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2019-01-09 12:30:03
Called the number back and it gave me a busy signal
2018-08-11 12:19:21
Hung up after said hello. Repeatedly.
2018-02-28 14:57:37
Credit card rate spam
2017-01-06 20:12:48
They call and not say anything when you answer
2017-01-06 20:11:25
Got a  call today. No one on the line
2017-01-06 14:36:20
This person is acting as if they want a hair appointment.
2017-01-04 14:39:15
caller used a local number and offered a special deal on a business loan. I am not a business.
2016-12-29 19:32:18
continually calls and than hangs up when we return the call we are told we are not in there system
2016-12-29 09:55:06
They keep calling
2016-12-29 09:54:23
2016-12-28 15:57:22
Employee Travel Assistance Program faxed us.  Called twice within a minute to have number removed from their fax list and was hung up on twice.  Asked for a supervisor the third time who was nice and took the fax number down.  Did not apology and sounded insincere.  Won't be surprised if we get more faxes from them.
2016-12-27 16:31:20
annoying me
2016-12-22 15:57:35
This is what happens when your Ex makes petty attempts to ruin your reputation.
2016-12-20 13:34:51
I got a text from this number wanting to purchase an item advertised on craigslist. It was the typical scam language - wanting to send a "certified check" (paying extra for my trouble) and arrange pick-up of the item.
2016-12-19 10:11:15
I have gotten numerous calls from this number. Horrible person. I blocked it.
2016-12-16 10:22:35
Home insurance
2016-12-14 17:48:26
I recieved a call from this number at 2:46 AM CST this morning. The person hung up as soon as I answered.
2016-12-14 17:47:12
she is a byotch
2016-12-14 16:46:08
Figi mail order l made the mistake of ordering one item and now they won't leave me alone, keep saying l have approved credit and to call back. Idiots.
2016-12-13 16:09:21
a problem

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Phone number Recent comment Author Total Time
6084320752 caller used a local number and offered a special deal on a business loan. I am not a business. Guest 4 2017-01-04 14:39:15
6088430575 This # shall be block Guest 4 2015-12-20 00:09:53
6082916221 Rang twice - hung up Guest 32 2015-11-04 15:30:22
6086097878 done and moving forward Guest 3 2015-11-04 15:33:10
6082373162 Called my cell phone, did not leave a voice mail. Guest 55 2015-11-04 15:34:22
6085544322 block. this number Guest 7 2016-12-03 01:49:30
6082510026 Loan Store in Madison WI Guest 4 2015-11-04 15:41:22
6085094259 Caller keeps calling stating i have been calling them and I no idea who they are, and they keep harassing stating i have been calling. Never seen this number before. and seems like they are a problem. Guest 33 2015-11-04 15:43:23
6082683066 Nothing. Just called and hung up several times Guest 45 2015-11-04 15:48:22
6085203020 dead air dave 5 2015-12-16 13:31:09
6086583374 I also am annoyed at receiving multiple calls from this number. The same happens to me: no one answers and no message is left. Would like to make it stop if possible. Jameerz 8 2015-12-14 23:32:57
6085562867 received scam text for social sex site Guest 4 2015-11-04 15:50:23
6087835554 sport spam. avoid Guest 4 2015-11-04 15:53:57
6083206124 I hate hangups. hangup hater 7 2015-12-09 22:30:42
6084383165 dating service, don't fall for it unless thats what youre looking for rudy 4 2015-12-08 13:48:06
6085182590 Darkass Guest 1 2015-11-04 16:06:56
6085541255 I called the number back using * the woman claims they deal with personal matters, but refused to give me her "business" name. She claimed the "hippa" laws won't let her share that information. Which is BS, I told her I would contact the Better Business Bureau and let them deal with her " business" Guest 4 2015-11-04 16:12:23
6085132362 US Pharmacy they claim. Spam call. Heavy Indian accent. Guest 6 2015-12-21 21:04:45
6083716699 They called me times in one day. I picked up the rd one and they were a discount mortgage company trying to get me to refinance. Guest 10 2015-11-04 16:17:23
