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Recent Comments for 4582012052

Post by Linda,

4582012052 Spam Robot Call

Post by annoyed,

458-201-2052 No msg and no name on CID - Don't pick up these unknown numbers on your phone people What a waste of life these people have, worthless

Post by Jfb,

4582012052 Unknown and left no msg -

Post by BarbT,

458-201-2052 Answered this call -  No response - Call disconnected -

Post by Guest,

4582012052 How are you getting all of our numbers -

Post by Chris,

458-201-2052 Last week several calls from -- - this time missed call

Post by Front Desk,

4582012052 Robo Call with "Rewards something something" to give something as a thank you for visiting their website -Yeah, ok -

Post by Doe,

458-201-2052 No msg and no name either on id - Don't pick up these unknown numbers on your phone people Be careful please

Post by Guest,

4582012052 Done crap about visiting their website and press # for gift card - I hung up -

Post by Guest,

458-201-2052 Do NOT answer this number if they call you - THEY ARE A SCAM - They will tell you had won something and will continue to call you over and over looking for information and then money -

Post by Caller,

4582012052 Got a call from the number, didnt answer, no voicemail left -

Post by Yet Another One,

458-201-2052 Hadn't heard from them in a while - Called last night - I just picked up hung up in quick succession since it annoys me to hear the phone ring while I'm working - The difference between WALMART and WAMART (besides the "L") is that the real WALMART would have their lawyers all over them for fraud if they actually spelled it correctly - Wish they would anyhow - And since I have not been online shopping in over a month, it can't have anything to do with any website I've been to recently - Just random telemarketing scammers -

Post by concerned caller,

4582012052 -- either scam or wire tapping going on don't give information

Post by GT,

458-201-2052 I know these callers are scammers, but funny how they want people to send them - to receive cards by mail, that in reality would only cost one stamp to send both cards in a single envelope - Even if they really had viable gift cards to give away, they would be making about - off of everyone who agreed to get the cards -  But as it stands, they are giving nothing away, and getting the full - off of fools who fall for this garbage - Of course, if the idiots falling for this are paying by using their credit cards, bank account numbers, or checks, instead of the usual vanilla reloads, greed dot cards, or Western Union, then the scammers are really making out like kings when they bleed them dry -

Post by unempolyed,

4582012052 reward offer  but you know nothing is for free  you can call back and opt out

Post by mike,

458-201-2052 calls from -- asking me to accept a collect call press or to send voice message

Post by Guest,

4582012052 guy called asking for huge dicks to suck - -gross dude - -stop calling

Post by G,

458-201-2052 I received a call from this number again this evening - Again i didnt answer - No message left either time - I figure it's a scam - I don't know anybody from Eugene, Oregon -

Post by adam,

4582012052 Well you should call me during these times of pleasure and we could get off together -

Post by Guest,

458-201-2052 Caller offered free rewards for trying a saving product - After obtaining my information I was transferred to Alex Sinclair for verification - He spoke like on speed and kept asking over and over my card number and became very rude when I questioned him - I'm in customer service and this is unacceptable - I think this was a scam -

Post by SYT,

4582012052 Automated message talking about rewards redemption - Just hang up -

Post by Mi,

458-201-2052 I received a call from this number that came up on the caller id Wamart -  Once I answer the phone call the recording stated that I won a - gift card to use at local stores like Walmart - Once accepted the so called reward  the lady asked my name and asked me was this my phone number, I asked the lady several times where she calling from she stated a call center and got upset and stated that she did not have time to call the number back -  If someone is giving away someone they would not be rude and irritated -

Post by Roger,

4582012052 Got a call from this number but did not answer - No voicemail from caller -

Post by ceebee,

458-201-2052 Wow  Who would have suspected -  Thanks for the heads up

Post by SASparks,

4582012052 Careful with these numbers -  I answered a number I didn't recognize and the next thing I know there was an attempt to wire money from my account -   This is NOT Walmart and in fact comes back as an invalid number -

Post by Guest,

458-201-2052 No one was there - Not sure what kind of call out was supposed to be - Annoying -

Post by Guest,

4582012052 Calls constantly

Post by Mary,

458-201-2052 No response -

Post by Guest,

4582012052 i

Post by Zack,

458-201-2052 called fairly late at night -  Definitely no one I knew so didn't answer -  no message -  blocked

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