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2016-11-10 09:51:26
I've done some research and found that US Pharmacy has people that work from home. Most of the time I've been unable to call these number snack to complain, but this number, () - , was a different story. They always hang up or just ignore you when you ask to be removed from their call list. I got through this time. I encourage everyone that gets calls from this number to call back relentlessly and play loud music, or have a crying baby by the phone. Or you can act like you want to buy and just waste their time. It time we all fight back against these relentless people that are rude, continue to call when asked not to, and refuse to remove your number.
2016-02-16 09:48:21
tried to tell me they were contacted by my health insurance company to purchase meds and medical devices from them. NOT
2016-02-16 06:25:49
call every day but no one will leave a message
2016-02-16 06:00:48
Some Guy "Collector" I think, very rude and direct! He had the wrong number looking for someone else!
2016-02-16 02:35:31
2016-02-15 23:51:15
yes i got a phone call from this number and it was about a little girl saying something about her boyfriend being over and then him leaving and saying the wart on her finger was a booger and she kept calling me daddy for some reason and i dont know y she thought i was her dad or if she was just joking but you may wana look in to it cuz this girl didnt sound old enough to be by herself
2016-02-15 19:47:26
It's an old lady who pocket dials people or her granddaughter texts me thinking I'm her friend. Ugh uber aggravating
2016-02-15 19:47:09
If you want information on this scam and the people behind it I recommend checking out this website: players we know that are now involved, including names and cities are:Ambrosia Web Design LLC, Chris Ambrosia, Mesa, Arizona American Debt Negotiators, Ran David Barnea, Boca Raton, Florida Associated Accounting Specialists Inc., William R. Page, Port Saint Lucie, Florida Castle Rock Capital Management, Roy M. Cox, Laguna Niguel, California Concord Financial Advisors LLC, Lee Cestine, Mesa, Arizona Financial Services Solutions LLC, CEO Unknown, New York, New York PHL International, Mark Burton, Deerfield Beach, Florida Premiere Debt Solutions, CEO Unknown, Orlando, FloridaRed Leaf Capital LLC, Leroy Castine, Mesa, ArizonaI have received more than 150 (I have them documented) calls from these criminals. I have filed more that 50 complaints with the FTC however due to the fact that they hide behind spoofed numbers I doubt that they will ever stop any of them. They ask for up front fees and charge your credit card without performing any services.I find that I am getting great enjoyment by pressing 1 and talking to one of their "reps". I have a phony name, credit card number, and security code that I use. The only legitimate number that I give them is the customer service number from a credit card that I no longer use since the card raised my rates. I try to ask the criminals as many questions as possibe to keep them on the phone as long as I can. The scammers seem to get upset once they finally figure out that THEY are getting scammed. I guess they think their time is more valuable than mine.The guys behind this scam have a slew of corporations, many of them defunct. I searched using the name “American Debt Negotiators” and found the name of the Registered Representative was a guy named RAN BARNEA, aca RAN DAVID BARNEA, aca DAVID R BARNEA. He is also listed as the president of a whole slew of other active corporations. Another guy is DANIEL T. POST. This stuff is all public record. Here is a list of the active Florida corporations and the corporate officers that I simply copied and pasted here. BETUOCH MANAGEMENT VENTURE CORPORATIONCorporate Officers:BARNEA, RAN23123 STATE RD 7 #215BOCA RATON FL 33428 BRPOST, DANIEL T23123 STATE RD 7 #215BOCA RATON FL 33428 BRBMV DEBT MANAGEMENT CORPCorporate Officers:BARNEA, RAN23123 STATE RD 7BOCA RATON FL 33428POST, DANIEL23123 STATE RD 7BOCA RATON FL 33428METUKON CORPCorporate Officers:BARNEA, RAN11555 HERON BAY BLVD # 200CORAL SPRINGS FL 33076 USPOST, DANIEL11555 HERON BAY BLVD # 200CORAL SPRINGS FL 33076 USPHL INTERNATIONAL, INCCorporate Officers:BURTON, MARK836 SOUTH MILITARY TRAILDEERFIELD FL 33442 PBPOST, SHARI836 SOUTH MILITARY TRAILDEERFIELD FL 33442 PBBARNEA, RAN836 SOUTH MILITARY TRAILDEERFIELD FL 33442 PBBMV DEBT MANAGEMENT CORPCorporate Officers:BARNEA, RAN23123 STATE RD 7BOCA RATON FL 33428POST, DANIEL23123 STATE RD 7BOCA RATON FL 33428AMERICAN CONSUMER ADVOCATES LAW GROUP, LLCCorporate Officers:BARNEA, RAN D23123 US 441 SUITE 225BOCA RATON FL 33428AMERICAN DEBT NEGOTIATORS, INCCorporate Officers:BARNEA, RAN D23123 STATE RD 7 #250BOCA RATON FL 33428 USPOST, DANIEL T23123 STATE RD 7 #250BOCA RATON FL 33428 USPOST, RICHARD23123 STATE RD 7 #250BOCA RATON FL 33428 USThen I found a website for American Debt Negotiators with contact information that has the same address as METUKON CORP. listed above. So, I decided I should copy and paste the information. Here it is:American Debt Negotiators11555 Heron Bay Blvd. Suite 200Coral Springs, FL 33076Phone:(866) WOW-4 ADNor 866-969-4236Fax: 561-483-2733
2015-12-23 16:31:08
These people are un-real..who would give them any money after they way they talk. The man told me to get my husband on the phone...I said really jerk do you think he may give you any money after talking to me like that. I am reporting this number also!
