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2019-02-08 16:02:35
Number belongs to Asshole Andrew Lee. His a creeper and stalker. He's been banned from many meetup groups. Normally he goes to meetup events to stalk and harass women.
2018-06-08 19:01:26
They called me today 15 times
2018-05-16 16:25:09
This dude promised to buy my rims on Craigslist and twice flaked out. Said he was driving from Canada. Even called and begged me to wait for him after he flaked out the first time. Don’t know if it’s the same guy as the others but he had a slight Asian accent.
2017-12-27 02:07:18
Ignorant, abusive,..bill collection
2017-04-19 12:51:05
this man is a victom of the skimmington ride and baby momma drama what sick people play games like this with a persons life
2016-12-27 10:29:22
Call frequently even though I tell them they have the wrong number
2016-12-27 10:28:54
The same man called looking for my Aunt. left me a message stating she had a 4,000 insurance check he also said she could go on to the us courier express website to verify it.FALSE!!!  I googled the 1-866 numer and came across this. I hope i catch him the next time he calls cause he's gonna get a mouth full!!!
2016-12-27 10:28:28
Rude, food was gross, too salty and I ask to be remade made and they asked for more money because I took a bite. When I walked away they threw sandwich out in the trash can that I walked right past.
2016-12-21 23:56:49
2016-12-16 14:46:42
Yes i got a call to .You cant unstand a word they say so i  just hung up.I get to or  three calls a week .diffrent numbers but all the sme grap .Tou either cant understand them ore you cant here them .SO JUST HANG UP
2016-12-14 14:21:43
they are dumb af
2016-12-13 15:58:13
I had the same problem on almost a daily basis... Phone would ring, but no answer.Called the number back and it is Prison Fellowship Ministries.I asked them to remove my name from their caller list and they said it would take 5 weeks...
2016-12-09 13:14:40
i did't answer
2016-12-07 14:06:39
a lady named natasha from Kensington called & left a voicemail about over taxed property and assisting with recovery of overpaid taxes.
2016-11-25 12:03:06
This number keeps calling, never leaves a message. I've blocked it.
2016-11-20 15:05:13
We are processing your TELUS $200 Visa Giftcard order and will be sending you a second text message with your shipping information. Msg from TELUS
2016-11-18 17:25:58
I got a call from LDS Legal Document Services that advised me that I had to provide a reference number to avoid legal action, that was after I advised I was not the caller they were looking for. Ummm I think that is a violation of the privacy act, she provide me the 904-419-7522 to call and reference a case  number. So I called the number and the dude that answered the phone was like you need to speak to Ray Michael's assistant call back in 10 min, and then proceeded to hang up on me because his other line was ringing, rude. Mannnnn I googled both companies and they do not exist. Missed a deposition my [***]!!!!! The kicker is that I live in CA and this is a FL number. Really!!!
2016-11-17 16:37:19
2016-11-10 20:33:09
illegal software seller
2016-10-25 20:25:28
i got a call from this number 778-819-8225 i couldn't understand his name but he aked me to donate some money for the charity beacuse something happend in canada i don;t know somewhere and he says their is no water and food or some other stuff and i gave him my master card number but i told him their is some problem with my card and the bank is giving me a new card, but their is no money in my card or maybe 2 to 3 dollars nothing else i told him to call me on friday so my new card can arried by friday please check that number for me and let me know who is that guy was? and help me out thanks

Phone list in 778

Phone number Recent comment Author Total Time
7789628817 please block do not know this person they continue to text Guest 8 2015-12-11 00:42:48
7789381333 Called at am. Our phone is on the do not call list. Guest 9 2015-12-08 09:25:10
7788785931 annoyed Guest 5 2015-12-16 02:06:13
7786543241 Survey scam Guest 109 2015-11-04 16:47:43
7783302285 My sister is getting a large number of nuisance and harassing calls from this number. Unknown (never leaves messages). Possible sex offenders. Get a call blocker.... Samuel Palliotti Samuel Palliotti 19 2016-04-20 11:02:55
7783302272 Keeps calling heard typing then hung up Guest 57 2015-11-04 17:16:43
7783120194 This caller calls my land line times a day. No one on other end of line. Unable to press ##### to stop it. Also leaves a voicemail that ends in a screaching sound for about seconds. Guest 2 2015-11-04 17:17:43
