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Recent Comments for 4166403489

Post by belinda,

4166403489 Got a missed call from this number , blocked it.

Post by Michael,

416-640-3489 Send an email to [email&#;protected] * * All emails with "STOP YOUR CALLS" in subject will be automatically be redirected to Logit Group -Claudio Ursitti Vice-President Finance [email&#;protected] * * John Wulff Vice-President, Sales & Marketting [email&#;protected] * * Anthony Molinaro CEO [email&#;protected] * * Sam Pisani President [email&#;protected] * * David Attard Director, Field Services [email&#;protected] * * Clare Harrigan Director, Client Services [email&#;protected] * * this number belongs to this company:The Logit Group Dundas Street WestToronto,ON MB HTelephone : --Fax: --Want to really let them know what you think?CEOAnthony Molinaro[email&#;protected] * * -- xPresidentSam Pisani[email&#;protected] * * -- x

Post by kelly,

4166403489 This number has called me times today - Thank you for posting - I have not answered - it's a local number but rings long distance - Most likely a scam - I have reported the number -  thanks -

Post by JG,

416-640-3489 the company name is LOGIT GROUP -  I confirmed on Dec th

Post by El Burlappo,

4166403489 They've been calling us too and not talking when we answer -  When we call their number it goes to voicemail and the mail box is full -  I wanted to report it to the police as harassment, so even though they call us x a day for the last two weeks, we are asked to go to the DNC list in Canada

Post by [***] you,

416-640-3489 [***] you low life, your company is violating do not list - No one should have to ask to be removed from your  calling list - There is,a national do not call list that every company must obey - So [***] you and pay the fine from CRTC -

Post by Mitchell,

4166403489 They have been calling every night for the last week or two -  Mayby they are doing a survey on how many times people answer the phone and or what they say when the person on the other end of the line doesn't say anything -  

Post by Teresa Scott,

416-640-3489 Received a call from -- and just had dead air -  A few hours later the number called back and told my husband that we needed to open our computer so that he could fix it -

Post by Marlene,

4166403489 This number calls me numerous times a day - I refuse to answer because the only identification is "Ontario" -  I don't know anyone in Ontario and I don't trust just picking up my phone to unknown callers -  So very annoying -  Got so fed up I tried to answer and I was going to yell at them, but after four rings it was disconnected - Going to get my hands on a whistle -

Post by Tebo,

416-640-3489 Solicitation company; would I take a minute survey -  I asked them to take me off their list and they hung up -  Great; that means they will keep calling -From Ontario -

Post by mary,

4166403489 Haved received calls from this number (---) times within the last week,  several times a day, at different times during the day -  They only let it ring a few times -  This is getting very annoying -  Any one know who this is from?

Post by Lin,

416-640-3489 It rang at : family trying to sleep really pi**ed off - go slam into a wall -

Post by Guest,

4166403489 This was a weird call - He said it was a political survey - I didn't want to do it but then he said it would only take a minute - Then asked what year I was born? I told him, then he said k, that's it or something to that affect -

Post by Brody,

416-640-3489 Caller stated they wanted to speak to the primary driver of the exact make, model & year car I own - They also stated that for participating in the survey they would donate to Mothers Against Drunk Drivers - I didn't participate

Post by Diane,

4166403489 This call came on my mobile with  no message left -  I did not answer it -  Usually these calls are on our home phone but now they are starting on the cell number as wel -l  Annoying doesn't begin to describe it -

Post by zac,

416-640-3489 i've received about calls from this number today -  you can't even answer fast enough before they hang up -  my parents called it got no answer but it called them right back and was listed to a Reynaldo or Freddie Luna -  the one time i did answer fast enough i got dead air -

Post by scatman,

4166403489 this number is defenitly fraud, they undentify themselves as rogers, td, other various companies -If i was you I will report it to RCMP -I actually  spoke to these guys they said they were from Rogers, the ask too many personal questions, then they hangup -In order to catch these guys please everyone report them to RCMP OR WWW -PHONEBUSTERS -COM

Post by Craig K,

416-640-3489 Here is the answer - -the person with the smoke detector had it right but too much work -  Get a "fox" whistle (the kind women carry to protect themselves) -  When they start talking say you can't hear them and ask them to turn up the volume -  Wait about seconds and give them a blast -  I got one guy so bad he called me back and started calling me every name possible - -figured he needed another lesson and he got one - -never called back again -

Post by Derek,

4166403489 This number has been calling me daily for the last days or so and has already called me twice today - Not that it will do much good i did submit a complaint to the CRTC - When i looked at the who can call you list, makes me wonder why they even bothered to start this program - So many loopholes in it that it may as well not exist -

Post by Dianna Burns,

416-640-3489 This number has called twice today Don't know what they want - They hung up the first time when I answered and didn't leave a message the next time they called when I was taking another call -

Post by Steven,

4166403489 I recieved SEVEN calls form --- in a three and a half hour span Six of which came in only minutes The seventh time I picked up on the first ring and it was some marketing firm - I demanded that they take me off there calling list and that I didn't appreciate the harrassment - Hopefully these calls will stop -

Post by EC,

416-640-3489 Keep getting calls for --  They never leave a msg -  Calling after PM a lot also -  Word of warning to people - I worked in the fraud dept in the phone Co -  Say NOTHING on the phone -  These peoplee will take your short "yes" and "no" answers and splice the tape together to make it seem like you have agreed to something -  If you want, ask who they are and then hang up -  These people need to be reported -  It becomes harassing after - phone calls a day -

Post by Linda Raffle,

4166403489 I have been called times in two days from someone at thisnumber and they don't leave any message -My cell phone is already registered against bill collectors -I thought it was Stop Debt CollectorI don't know any more about it -You can reach me at [email&#;protected] * *

Post by Fafa,

416-640-3489 Re Josh, here in Canada, if you were to give your legal name, either date of birth or SIN the party can access your credit plz do not reveal such personal info under any circumstances, it's your right Should there be a situation that you need to provide such personal info, please demand to know full reasoning official body info security etc -

Post by mary jean and greg west,

4166403489 Woke me up - No one was there on the other end - Try phoneing the no - and it says "Sorry we missed you - We were contacting you for market research -" Then it disconnects and does not give you a way to talk to a person or have your name removed -

Post by Tina,

416-640-3489 I'm not ignorant but if someone doesn't answer their call the first time why would anyone even a market research group continue to call the same number over and over again several times, one right  after the other if there is no response there - Surely they could go onto the next number on the list -

Post by Annoyed by 416-640-3489,

4166403489 Have received several calls from this number in last week -  When I pick up, there is a short tone on the other end, and then it goes dead -Very annoying -  The calls are from -- -I gave received calls from other numbers in the past that have been similar to this -

Post by Langford,

416-640-3489 Please stop all calls to our home number - we are on do not call list -  so do not want 'unwanted' calls -

Post by Roger NIchols,

4166403489 Calls from this number showing Toronto On - -about nights in a row now - -

Post by thunder,

416-640-3489 i answered their call its rogers call centre asking to take survey about why i cancelled my service

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