6085772805 ugly Guest 1 2015-11-04 16:19:56
6085011531 Another invasion of privacy that our liberal government is supporting. Guest 50 2015-11-04 16:31:23
6084661065 calls in the afternoon and night after buisness hours Guest 5 2015-11-04 16:34:23
6082395405 blocked Guest 1 2015-11-04 16:35:55
6083054416 Hangs up local areacode unidentifed no. Guest 18 2015-11-04 16:41:22
6084821897 ilu Guest 5 2015-12-16 03:45:34
6088979269 The name of the person leavin message Julie Riley according to ripoff report an evil person and has been in trouble for embezzlement in a past job in Vancouver Washington Guest 6 2015-12-20 06:59:10
6089311852 Left no message.Spammer.Been getting a few lately from having items for sale on craigslist. Guest 5 2015-12-14 10:13:59
6083243022 When I answered on my cell phone and there was no one there, I suspected a spam call and said hello times. I hung up and copied the call from my phone. It came in at : pm central time today, sept , . Guest 17 2015-11-04 16:57:22
6086554084 this number has been calling me all day on my cell, I have told them they have the wrong number they hang up and call - min later Guest 5 2015-12-19 14:08:46
6082845249 This number keeps calling me every day many times each day.  I don't answer.  Today I was expecting a call from doctor so answered without looking.  Guy with an Indian sounding accent said So I'm calling about your computer, ok.  I didn't answer just hung up.  Do not call list does not work. RED 6 2015-12-18 03:14:19
6083163683 consumers energy Guest 24 2015-11-04 17:03:22
6083202346 Called back and the recording said the mail box hadn't been set up. Guest 1 2015-11-04 17:05:10
6082069453 Operator Guest 40 2015-11-04 17:05:22
6083249111 k jordan Guest 19 2015-11-04 17:06:22
6084733984 Repeated missed calls from this number - they never leave a voicemail. I have blocked them. Guest 29 2015-11-04 17:06:23
6082549779 They told me I could have network marketers calling me and I hung up Guest 3 2015-11-04 17:08:22
6085150640 no message left says service same old bs............... mat 4 2015-12-16 10:42:47
6082799639 bad call Guest 4 2015-12-19 05:10:40
6087188634 Wouldnt leave any info just said they would call back. Pat 4 2015-12-16 15:26:08
6083352566 No Thanks Guest 3 2015-11-04 17:32:10
6083956787 Just got a call from these people on my cell phone. Called looking for a person that doesn't own the phone, and I am not related to. It's the number for :Hurtt & Associates     Southwest th StreetOklahoma City, OK -() - They are a collection agency. I want to know how they got my number, and are calling me looking for someone I am not related to, and really don't know. Angie 9 2015-12-20 06:49:46
6083329371 Prank Guest 1 2015-11-04 17:45:55
6085634652 Collections Guest 5 2015-12-16 12:28:17
6083205960 Text message saying i cost her money and she was going to report me. Looked up #, been reported as a fake IDtheft profile. Reported to local Police. Guest 3 2015-11-04 18:09:22
6082479575 They call like everyday, never leave a message. I belive it is The University of Phoenix. I got tricked into giving them my # on a job hunting website. Ash 4 2015-12-18 21:10:26
6086499614 Did not answer and no voice mail was left. The National Do Not Call List is not worth a freaking thing as it does not stop this junk. Guest 154 2015-11-04 18:15:23
6084064414 police department Guest 8 2015-11-04 18:18:23
6084242649 Got called for something I couldnt understand annoyed 6 2015-12-16 11:37:42
6083470751 I am on a no call list. every time I tell them to take me off the list, they hang up on me and I continue to get the calls to "lower my interest rate". I cannot get them to stop calling me. Please help. They call my cell at -- and my home number at -- Guest 1 2015-11-04 18:45:23
6083455016 One, two or more automated calls daily. No human to talk to, just repeated robotic messages. Unable to request deletion from calling list. Guest 1 2015-11-04 18:47:10