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2017-01-06 16:10:49
These calls only respond To "hello" if you answer any other way the computer hangs up. Block the number and the call back using another caller ID
2017-01-05 19:38:15
Central Alert System.
2017-01-05 19:37:39
Awesome.  I also got call and they attempted the scam.  Any possibility of a class action lawsuit?
2017-01-04 15:24:50
Never leaves message
2017-01-04 15:24:41
Brown Deer Public LibraryAutomated system called to tell me my book was in
2017-01-04 14:26:39
bill collector
2017-01-02 19:04:47
opinionated bitch who calls and talks shit about people she doesn't know at all. tried to sell me some things, asked where I lived then talked shit about my neighbors and said she was above that.
2016-12-30 21:06:54
Monique Brown, call back at 800-927-5510. It sounds like telemarketing firms are hiring people to make calls from private phone lines to drive business back to 800/telemarketing numbers.
2016-12-29 20:23:12
2016-12-27 13:37:51
whos #?
2016-12-21 18:20:06
2016-12-21 08:44:37
AAAHHHH!!!!  I'm getting the same thing today!! "this is a fax, press start on your machine now".Call the # and get the same "Welcome to Audix..."How do you make it stop!  Every 10 minutes is like an auto re-dial.  Pain in the Butt!
2016-12-19 13:37:28
bestbuy gift card 1000 free
2016-12-15 14:19:40
2016-12-14 12:59:44
2016-12-12 08:27:25
stop calling me damnit
2016-12-11 14:12:41
They are calling for a Thomas, from a "pharmacy" trying to send some high grade pain meds. The same people have called from various different numbers, trying to call them back results in a message that the number is not in service. These same people have called me from various different numbers in different area codes, over the past 6 weeks. When I mention that I have told them already that there is no Thomas, they claim it is their first time calling.
2016-12-07 18:46:59
it sucks
2016-12-02 14:34:49
Credit card Spam callers by the name of Team D Dream
2016-12-02 12:37:25
Same here

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Phone number Recent comment Author Total Time
3615204793 Also received a call from this number. It's TD Auto FinanceChrysler Music played for a moment then silence. Standard late payment but if you try to call the number back they can't help... Kurt 7 2015-12-16 10:31:45
3612884893 Spammer Guest 6 2015-11-04 15:44:29
3613895513 I just got a call from this number also. . Second time they've called me, called about a month or so ago also. Even when you google that #, it also says the same thing about legal action. . I'm guessing a scam, or a bill collector trying to scare people. Johh 6 2015-12-10 19:23:08
3613328331 Said nothing. Hung up Guest 5 2015-12-09 11:39:50
3618766024 I'm sorry, you are too good for the person you are trying to reach. Please stop trying and get yourself a life. Guest 7 2015-12-14 15:38:52
3612711850 Credit one they call at least ten times a day and if you block them they call from a different number Guest 28 2015-11-04 16:39:29
3616670035 This person tested me and asked "How come I look so good"? I do not know this person. It is creepy and sick. Guest 2 2015-11-04 16:41:30
3614637901 Called my I pad- left no mess looked up on net said some ol couple + in Texas somewhere ya"ll. JtS colo Guest 5 2015-12-16 12:30:06
3614617970 Loser Guest 1 2015-11-04 16:51:49
3613620803 Richard action towing Guest 5 2015-12-19 13:03:58
3614929655 this number claimed to be the harris county precinct and that a young woman needed my help. and to call another number to help her... that started with * no name wanted 4 2015-12-19 11:24:50
3618783740 Just calls me and hangs up. Guest 8 2015-12-18 18:07:48
3617567069 punjab Guest 6 2015-12-08 09:01:48
3614453145 Sweepstaakeess Guest 12 2015-11-04 17:21:30
3614893335 I answer nothing is said and they hang up. They call me like or more times a day. Back to back at times. Guest 2 2015-11-04 17:27:30