2015-12-21 01:35:53
Someone told me to call them in Florida, and this was their number,,, just wondering if it is a fake number or a "pushing house" for personal numbers people don't want known about. ?? Thanks
2015-12-20 00:13:54
This number called my phone 3 times. When I answered they acted like the Publishers Clearing house and yelled at me to get off their phone.
2015-12-19 12:15:12
collection agency
2015-12-19 04:51:34
Got a text message to my cellphone from this number claiming "Your entry last month has WON!! Go to and enter Your Winning Code: {code number} to claim your FREE $500 Target Gift Card!"I figured it was a scam because I haven't entered any contests recently, but I was curious. Upon following the instructions, I was taken another page with fine print at the bottom that lists conditions of "participation" -- which include completing offers from the "Silver and Gold Rewards Page."Tempting, but no. Nothing's free.Asshats.
2015-12-19 01:30:02
All Foreign Auto Center 350 N Montgomery Street San Jose, CA 95110 4082865404 All Foreign Auto Center is an Auto body shop providing Auto Repair, Collision Repair, BMW Repair, Paint and Body in San Jose, CA. Paint and Body, Collision Repair, Auto Repair, BMW Repair, Auto Body Shop
2015-12-18 22:54:07
Someone called & then hung up...Coward!
2015-12-18 18:22:14
We recently received your resume from the internet and we would like to talk to you. We have a job opportunity at a branch close to you. We offer an exceptional compensation package and complete training is provided.  Liberty National has been in business for over a 100 years.We only require an entrepreneurial spirit, hard work and dependable transportation. In addition, you can advance into management quickly.We want to discuss this opportunity with you further. If you are interested in learning more, please visit our website at or call 888-244-7010.
2015-12-18 03:22:53
some tramp called my house
2015-12-17 08:33:36
Don't know who this is
2015-12-16 20:16:59
The number send junk fax. The fax removal number is 1-877-633-3408
2015-12-16 19:34:18
Keeps calling don't leave message

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Phone number Recent comment Author Total Time
5663050000 Unknown caller keeps calling. No message Guest 4 2015-12-09 11:22:22
5663440801 Got a similar call today from --. Suspect they are one and the same INDIAN SPAMMERS that have been HARASSING us since ; likely connected to the SEARS ROEBUCK TOLL FREE NUMBER that we called then about an online order problem. Routed to INDIA; now our number has been HIJACKED by them for CONSTANT SPAMMING ALL DAY LONG, EVERY DAY. Guest 10 2015-11-04 19:21:51
5660384617 Heavily accented male said that my loan had been approved by US Bank. Left the msg on my voicemail. I haven't applied on for a loan Guest 1 2015-11-05 03:55:14
5660001123 Card service Guest 19 2015-11-05 20:52:14
5669712207 Called again and hung up. Please block this caller. has to be spam. Guest 4 2015-12-16 10:48:15
5666966273 Who is this jason 8 2015-12-09 12:59:56
5662024534 This number is calling me. There's no voicemail no nothing. I have had missed calls in hours from them. Guest 1 2015-11-07 10:31:14
5669625609 this number responded to a classified add I placed wanting to send a money order to pay for the stuff. This is a TOTAL scam.. Guest 5 2015-12-16 10:59:39
5668650636 Had wrong number but kept calling Guest 2 2015-11-08 00:02:14
5669150068 بحث عن الاسم Guest 1 2015-11-08 01:57:14
5667495050 This number called my phone times. When I answered they acted like the Publishers Clearing house and yelled at me to get off their phone. Guest 7 2015-12-20 00:13:54
5665741308 Someone called & then hung up...Coward. Lawrence 5 2015-12-18 22:54:07
5663020000 call they said nothing Guest 2 2015-11-08 17:32:14
5662999457 I had a fun movie with her we will meet again thanks blondy. Cheers Shannon Shannon 7 2015-12-08 18:23:43
5664540000 Scam alert... male caller with foreign accent implies they are with the IRS and identifies as Officer Shawn White, and insinuates 'legal situation to unfold upon you' should you not call them back. This scam has been circulating for the last year... the IRS does not call people, they send you a letter... BEWARE Guest 3 2015-11-09 05:31:26
5669946152 call me tom smith 5 2015-12-16 01:22:20
5663010000 hey typ in this number and read the commints...202-436-9932... i put the name alfred  thay gotme to ALFRED 4 2015-12-10 05:46:37
5667885615 This caller started with, "Hello, sweetheart, how are you?" I asked who was calling and he told me a name. I didn't understand the first name but the last was Hernandez. I hung up and came here to check the number. Since no one else had put anything up about the number, I decided to leave a comment. The caller ID said Kingston, JM. Guest 4 2015-12-14 01:09:40
