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Post by Breakoi,

8004337300 Breaking Benjamin is my favourite band of 2000s. They had so many hit songs! The ones I remember are 'The Diary of Jane', 'Tourniquet' and, of course their hit 'So Cold'. These are real songs, not fake like today! And it is awesome that they have a tour in 2019! And I'm going to attend Breaking Benjamin concert in 2019. The full list is here: Click on it and maybe we can even visit one of the Benjamin's together!

Post by AP,

800-433-7300 Received a call from this number (indicated as "American Air" on my caller ID) at :am - I do not have a flight with any airline booked right now, nor have I ever flown with American Airlines - Definitely not legit -

Post by Anoid,

8004337300 I think you're on to something - I noticed that many of the nuisance calls were late night very early morning, which would be daytime hours in China - I received a call on my work cell, which I very rarely give out the number for, no message left - Somehow these scammers are using this number as their caller ID - What REALLY concerns me is that they already seem to have some info on people they call, such as last of cc # & home AND cell#'s, & planned flights that either don't  involve AA, or that AA has no record of having called - Perhaps someone should notify Homeland Security about this security breach -

Post by Leonel,

800-433-7300 These people keep calling and telling me to pick up someone at Ohare airport WTF? Stop calling me

Post by Betty Tomei,

8004337300 notes is not responsible for calls made by American Airlines -

Post by Richard Rashington,

800-433-7300 Automated voice said that my flight has been canceled - Really weird, because I didn't book any flights - Sketchy

Post by Guest,

8004337300 This is American Airlines notifying you of flight changes - - NOT spam

Post by Ronald fisher,

800-433-7300 It is actually American Airlines - They called about a flight cancellation that a sibling of mine was supposed to take - Needless to say that sibling moved some years ago and never updated their contact info -

Post by Administrative,

8004337300 Call made to my company's administrative line at :pm - Picked up by voicemail as it was after hours -The voicemail was as follows:"Snooooki - Snooki - -(second pause) - -Snooki - -( second pause) - -SNOOKI?"It's very possible that we currently have reservations pending with AA, but we don't know a Snooki -

Post by Stacy Nichols,

800-433-7300 This number belong to American Airlines - It would appear that a sibling of mine never updated their phone number after they moved over years ago -

Post by boss,

8004337300 so biggers stupit , no answer , no recib any help - min on the phone , just wadted mi time -

Post by Guest,

800-433-7300 spam

Post by Betty Tomei,

8004337300 notes is not responsible for calls made by American Airlines -

Post by recep,

800-433-7300 Received an automated call stating " this is AA calling confirm your upcoming flight info -" nothing else was said or any other info given - I * the phone line in order to get the number that just called - To my surprise when I google the number it came up as AA and I came across this site to post my comment -   This call was received at a business and none of the partners had any trips planned -  I say this is definitely some type of scam and that AA should be notified -

Post by eli,

8004337300 Received calls from as saying that my flight was going to arrive arpm and they called a day later, it was a bad automated system left inmy voicemail because I never answer # I dunk its definitely a scam I will defiantly block this number so they don't call me back again at am

Post by Guest,

800-433-7300 this number won't stop calling

Post by MetLaugh,

8004337300 Called numerous times for "Valued Customer" but never said it was Airline - Could be HVAC company - I have no flights pending nor scheduled -

Post by jcon,

800-433-7300 American airlines called to let me know that my flight (scheduled to depart hours later) had been delayed -

Post by Guest,

8004337300 Card to let me know of a delayed flight

Post by Angela,

800-433-7300 EXCEPT they don't have the COURTESY of leaving a message,just hangs up

Post by GordonS,

8004337300 Received call from American Airlines - It was their Flight Notification service - Last evening I made a change to one of my future flight reservations, but it was around the time that AA was having a software system outage - Quite likely this notification was inadvertently sent when they reset their system -

Post by Guest,

800-433-7300 American Airlines won't stop calling me -

Post by max,

8004337300 I have a flight with AA on the th, they did not leave me a message though - I called back and checked my departure flight, it seems to be all on track - Not sure why they called, but it's okay, good number to have handy while traveling

Post by Karly,

800-433-7300 This was a legitimate call from American Airlines regarding a flight I had scheduled- there was a change made to the flight and I had a message from a real  live person asking me to call back - Good service, I think

Post by Catrina Rodríguez,

8004337300 No me llamen de números que no conozco -Catri

Post by "Steve",

800-433-7300 Received two calls to my cell at AM on Monday February from this number - When I answered the line was silent - Each time I called back it was an automated AA system discussing the recently announced AA United merger - Then gave me option to look up my flights - Moments later, my landline received the same call, same silent line - When I *, I got this number - I called back and spoke to AA who had no record of the glitch and couldn't explain the calls - I am not flying anytime soon so it makes no sense - So scary -

Post by Ronald fisher,

8004337300 It is actually American Airlines - They called about a flight cancellation that a sibling of mine was supposed to take - Needless to say that sibling moved some years ago and never updated their contact info -

Post by seaslew,

800-433-7300 How can some of these be legit and others seem like a scam??? I'm at the airport waiting to board in one hour for an American flight so it could certainly be legit -- yet so many others here talk about theses calls being a bit weird - - Anyway, no message left yet, and I didn't answer -

Post by Joshua Parker,

8004337300 I haven't booked a flight to cabo or have any desire to go there - I don't have any future reservations at this time -

Post by Guest,

800-433-7300 This is American Airlines executive platinum desk -

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