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Post by CK,

5616723665 Someone called & I could not understand him a middle eastern indian - When I told him I couldn't understand him he hung up on me -

Post by Lol,

561-672-3665 no but replying and being an @sshat doesn't help either just because you are sheep in Obama's flock

Post by Theresa,

5616723665 I keep getting a call everyday from this number, they never leave a message - Take me off the call list - When asked the last time to take this number off they just simulate hung up on me -

Post by Mama Jane,

561-672-3665 nobody on this board is calling you, so telling us to stop is just plain silly - - - - -

Post by Jerry,

5616723665 Keeps calling, don't need glucose meters

Post by Donna,

561-672-3665 been getting calls to my cell phone, several times during the day - finally answered on today( ) and they hung up -

Post by Patty,

5616723665 Continues to call even after I reported them to the Do Not Call List - I would like others to get on the Do Not Call list and after one month report to them the calls that are unwanted so they stop the calls -

Post by aggrevated,

561-672-3665 has been calling my cell phone all day - wont stop - no messages left and when i called the number back it said not available leave a message and then it says message box is full and hung up - SCAM

Post by Tony Rezco,

5616723665 When Obama is arrested  What a joke, and you idiots are none the wiser, you'll see

Post by D.A.B.,

561-672-3665 LuAnn ~ Hello : ) ~ Depending on your phone, I'm an Android, you can go into your phone ( caller dialer ), go into the settings & you should see something that will let you add the number - Just follow the prompts - I also have Mr -Number & have added the spam calls to that - It gives you the option to hang up on them or send them to voicemail - My mother & my girlfriend both have the iPhone - You can add the number to your contacts & then go into that contact & choose to block it - I have Sprint - You can't block it yourself on the Sprint website but if you call Sprint they can add a number to be blocked from your phone - They also have a list of numbers that they are already aware of - ~ Good luck

Post by thomas winkler,

5616723665 I have repeated told who ever is calling to stop calling to no avail - Sometimes they call or times a day - Last three phone calls were : am on January th, : am again on January th, and : am on January th - I do not know where they got my phone number, but the phone calls need to stop - Or I will be hiring a lawyer -

Post by Guest,

561-672-3665 Call daily, leave no message - - - - - -I never answer, do not know this number - - -if you have legit business you would leave a message about your business - - - - - - - - - - - -??????

Post by Guest,

5616723665 Calls again and again no message

Post by Guest,

561-672-3665 calls everyday leave no message this could be a scam -

Post by Patty Henley,

5616723665 The man had dirty mouth ,said want me and my body parts

Post by mel,

561-672-3665 This number called my mom's phone saying they were "pain solutions" when I called back, I asked who I was speaking to and he then replied it was "diabetic depot" - I said ok this is a fraudulent service and he confirmed it for me and hung up -

Post by Jeff,

5616723665 You need to remove my number from your database -  I am not a diabetic nor do I want anything, with the exception of you to stop bothering me -  This is really being a pain in the [***] -

Post by Torri,

561-672-3665 I just learned to call * after they call and it reports their number to the authorities - Next dial * and you can block that number, you just need to follow the prompts to do so -You know it is a scam company when they hide their name from caller ID, and just list their city and state - When you try to dial back all you get is a busy tone

Post by Linda Berry,

5616723665 stop calling me

Post by Guest,


Post by Barbara,

5616723665 I have told "Bob" twice that I am not a diabetic, and DO NOT call me again - He called twice on Thanksgiving day and the day after Thanksgiving -

Post by Guest,

561-672-3665 They asked if I was diabetic - Then said I love you please - I will propose to you I love you - He was Asian and this is my year olds phone - Scared her -

Post by pem59,

5616723665 Great one -  Bloodsuckers going after Bloodsuckers -

Post by Jackie Weeks,

561-672-3665 I keep getting calls from -- which I have told them numerous times to stop calling -   They do not know what the Do Not Call List stands for -  The company is Diabetic Supply located in Miami, Florida -

Post by Vernon Lewis Jr,

5616723665 This man with a very heavy foreign accent calls on a daily basis, sometimes up to times and tried to force personal information about my insurance for a FREE blood testing meter - I have repeatedly told him I was not interested and to not call back to no avail - I want it to stop -

Post by stef,

561-672-3665 I just talked to these people,who asked for me by name - They wanted to treat my pain - Asked for my insurance and doctors names, with correct spelling  I could hardly understand him but he was not saying  what his company did -

Post by Mary Smith,

5616723665 I also received two calls from this number - when I answered the call they hung up -  Who that heck is this?

Post by vests hutton,

561-672-3665 I don't answer numbers that don't show a name - - -this number has called several times but leave no message -

Post by Kim,

5616723665 same here, twice in one day, first time I answered and was hung up on, but I did hear talking in the background - -second time, I didn't answer and no msg left - -I called back, they're asking if anyone in the family has diabetes - -very bad connection too - -I agree w Saluki

Post by Guest,

561-672-3665 rings but does not talk

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