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Recent Comments for 8003348989

Post by KIRBY,

8003348989 Same thing -  They Call - I answer -  No one there -  About a month ago I did get to speak to someone at that number and they wanted to renew my diabetic supplies -  I don't have any diabetic supplies -  So now they don't wait for an answer -

Post by Sillysticks,

800-334-8989 at :pm est -  received call - Said hello twice finally a lady asked for ms mylastname - I said you are way past the time to call and to be removed from list - In the process of saying this I think she hung up -  Wish I knew what they wanted -

Post by Sharon,

8003348989 Contact the FCC federal communication commission and lodge a complaint - -

Post by Melissa,

800-334-8989 This company called and asked if I wanted to reorder my diabetic supplies - First of all, I'm not a diabetic and second of all I'm on the do not call list - I've asked to be removed from this list so many times What the hell?

Post by Sharon,

8003348989 Contact the FCC federal communication commission and lodge a complaint - -

Post by Lee,

800-334-8989 This number called - I answered - no one there   I am getting so many calls from these kinds of numbers and I am on the "do not call registry" - a lot of good that does if these calls are allowed to get through -   Who can we report this to??

Post by Sharon,

8003348989 I am CONSTANTLY being called by these people - I am not diabetic  I get up to calls a day from these people - I tell them I am on the do not call list and i get hung up on minutes later I get a call back  They called one night around pm -  I keep on telling them to stop calling and they won' t  I am to the point where I am getting ready to contact my lawyer and file a law suit for harrassment Don't care how much it costs I am over it And their crap ENOUGH IS ENOUGH They want war They have it They have messed with the wrong Person PLEASE JOIN ME AND CALL CONTACT EMAIL THE FEDERAL COMMUNICATION COMMISSION AND LODGE A COMPLAINT AGAINST THESE PEOPLE

Post by Sharon,

800-334-8989 Contact the FCC federal communication commission and lodge a complaint - -

Post by dakeefer,

8003348989 Receive two calls today ( ) around : AM PDT from a number () - -   No response to a computer generated call -  I looked it up here on the net to learn this is a telemarketing number -   I called back like found with the other postings getting the same disconnected number message -   Source is unknown -  I am on the no call list too -  I reside in Washington State, Grays Harbor County -I would like to join others with any legal action to help make this telemarketing company's life misable -  Let's get this stoppedAny poor 'ol attorney out there ready to take on a new class action?

Post by Larry Geving,

800-334-8989 It is : they are calling tried to get a phone number, they have been calling and hanging up

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