7789387796 Keeps calling everyday around the same time.need to stop calling Guest 6 2015-12-15 03:13:20
7783837424 this particular number rings in our office a few times a day, and when we answer it, no one is there Guest 9 2015-11-04 17:52:48
7788729023 Sent me a text with some link to a dating site. Guest 15 2015-11-04 17:54:54
7788675211 this man is a victom of the skimmington ride and baby momma drama what sick people play games like this with a persons life guest 8 2017-04-19 12:51:05
7783209807 automated airmiles Canada Guest 1 2015-11-04 18:14:12
7784522458 A "friend" used me as a reference and now I'm getting calls for him by this collection agency. Guest 29 2015-11-04 18:24:43
7788048756 Scam take money for loan and don't give u a loan.... police are aware and gave police file he gas fibernetics oration on the list to investigate cuz these people are scamming outta money and u will be charged too... just a warning Guest 3 2015-11-04 19:10:44
7786543235 "free cruise" Guest 195 2015-11-04 19:23:43
7784207741 not interested in your business scam. Guest 46 2015-11-04 19:31:48
7787222206 Voice message claims caller to be police demanding prompt call-back. Obvious scam. Guest 12 2015-11-04 19:43:48
7783730447 cibc survey Guest 25 2015-11-04 20:00:43
7788823676 Westjet scam Guest 1 2015-11-04 20:03:12
7787101109 Letter stating I had won $. in a sweepstakes Scam all the way Guest 2 2015-11-04 20:36:48
7783302287 CBV Guest 18 2015-11-04 22:07:43
7789791135 They called my cell today and did not leave a message. Melinda 6 2015-12-20 00:55:23
7786542313 Telemarketing Guest 330 2015-11-04 22:32:43
7782881453 TopBet player support Guest 25 2015-11-04 22:33:43
7785651042 Nov.,received a call today,call display said PGHS,answered and hung up on them right away without giving them a chance to say a word. Guest 8 2015-11-04 22:35:43
7788789701 someone by the name of Rene Ramirez Guest 6 2015-12-20 06:20:40
7787860068 got a call this evening from this number alleging they were from the Police Association and collecting funds for children. The called me by name which I would not confirm same. Guest 4 2015-11-04 23:07:49
7787093306 I received a bank check for $,. from Pyramid Finance Company, drawn on Iss Action Inc. S. Service Road #A, Jamaica, NY . Their letter said I had won $,. in the Lottery Office. They give a claim number and a Dale Watson, Claim Agent with a phone number () -. The attached check was suppose to pay the taxes on the $,. Yeah, right... How do I find out if this is real or not? Guest 5 2015-11-04 23:10:43
7788287051 The say ,we will get you an upgrade for samsum galaxy and they want your credit card info ,do not get any info to any one by phone Guest 5 2015-12-16 11:58:06
7781470659 This is Microsoft's single-use code. Guest 30 2015-11-04 23:27:43
7786543238 fake vacation caller. Guest 109 2015-11-04 23:47:43
7786551700 am call with a long, silent message. Good thing I had muted my phone. Guest 70 2015-11-04 23:48:43
7782308689 Selling roofing repair Guest 12 2015-11-04 23:51:43
7783383150 Spam. Guest 8 2015-12-18 19:24:28
7788486557 Left message I AM HERE AT YOUR DOOR PLEASE OPEN DOOR PLEASE but I don't know who it is Guest 8 2015-12-20 01:11:27
7783039972 aapka ka call month ke liye block hai Guest 1 2015-11-05 00:43:12
7787885014 career adviser Guest 6 2015-12-16 12:03:43
7782544425 Called me and said i am rd place winner of millions of dollars. Needs me to give them $. for me to get my check. Said they were from mega bucks in Las Vegas. BEWARE ITS A SCAM. If you call back the number you will probably be charged a ton of money. Tried to scam me.. 6 2015-12-16 15:28:02
7788955722 Debt Guest 5 2015-12-16 15:50:48
7789893475 Bill J Elliott Elementary in Fort Worth Guest 8 2015-12-21 01:50:31
7788888335 hang up Guest 7 2015-12-16 10:02:54
7783289992 Caller has called our FAX number many times -- have no idea what it's about - no Fax ever comes through Guest 166 2015-11-05 02:21:43
7785544413 Treating to brake my car Guest 7 2015-12-10 17:40:05
7789896625 What is with this number? keeps calling, never leaves a message. If I call it back, it prompts for English or Spanish, then asks for my card number. yeah, ok. sure. Guest 5 2015-12-20 04:24:33
7786543239 calling about Bahamas cruise giveaway Guest 219 2015-11-05 04:36:43
7787074177 Announcement Marriot hotels... Guest 1 2015-11-05 04:53:12
7783294595 Fitness world Guest 14 2015-11-05 05:18:48
7784522340 A man named Mark called to say he was from HSBC to talk about my mortgage renewal. I asked him to call back in a couple days, but did not take the call as I was busy at work. No message was left when he called back. Guest 27 2015-11-05 05:34:43
7786543236 cruise Guest 180 2015-11-05 05:42:43