3616951316 I got a collect call from this number from someone who was suppossed to be in Ottawa.  I am guessing this is a  Ontario pay phone, but my phone bill says Malton?? megsidara 8 2015-12-18 22:40:53
3612218853 Received a letter from US Airlines that contained this number.  Duh there is no such airline as US Airlines. No such airline 5 2015-12-16 16:13:04
3612218883 Debt Collector Guest 3 2015-11-04 17:43:29
3613561618 As many of the other comments left here, I too have received several annoying calls from -- and had multiple calls with no messages left and when I did call them, I got some guy with a thick accent that said they were selling "Business Loans". I asked him to stop calling and he hung up on me. Then about minutes later, the calls started up again. I googled the number and found out the owner of the line is Level Communications out of Texas. I called their fraud department and they confirmed that they own the number and will contact the owner to notify them that their number is being used inappropriately. The fraud rep stated that they typically shut the number down within hours of notification. Guest 26 2015-11-04 17:44:29
3612483292 Call back said its not a working # Guest 9 2015-11-04 17:49:29
3616523084 several calls for no reason john 7 2015-12-19 17:09:22
3612284992 Dont call Guest 1 2015-11-04 18:07:48
3612714848 robocall recorded message to lower your rate press I have blocked this message on different numbers some one should find a way to stop this harassement I don't even have a credit card Guest 30 2015-11-04 18:25:29
3614332974 Just Inappropriate Guest 5 2015-12-08 18:28:49
3612882191 yep, gonna rush right out and do business with some scumbag who calls illegally - and a robocall to boot.. Blocked. Guest 17 2015-11-04 19:07:29
3614535668 Calls prostitutes on backpage Guest 2 2015-11-04 19:07:30
3613771000 Debit card fee processor Guest 13 2015-11-04 19:18:30
3612542864 Anyone know who this is? It only rang twice at pm on Dec ,, not enough time for anyone to answer it. I wish people would stop doing that, either leave a courtesy message, or just don't call. I am on the do not call list as well. Perplexed LIer 7 2015-12-21 21:46:20
3617040331 professional time waster and robber Guest 2 2015-11-04 19:23:30
3612303698 this guy is full of fraud yusof 5 2015-12-09 15:25:53
3614627925 harrassing Guest 3 2015-11-04 19:35:30
3616550231 received a text message asking me to contact [email protected] Guest 6 2015-12-14 15:29:54
3616674745 This caller is a scammer please beware and do not do any monetary transactionssales with this or these individual(s) Guest 1 2015-11-04 19:43:30
3614911861 Payday loan Guest 5 2015-11-04 19:46:30
3614621668 Post card re urgent sale of house Guest 8 2015-12-16 20:56:03
3617015846 Guest 3 2015-11-04 19:47:30
3612463003 Call them back, rings once then ends. Guest 1 2015-11-04 19:54:29
3619930349 No message left but I am aware of who it is calling. Please do not allow this number to call me anymore. Guest 1 2015-11-04 19:55:30
3613550788 This person is participating in organized harassment. Guest 4 2015-12-18 06:18:38
3618819259 Similar story with me.  They called at : in the morning I answered, they said my ATM card had been cancelled and to press for the security department, then disconnected.  I tried calling it back but it just rang once then went busy. Jason 8 2015-12-16 09:29:03
3613554648 Wrong number Guest 29 2015-11-04 20:02:29
3619292011 i Guest 4 2016-12-29 20:23:12
3614456115 Friend was contacted by this number stating "hey sexy Girl... if your cool an wont say nothing, txt back Yes. ...for a nude pic LL... (= ......." It's a spam message that was being used on another number. Guest 9 2015-11-04 20:34:30
3612212189 t mobile bill col Guest 4 2015-11-04 20:46:29
3614251976 Nothing Guest 4 2015-11-04 20:47:30
3614621948 A Guest 1 2015-11-04 20:48:49
3616877667 I don't want this # calling me again. Guest 4 2015-12-21 09:55:58
3615343292 Continue to call, no one on the other line, then disconnects. A waste of our time. Guest 74 2015-11-04 21:05:30
3614886325 Merchants Bank Collections Guest 8 2015-12-09 16:04:40