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Written by yolanda, 2019/09/05

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Yolanda 8002896229

  • 2019/09/05 (8 months ago)

Received a voice mail saying that an on-line order placed on Feb. 𝟮𝟯rd might be shipped separately. A  Only problem is that no order was placed..


Supriyajha 8002896229

  • 2019/08/19 (9 months ago)

I have received This call many times, I have not ordered anyThing from Macy's. They just called and said I placed an order on August 𝟭𝟬Th, which I did not. Apparently someone is using my phone # as Their home phone. Not sure why.......


Kimglaser 8002896229

  • 2019/06/29 (11 months ago)

Multiple shipments and multiple orders? A For what? I didn't order anything. Scary..


Haddock 8002896229

  • 2019/06/11 (11 months ago)

The said that I had multiple orders and I didn't. A This is a scam..


Powell 8002896229

  • 2019/05/24 (1 year ago)

I also got a call from Macy's shipping department about multiple shipments in one order. Definitely legit, and great customer service! A A phone call and an email..


Borrismorris 8002896229

  • 2019/04/28 (1 year ago)

As stated by others, the call came from Macy's about a split shipment. A Fine..


Jean 8002896229

  • 2019/03/28 (1 year ago)

I have received this message from this number multiple times: home number, cell number, work number. I have never ordered anything from Macy's online. This is a scam to harvest your personal information. I suspect that most of the posters here saying this is "legit" are actually associates of the scampers..


Johnson 8002896229

  • 2019/03/08 (1 year ago)

Call from Macy's letting you know about the shipment status of your order. That's fine but they should not be calling at 𝟵𝟬𝟬 am on a Sunday. Very rude. What was meant to be good service turned into horrible customer service. No one wants a call on their only day off when they are trying to rest. Email is fine don't need phone calls .


Xiao 8002896229

  • 2019/01/26 (1 year ago)

SCAM! Called my work number that I never use. Wanted personal info... Don't trust this number..


Davidmelling 8002896229

  • 2018/12/28 (1 year ago)

This is a legitimate call from Macy's regarding order shipment. A It was a recording. They usually make this call to let you know that some items will ship separately. A Although they send this information in an email as well, I guess they are following up to make sure you are aware of this fact.As to an erroneous phone call, when you order online at Macy's.com, you have to manually enter a contact phone number. A It's conceivable that someone mistyped their phone number, which may explain a call you didn't expect. A It is not necessarily sinister. A Or, maybe someone else in your household placed an order, or perhaps you are the intended recipient of a gift. A When I order a gift for someone, I sometimes give out the recipient's phone number in case there is a delivery issue..


Carolwatson 8002896229

  • 2018/10/28 (1 year ago)

Received their recorded call 𝟵:𝟬𝟬 am Easter morning. Unacceptable. The two email notifying of separate shipments was sufficient..


Andrew 8002896229

  • 2018/10/11 (1 year ago)

I placed an order with Macy's yesterday and A this morning I received an e-mail and a call that my items would be shipping separately and one was has shipped! Excellent customer service!!.


Nolanlane 8002896229

  • 2018/10/01 (1 year ago)

sir Yeah celta back karni hai.


Boyer 8002896229

  • 2018/09/28 (1 year ago)

Rec'd a follow-up call from this number after receiving email messages from Macy's that my online order would arrive in multiple shipments..


Sabina 8002896229

  • 2018/09/06 (1 year ago)

Legitimate call from Macy's to let me know that an order I placed yesterday would be shipped in multiple packages..


Jonraynes 8002896229

  • 2018/09/06 (1 year ago)

They just called me and I didn't answer. A  I looked up the number and it was Macy's. A I placed 𝟯 orders over the weekend so I'm glad I checked here. A Definitely legit..


Ronaldparica 8002896229

  • 2018/08/18 (1 year ago)

Macy's shipping department - letting me know I have multiple shipments in one order. A Legit!.


Cathy 8002896229

  • 2018/08/03 (1 year ago)

This is a total scam!!! A Here is what they did to me: A they mailed me something small that I did not order. A When I called to check why I got the item, they requested information in order to transfer me to the credit department, including my name, phone number and credit card number. A When I refused to give them that, they said they could not transfer me because I am not allowed to talk to the credit department if I don't have an account with them. A I hung up and did not give them any more information. Also, I checked the website that they posted on the return slip and it is not legit: A www.macys.com/contactus.Do not give them any information!!!.


Steadman 8002896229

  • 2018/07/21 (1 year ago)

Multiple shipments..I didn't order anything. A I called Macy's to report it, but they said they couldn't do anything unless I gave them my personal information. A I was only willing to give them the phone number they called twice, and the lady said she couldn't do anything with just that. A So I responded that if they didn't care that an order had been fraudulently placed, then neither did I..


Harshbarger 8002896229

  • 2018/07/12 (1 year ago)

Add this number to your blocked list if you do not want an automated call regarding your shipment from Macy's at 𝟵:𝟬𝟬 A.M. on any given morning..


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