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Recent Comments for 3068524567

Post by uravot,

3068524567 сенсор на doogee x30 белый купить в украине:

Post by Ev Dog,

306-852-4567 OMFG! Everyday, for fucking a year, maybe the last four as I have now gone fucking senile because I get so many of these fucking calls daily! FUCK THIS NUMBER!

Post by Guest,

3068524567 SCAM rerouted from India

Post by Jen,

306-852-4567 Scam - Heavy accent - Claiming real estate this time -

Post by Big Biji,

3068524567 Called and left no message -  Usually, poor immigrants from poor and screwed up countries, could not get a job and being slaved to pick up this kind of low life job just to scam people -  Why don't you all go back to your country of origin and never come back here again - They need people like you more in your country but not in here

Post by Guest,

306-852-4567 I am on the no call list so am reporting this call - I did not answer when I saw the number from Saskatchewan -

Post by YVR,

3068524567 This number just called me at : PM and didn't leave  msg - I checked this site and blocked the number -

Post by upset,

306-852-4567 Just happened to me - Heavy accent, I couldn't understand a thing except for him saying that he was from microsoft and was calling about my computer - and that's all I got -

Post by Don'tCallMe,

3068524567 Called and asked, in a heavy Punjab accent, for the last name associated with the number called -  Not recognizing the voice and having no business in Saskatchewan, I deferred and hung up -

Post by Guest,

306-852-4567 some sort of property scam

Post by Jan,

3068524567 Says NODID on caller display - No one says anything when I answer -

Post by sunny,

306-852-4567 i got a call from NODID --he was asking financial questions and when i refused to answer he used obscene language and hung up

Post by kim,

3068524567 If a real estate hire a second party then they should not hire known agressivive scammers This number has called for different reasons and they are very rude So i do not believe anyone hired them to harrass people

Post by hadenough,

306-852-4567 I had the same "ameyo" he asked for the name listed in the phone book, which is just a letter and last name, when I asked who he was looking for and if he knew who he was calling he hung up - -had an accent - -last time I got a call from this number, it was pm - -has to be re routed somehow

Post by RobertMip,

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