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2016-12-15 17:28:08
telemarketer spam from some energy company in colorado - utilizing voip dialing so that they can always have a "local" number.
2016-09-27 08:53:57
Cheap haggler
2016-05-15 16:00:13
sorry phone not In service
2016-05-15 09:55:11
2016-05-13 23:26:40
208 339-4114 James and his wife are complete idiots. I think they need to grow up and get a life.
2016-05-12 11:26:11
2016-05-09 14:20:56
Susan Berry/COMCAST NASR Telephone Repair - pls updated CNAM for TN 2036325219 to read RAPCZYNSKI, JOAN. Currently showing kevin hubbell which is incorrect - thanks!
2016-05-07 03:19:47
2016-05-03 00:35:52
Got a couple of calls from this number from "Bob". From now on, I push "ignore" and let it ring.
2016-05-02 11:36:54
Multiple calls daily for several weeks, finally called back. TN Fraternal Order of Police machine answers.Operator asked to remove my number, stated it would take 24-48 hours.
2016-05-01 18:44:45
I received a call from Rodin Sylvester (1-800-671-1601) at Hollander, Chase and Associates he informed me that he was calling in regards to fraudulent checks a person wrote that used me as a reference. He wanted me to give the persons information to them, so they could contact them to settle a complaint. I asked if this was a collection agency. He stated that he helps people settle complaints and could not answer many of my questions. Be warned that this company is fishing for information and is attempting to swindling people out of their money!!!! Anyone know who should be contacted about this call/company?
2016-05-01 12:22:18
Weird number texting my phone
2016-04-30 10:57:34
she needs to back off now!!
2016-04-29 15:08:36
caller id shows "unavailable"
2016-04-29 01:35:56
they called 3 times in a row...even left a voicemail trying to sell drugs -- I am reporting them to the FCC
2016-04-28 13:08:17
this number calls me twice a day, one from this number and the other from 702 818 8195.
2016-04-15 22:19:26
2016-04-09 17:46:41
u r acting like it happen already cause it didn't
2016-04-06 08:55:46
Call came in at 2:14 P.M. EST, Saturday, 09FEB08.  Picked up, no one there...line remained open until I hung up.  Haven't placed any orders using an "800" number.
2016-04-06 08:30:13
bogus SMS phishing scam targeting credit union

Phone list in 709

Phone number Recent comment Author Total Time
7098346969 Offers services, takes money and runs.  Avoid..... Jerry 7 2015-12-08 16:05:21
7096406698 They call and it is in Spanish. I just hang up. Guest 6 2015-12-09 21:20:41
7094002486 Scam artist sends me a text message asking me to "re-activate" a Bank of America Visa credit card..... Nonsense. I do not have such a credit card. Guest 6 2015-11-04 20:45:39
7097818683 This is a political call from the offices of ken macdonald of conception bay south. They have been calling my home everyday, will not leave a message and quite frankly, I find it annoying and more a form of harassment. You lost my vote ken macdonald. Keep it up jerk. Guest 1 2015-11-05 03:39:39
7096913282 Did not answer gh 5 2015-12-18 02:41:19
7097430898 none Guest 1 2015-11-05 06:37:43
7097465134 I do not recognize this number MS 4 2015-12-14 18:39:32
7098675309 Dont Answer Guest 6 2015-12-18 06:19:49
7092799918 According to this watchdog website, http:www.military-money-matters.comfoundation-for-american-veterans.html , this number is a charity solicitation to help veterans, but only about cents of every dollar raised is spent on program goals. (I did not answer when they called, so I can't confirm the caller's identity, but I have no reason to doubt it.)Also see the Washington Secretary of State's website, http:www.sos.wa.govcharitiessearch_detail.aspx?charity_id= , for more information about this.In all likelyhood, the call actually came from Associated Community Services, a professional fundraiser, who according to the same website, http:www.sos.wa.govcharitiessearch_detail_cfr.aspx?cfr_id= , keeps cents of every dollar raised, and passes cents to the charity.So apparently, if you give $ to ACS, they keep $. and give $. to FAV, who passes $. to services for veterans.As for blocking this (or any other pesky) caller, contact your phone provider about selective call rejection, that works until they start using another number. Daleinaz 4 2015-12-18 18:22:51
7097385203 calls so far but didn't answer them Guest 2 2015-11-05 10:15:39
7097304352 Calls frequently. Never leaves a message. Today I picked up. Long silence then someone came on the line and said Yeah, uh hi and then hung up. Lots of noise in background. Sounds like a call centre. Tried to call them back got message that the number is not in service. Annoyed 7 2015-12-17 20:36:06
7097729084 This guy is nothing but a disrespectful trick he's not worth your time leave him alone don't even bother taking his calls Guest 6 2015-12-14 17:14:39
7097014150 DEVIL Guest 1 2015-11-05 16:03:43
7096600344 Calls me at am plank calling me Guest 5 2015-12-18 18:38:24
7097479992 Asking for my husband and what happened to him. Said he'd see me soon Guest 1 2015-11-05 20:23:39
7097436097 Some loser is useing this cell phone for work purposes. He called and hung up when I spoke. He will talk to my wife and try to sell her stuff but i have told him before to stop calling so he hangs up when I answer. I called it back and he pretended to not be able to hear me. I redailed and it went straight to voice mail and i left him a colorful message. Ace 4 2015-12-16 16:08:56