5668695195 Is texting me abput a truck I'm selling in arkansas Anthony 4 2015-12-14 20:32:57
5662595779 United Electric Evaluation is another scam call.  It is a pre-recorded message.  The only way you can ask to be removed from their calling list is to dial a 1 and get to hear the sales pitch.  They say they will remove you from their calling list but it won't happen.  They have the ability to use almost any number in their caller ID so you usually will continue to receive the calls but from a different number.  It probably won't do much good but I file a complaint with the FTC after each of these calls.  Hopefully, they will act if they get enough complaints. Haroldf747 5 2015-12-14 14:04:49
5666560585 Bellevue school district whine Guest 8 2015-12-14 06:30:52
5661234567 has called twice in 2 days Guest 4 2015-12-14 17:49:30
5663211145 I got a 10 second message playing a brief song (saxophone, no voice).  Definitely is junkcaller but not sure what kind. C 6 2015-12-14 08:24:15
5668372918 This guy texted me about mystery shopper job wanted me to email my ss number with name address city DL number said his bod was mr Dave and there company name was Hancock beware identity theft Brent Adams 6 2015-12-14 13:37:45
5660238491 i Guest 1 2015-11-13 21:58:51
5669622656 Phone sex Guest 8 2015-12-16 12:28:02
5663060000 Dead air Eric 5 2015-12-16 04:48:26
5660938471 These people are un-real..who would give them any money after they way they talk. The man told me to get my husband on the phone...I said really jerk do you think he may give you any money after talking to me like that. I am reporting this number also! Donnak. 4 2015-12-23 16:31:08
5667775155 Technology has changed the game.  Such a law would be useless.  As a business you have fewer protections than as a consumer.  <>The laws we have now are based on the landline telephone system of years ago.  Internet telephony has made those laws obsolete, and I have yet to see a comprehensive solution, especially for businesses.  For residences, call filtering helps a lot.Welcome to the brave new world. Lynn Lamoreux 5 2015-12-14 09:05:02
5664530000 A foreign voice asking my name. I hung up and called the number, which is supposedly a Verizon landline, back. The message said it is not a working number Guest 5 2015-12-08 16:32:02
5669440353 Have received numerous calls from this message!  Major nuisance! Dani 8 2015-12-14 14:55:50
5665691299 Someone told me to call them in Florida, and this was their number,,, just wondering if it is a fake number or a "pushing house" for personal numbers people don't want known about. ?? Thanks Guest 8 2015-12-21 01:35:53
5666183516 Danny Peck asked for outcalls. dangerous Guest 4 2015-12-16 15:22:36
5660738461 Photographer - Chicago Marty Levin Studios IncChicago, IL 606082154 S Jefferson St(773) 599-2937 Ben 8 2015-12-09 15:49:44
5663666936 Calls and just hang up everyday nothing said rude. Guest 7 2015-12-09 16:41:53
5662092258 Not answering calls or txts Guest 5 2015-12-16 15:25:43
5669498010 I also got a missed call from this no.5669498010 Rahul mishra 13 2015-11-20 12:07:22
5669491450 Got a missed call from this number. From the country code it does seem to be of India hence, this concern. Need to identify. Thanks Arun 4 2015-11-20 12:13:42
5665928296 Don't know who this is Guest 4 2015-12-17 08:33:36
5666841918 I received a call from this number but didn't answer, they didn't leave a voicemail and I am unsure if I should call back. Misty 3 2015-11-20 13:21:05
5668078881 Seems to be a credit card scam from this number. They claim they can get you 6% interest on your credit card and then ask for your card number. Guest 4 2015-12-09 22:09:55
5669492560 unknown eshu 10 2015-11-20 14:41:04
5669492800 i m getting missed calls from this no repeatedly, but i never attend the call........ i dont know who this guy is ? kady 3 2015-11-20 14:43:09
5669498880 I also received a miss call from this no Nitin 5 2015-11-20 14:57:27
5669491530 You call them back and your money goes! Gautham Sarang 16 2015-11-20 15:15:00
5669497890 who is owner of this number. ajay 3 2015-11-20 15:34:17
5669448864 This is the 5th time I am getting call from this unknown no - 90 is also added in this number, which I was not able to feed above. I have not recieved this number, by seeing some strange digit code, will it harm my mobile ( Android ) software, Kindly reply me back, should I report this to Police? Delhi based Travel Agent 2 2015-11-20 15:47:03
5663440900 collection agency Guest 8 2015-12-19 12:15:12
5663288252 Northstar Location Services--claim to be debt collectors--leave the number 866-224-9825 Patti 4 2015-11-20 16:10:02