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Recent Comments for 4582010461

Post by Guest,

4582010461 recorded message in a different language - calls back and then silence

Post by Nana,

458-201-0461 Today , we received calls, earliest at : am, Pacific Time, no message, ID "Marketing Fraud -"

Post by rusty,

4582010461 anyone know who these people are? know they are in Eugene, but not who they are or exactly their address?

Post by sharon moses,

458-201-0461 dont knowthis number

Post by Cid,

4582010461 no recording, no person, just dead air - Caller ID said "Marketing Fraud"

Post by KENNY,


Post by Guest,

4582010461 This needs to stop

Post by Ann L.B.,

458-201-0461 This number shows up on our office's caller id, but with a in front of it - I searched the whole , with no results -

Post by NCPA,

4582010461 - minute voice mail left every night for two weeks, and sometimes calling repeatedly during the day - - foreign language recording -

Post by P.G.AMERICA,

458-201-0461 This number called - my Number Identify said MARKETING FRAUD I answered anyway - When I said the name of my Business I got a recorded GOODBYE - When we the people will stop supporting and electing the enemy to the free people to rule oppressively and tyrannically over the free people, and begin to have Justice for the people these calls will stop since Justice would dictate these harassing criminals would be where they belong - BEHIND BARS along with those that subvert their oath to the free people that allow these type of criminals to prey on the people -  

Post by TW,

4582010461 just rings, caller ID- "unavailable"

Post by Christina Griffis,

458-201-0461 Next time this number calls I'm answering it and I'm going to tell them they can deal with my lawyer and I want my number off their calling list

Post by rusty,

4582010461 I had my phone company block the area code - it was a nightmare getting rid of these creeps -

Post by Debby.,

458-201-0461 Got a call today and they hung up - -no message -  Caller ID shows it comes from something someone called ESKY -

Post by rusty,

4582010461 I had my phone company block the area code - it was a nightmare getting rid of these creeps -

Post by Guest,

458-201-0461 This caller called twice, hanging up both times - We are on the "do not call" list -

Post by Jane,

4582010461 This is getting tiresome, call after call day in, day out  There must be enough people who fall for whatever these calls are trying to sell otherwise it wouldn't be worth it to pay anyone to make the calls -

Post by Guest,

458-201-0461 No message, answered call, hung up

Post by Carlton Canon,

4582010461 A lady with a European accent ask for me by name -  She asked if I was a high school graduate -  When I answered she hung up -

Post by brucon,

458-201-0461 Unknown - leaves no message on recorder

Post by rusty,

4582010461 Call from ESKY -- - Ever since I put my number on a Do-Not-Call list - I get phone calls from a different foreigner everyday usually from different #'s -  ESKY -- has called me X -  Reported them but the system is so inefficient I am not sure it will do any good -  Note to self: Do NOT put your number on the Do-Not-Call List

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