7096874604 What r u up to quit playin with my phone [***] Jd 7 2015-12-19 14:50:17
7097576996 Got a call from a lady saying my wife won a trip to Disney through a contest by our cable provider. She asked for verification of her date of birth, email address, and asked if we were members in good standing of a credit card company, which we didn't answer. Told her to send me all the info in the mail. She never asked for mailing address. Sure it was a scam. Guest 3 2015-11-06 05:49:39
7097020399 ?scam. Won a vacation for two to Florida plus a cruise Guest 4 2015-11-06 06:22:39
7095785814 BBR Pest Elimination IncqMiami, FL NW th St() - http:www.manta.comcmmnnfvbbr-pest-eliminationBBR Pest Elimination Incq - Pest Control, Extermination Service - Miami, FL () -Pest Control, Pest Elimination, Extermination Service, Insect Control, Pest Control Service() - Hugh 6 2015-12-19 15:06:42
7092591075 POLICE Guest 8 2015-12-14 15:25:47
7096904465 some douche nozzle called me and tried to sell me [***]. [***] telemarketers 8 2015-12-14 14:18:26
7097011741 don't want too receive anything by this number Guest 8 2015-12-09 21:16:16
7097000015 These idiots call us all the time. (sms, abs, gps, ipa, iba, homm, whatever name they choose that day) Our favorite thing to do with them is put them on hold and see how long they will sit there. (we have extra lines, no big deal) They call and ask for my father often, he passed away two years ago, and if we tell them that they have said oh bull, I just talked to him a week ago  lmao. They have called our receptionist (my sister) a [***] and hung up many times when she screens them. I have literally told them to go F themselves and they still call. If I'm in the mood to mess with them it is kind of fun actually. Jeff S 8 2015-12-19 00:38:47
7097253106 It was an unsolicited call to my cell phone; a message was left. On the message she said something like 'Hello friend (?), it's Ellie calling, it's : pm on Saturday, just wondering if you could call me back on my cell at -.' I called the number from my phone at work; did not get an answer. The person called me back a minute or two later and when I asked about the message, she did not admit to calling my cell number. I said she left a message on my cell phone and asked her if she had left a message for someone else who had not yet returned the call, (I thought it might have been a wrong number). She asked me who I was but I declined to give her that information. There was some noise in the background that seemed like people talking, as might be the case in a call center or a similar business. It might be nothing, but who knows these days? Guest 1 2015-11-06 15:28:39
7097287224 Guy called himself Nick Hunt no 7 2015-12-16 04:57:33
7095897450 same here.......he must be a creep cause he keeps texting e and wont give a nae so i called and he said my name and said he was at work he'll call me later.........I still don'tknow who it is paily 7 2015-12-16 08:02:36
7097435943 this caller is using RoboCall to leave political messages. Guest 4 2015-12-14 15:08:54
7093251275 block Guest 4 2015-12-20 11:05:18
7095550161 wants to update my computer. Guest 3 2015-11-07 02:08:39
7094221231 spam telemarketer ticket Clinic spam , no matter how many times you tell than no thank you, they have a different person call. Guest 4 2015-12-14 21:25:05
7096520342 claims there's something wrong with my computor. Keeps asking if I'm there. I ask a question and got recording that terminated call. Guest 60 2015-11-07 04:15:39
7095670421 it's this automated message for a Jordan someone and they call every single day. i've listened to their message and followed their steps but they wont stop calling and they want me to contact Jordan for them. it's annoying as heck and i can't take it anymore. Nathan 8 2015-12-14 13:48:56
7096513110 I was wondering if you were related to the late Howard Budgell Guest 1 2015-11-07 06:15:39
7091716717 Domain spammers Guest 4 2015-11-07 07:36:39
7097005922 Apple trying to give away free iPads if u enter the code and tap URL . Weird Guest 8 2015-12-19 15:49:31
7092210585 sorry I'll get back to you soon Guest 1 2015-11-07 13:02:43
7097303985 Pierce county number? Guest 4 2015-12-19 02:30:48
7096491632 Block Guest 7 2015-12-16 11:39:42
7097004721 rings and hangs up Guest 13 2015-11-07 18:37:39
7097727292 Poses as Canada revenue agency Guest 1 2015-11-07 19:49:43
7096658500 Didn't answer, but called back. Rang a few times and went to a busy signal. Guest 1 2015-11-08 07:49:39
7092229035 Guest 3 2015-11-08 08:51:39
7095550155 Ive got an airhorn ready for these creeps if they call again Guest 27 2015-11-08 11:13:39
7097303857 For vanessa Guest 8 2015-12-19 01:15:36
7092828270 Missed a call, no message.  If you call it back it immediately says the wireless customer is not available.  I believe this to potentially be an unsolicited spam or solicitation call as that is usually how they respond. annoyed 7 2015-12-20 00:20:28
7097004722 None Guest 10 2015-11-08 16:16:39
7097289018 Stalker Guest 6 2015-12-19 01:04:03
7096411037 spam Guest 1 2015-11-08 21:48:43
7097007129 this number is a random creep being annoying Guest 1 2015-11-08 23:55:43