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Post by Tina,

3179756400 It's Liberty Mutual Insurance

Post by MM,

317-975-6400 UPDATE- I have received two more calls this weekend from "Duracoat" representatives using the same number -  I e-mailed Duracoat and found out the calls we are receiving are not legit & I am attaching their response below -  In addition, I called one of the internet carriers that has -- listed & they said it must be a scammer re-routing their number somehow & using the dial-up number to call individuals -  The internet provider was going to make a call to Grande Communications to inform them of the misuse -  This is the e-mail from Duracoat:Thank you for your inquiry - You are correct in stating that it is not our company that calls individuals - We are a paint manufacturer that  sells only to approved industrial coaters; never to the general public and certainly not through direct mailing -  Our corporate  headquarters is located in Riverside, CA with another plant in Huntsville, AL -  The misconception comes when people search the internet for ‘Duracoat’ – our legal name is Dura Coat Products, Inc -  If one went to our website, www -duracoat -us main and looked on the FAQ’s, one would noticed # deals with the concrete covering issue - Thanks for letting us know - This is something we’ve been dealing with for years - If they represented themselves as “Dura Coat Products, Inc -” then we would have a legal issue - Until then, all we can do is explain to the emails and phone calls we get that it’s not us -Thanks and have a great week -Michele RushLaboratory and Marketing Support SpecialistDura Coat Products, Inc

Post by Guest,

3179756400 Sent text message w multiple attachments from phone to my e-mail -

Post by Chris,

317-975-6400 Glad folks are sharing their Gail Jones experiences -  He and Erica are at it again -  Hope potential sellers are checking up on them -  BBB -org gives them an F rating -

Post by S,

3179756400 They won't leave a message and before you can tell them to take you off there calling list they hang up on you -  I will be complaining to the do not call list about this -

Post by L.E.B.,

317-975-6400 I have been receiving many strange calls now for about two weeks - Anonymous, Wireless Caller, Unknown and otherwise undisclosed - When I check the number most come back with area codes such as , , , , , ,that do not exist one last night came from ,,, Some have been from Florida, North Carolina and Texas - some names the call from this call was from "ISMA GONZALEZ" another one was"VON SUCKOW" - I do not answer my phone for any unrecognizable caller and last year I answered some calls and there was only elevator music for an extended period of time before I hung up and then I turned off my answering machine last year - I am on the do not call list and when I complained to the local phone company and thought about paying for the monthly fee to block these unwanted calls I was told only Anonymous calls would be blocked and the others would not be affected - I was also told and did google it and it is true - there are applications that anyone can get for their phones whereby anyone can change their number to any number they choose any time they choose and none of these numbers can be traced - So there is nothing they can do My question - if NSA can record all calls -etc - how can they do so with all these otherwise untracable calls?? I am thinking the whole NSA thing is totally BOGUS - IMHO Cheers :(

Post by Guest,

3179756400 Collections - American Coradius International LLC

Post by Guest,

317-975-6400 Bill collector

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