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Post by 85137921526,

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Post by Jim,

650-888-2696 Interesting that this number shows up just by searching for "YVM" - No message, from the other posts, I'm sure it's just a scam -

Post by m,

6508882696 Called at :pm -  Their call was blocked - our phones did not ring -  We have had the AREA CODE BLOCKED for at least months -Folks, if you want to stop these criminal calls - you must purchase a call blocking phone or device -  We have both -Currently, we have nearly area codes blocked -Should you have friends, family or business in a blocked area code, you simply "invite" their phone number into your call blocker -  Check Amazon for the D**it**e call blocker - inexpensive and it works

Post by Karen,

650-888-2696 I want off this phone list immediately  A great organization using crappy sales tactics

Post by Lambert Barbara,

6508882696 Calls are annoying and not appreciated -

Post by E EMERSOM,


Post by k mcewen,

6508882696 they call at least once a day - -iritaing

Post by m,

650-888-2696 post pending moderator approval

Post by Guest,

6508882696 SPAM Call Constant calls; answered one and told them they're in violation of FedLaw; it stopped for day, then yet another call Reporting to FCC -

Post by Mark,

650-888-2696 Caller said they were calling on behalf of Planned Parenthood -

Post by LK,

6508882696 Same here; caller id YYM -

Post by scifibird,

650-888-2696 several calls from this number over the past two weeks - from "YVM" - I never pick up and they never leave a message -  If they continue to call, i will block them -

Post by Mary,

6508882696 Been getting calls daily for over a week -  Sometimes they just hang-up, other times I can hear talking going on in the background but no message is left -

Post by Garden gal,

650-888-2696 I got the same one tonight -

Post by Roberto in Manteca CA,

6508882696 Received call today; went to the answering machine and they left no message -

Post by bobby,

650-888-2696 First call today -  Display showed  YVM -  Thanks for blocking information -

Post by Guest,

6508882696 calls often leaves no message??????

Post by wut,

650-888-2696 if you have posted a million times over that they're blocked, how the hell are they still calling you? do you even know how the block feature even works? are you aware that hanging up on them doesn't mean you're blocking them? Lay off the sauce, sweetheart -

Post by Sarah,

6508882696 YVM called April , - I am in Connecticut

Post by Nabieula Musa Samura,

650-888-2696 Wonder why this number couldn't be investigated and swift action taken to identify and stop this mischievous act - Calls are peoples way of life (it should be important), especially if you're expecting some promising calls, this one will just through you into the wilderness -

Post by 6508882696,

6508882696 I put this number into my Call Clerk software to block it after one ring - They actually called times in a row with less than a second in between - I finally picked it up and yelled out my guts at them - They continued to call repeatedly - Finally blocked them with one of Comcast's precious numbers so I don't have to hear even one ring - This is the worst, most persistent bunch of creeps that floods my phone line - Twelve calls so far today, and all have been unwelcome telemarketer -

Post by swedtex,

650-888-2696 I see that they called last evening at :pm -No idea as to whom these people are -We have the entire area code blocked - our phones do not ring when they call -

Post by me,

6508882696 Display says YVM "Your Voice Media" a call center, political call -

Post by DveC,

650-888-2696 Great post -  Same things that I do -

Post by Guest,

6508882696 This co - calls every day - Today I yelled, "bug off" and hung up

Post by Cherie J.,

650-888-2696 Their call was blocked before they called our home - BLOCKED FOREVER -Our phones do not ring when they call -You MUST purchase a call blocking device if you want your phone to not ring -

Post by Niko,

6508882696 I picked up this phone call, it is from Planned Parenthood, I made a donation to the workers on the street with a clipboard - Since making that one time donation, these people bug the crap out of you begging for more donations - I LOVE planned parenthood, it has saved my butt plenty of times, there would be quite a few of dead dumpster babies if it werent for them, but they bug the crap out of me too much -

Post by Kevin,

650-888-2696 I no longer get calls from this number - if you have a Smartphone check to see if it gives you the option to block calls from that number   Mine does using iPhone with iOS - -   on that phone go to the Phone app look up the number under the missed calls list and tap on the (make sure you not taping on the phone number otherwise it will dial it) then scroll to the bottom of the next screen and select block this caller -

Post by Anonymous,

6508882696 This number calls at least twice a day and I never answer it  Obviously spam and even on the weekends  Eventually they'll have to give up on LA and the US????

Post by The Blocker,

650-888-2696 I also have the Panasonic phone, but blocking numbers doesn't cut it anymore - Bought the CPR CallBlocker - ( Available from Amazon) It's made in England - Blocks a total of numbers and you have full control of the blocking - Block the number, the area code, last caller, change them - etc - Made my life much simpler - Never used to get all these dam calls when my credit rating was bad -

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