unmasked this number

Post by Jai,

229-518-6462 I've had a woman to call me telling me she's messing with my husband from an unknown number - I unmasked the call and this number appeared - Called it back and it said something about Skype or whatever - So I wonder if it's a fake number altogether after reading all of the other complaints on here -

Post by Amy Rice,

2295186462 I have Trapcall and this number calls me about times a day and its quite annoying

Post by nf,

229-518-6462 Received call, thank God for trap call -  First called as unavailable was unmasked by trapcall n # -- showed -  Overheard ppl laughing, a lady named julia walters? Stating shes from dept of __, couldnt understand her too muffled - Heard another man saying something about a recall to a and asking for proof and if it was paid, needing confirmation -  On the call i also noted that there were to ppl on the same line - The man supposedly said this looks real good and mentioning nnumbers -  Huh?  I kept replaying the vm lk over timetimes and this is some of the info i was able to listen too from the back ground - It eventually erased itself without me deleting the vm - Strange

Post by George,

2295186462 Who the heck is calling so much? times a day -

Post by Guest,

229-518-6462 Thanks to TrapCall this "Unknown" call was "unmasked" to Albany, GA [() -] indicating these maggots are using Skype or a computer program of the like to make robo-calls (making them less traceable) - Further research indicates that they are trying to pose as credit card co's and obtain your card info for their own personal use - NEVER give out your personal information to anyone over the phone without looking into the company first (know the phone # of your credit card companies have them stored in your phones, please) - Your card co's will never ask for your full card number or SS#, and likewise will NEVER ask for your personal pin password EVER over the phone (all of this is illegal) - They will ask your personal security question to verify your identity - If they don't ask "THAT" question as soon as you pick up the phone (after telling you this is X bank card co") and a "maiden name of a parent grandparent" - - BIG RED FLAG Hang up and call your card co without even an Aloha honey They will let you know if, in fact, they were actually trying to get ahold of you - These people are scammers and take advantage of far too many, sadly, with almost NO consequences

Post by Kay,

2295186462 Calls times a day - Around am,am, pm, last call around pm - I have trap call it unmasked the number, I blocked -- but I still get the calls? How am I still receiving calls from a blocked #?

Post by chris,

229-518-6462 Are you SURE?Perhaps you should read this:www -news -com story money personal-fin - - -scam

Post by Guest,

2295186462 When you call back, it says that if you have the APP Trapcall which is about () a month, you can blacklist it which blocks this number from calling you - It also unblocks blocked numbers - Another great way to block numbers is if you have an Apple Iphone - You can go onto the number information and block the number -

Post by Guest,

229-518-6462 I suggest that seems to be a Skype Voip number that anyone else use the contact information on Skype to let them know they have a sicko on their system and they need to investigate all these complaints on whitepages as just one example and get rid of him her

Post by B,

2295186462 Annoying unknown calls

Post by anon,

229-518-6462 [***] retards

Post by Lewbertha,

2295186462 These clowns have been calling on average times a day for years -  I finally subscribed to a service to unmask the number -  It originates from a call center in Albany, Ga -  I have never answered their calls and they have never left a message -   After the number was unmasked I added the number to contacts and blocked it -  But, they called again just a few minutes ago -  I am convinced this is a scam spam and a huge irritant -  

Post by Guest,

229-518-6462 Used Trapcall app to get this number then blacklisted it in Trapcall and blocked it on my Iphone - I called it with a Google voice number and it said it was a Skype Voip number so this sicko is trying to use all the tools to mask his id - Since skype allows you to get a number from anywhere in the world the location of Albany Ga is likely bogus too -

Post by Guest,

2295186462 Call at all hours of the day and night trying to get money -

Post by Guest,

229-518-6462 Been called for weeks

Post by TrapCall subscriber,

2295186462 This is amazing -  There is one of EVERY Category of telemarketing or nuisance calls, and all those people magically found THIS Post, these Threads and were compelled to rave about this serviceAstonishing -  What are the odds of that? Even the “names” are a mix and almost politically correct -Say, I wonder if anyone bothered to look up Trap or Trap Call in the Urban Dictionary?  LOL

Post by Guest,

229-518-6462 They call and then hang up -

Post by Guest,

2295186462 This is a Skype account some idiot calling and hanging up -

Post by Meh,

229-518-6462 Once a day; They never say anything if I don't - Today I did and they only said hello times and then hung up -

Post by Guest,

2295186462 This number comes up all the time on my phone and yesterday on Easter I received calls in a roll even with my Trap Call on - They are relentless and I don't even know who these people are - AWFUL AWFUL people

Post by Guest,

229-518-6462 Alarm system telemarketer who speaks English very badly -

Post by Karatequeen,

2295186462 Keep receiving calls,  it first started out as a locator calling me for a supposed judgement that was filed against me -  That was months ago,  then from the same name number it was someone stating they were calling from at&t and now it's an IRS scam -   This last time,  some male with a heavy accent -  He referenced a call back number of -- -  Obviously a scam trying any tactic -   I have no debt,  my At&t invoice is current and, i cant have the irs suing me because i got back this year -  Lol - -  I have trapcall,  best service ever

Post by Marty,

229-518-6462 Get Trap Call if it a cell phone and a call blocker if it is a landline phone -

Post by chas,

2295186462 All of a sudden I'm gettin calls from this silly number and they are just botherin me like crazy - Nobody there when I picked up the first time - Now I just ignore em - My they are a bother tho -

Post by Taylor,

229-518-6462 Also, Thank goodness for Trap Call, they called as No Caller ID and unmasked this number

Post by Guest,

2295186462 I've been harassed by this number for a week

Post by Guest,

229-518-6462 Scam internet caller -

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