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Written by carl, 2019/10/28

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Carl 8142463456

  • 2019/10/28 (1 month ago)

I know right.


Jason 8142463456

  • 2019/10/19 (1 month ago)

didn't answer, no message.  I called back and it said the number wasn't working and started a message about changing to sprint..


Tom 8142463456

  • 2019/07/24 (4 months ago)

Google Plus business listing account scam. I don't own a business nor do I have a Google Plus business account. The recorded call stats that my Google Plus business listing account must be claimed and that I am losing customers..


Brandonkhoo 8142463456

  • 2019/07/17 (4 months ago)

Caller ID showed" Punctuating PA"Phil? Phil is that you? You little rodent. LOLDidn't leave a message.Now blocked..


Bobkutz 8142463456

  • 2019/07/07 (4 months ago)

"Kate" from Google Plus recording. When I stayed on the line to get a person to say take me off your call list ( I have had five calls from these people, I would love to meet this "Kate") I get a human being named "Marquis", I say, "Hellos, What is your location Marquis?" He hung up on me. SOooo, I will wait until they call again and try another tactic to see if I can find out any information that I can send to the FBI..


Khan 8142463456

  • 2019/06/20 (5 months ago)

Ya that was really weird and creepy what if it's a stalker.


Ian 8142463456

  • 2019/05/28 (6 months ago)

They called me, but left no message. I called the number back, but only received a busy signal after about 𝟯𝟬 seconds. Could be some knucklehead saying that your computer is infected with a virus that needs to be fixed immediately. Beware of that..


Trench 8142463456

  • 2019/05/18 (6 months ago)

Left no message,Tried calling back, number not valid, I blocked the number!.


Leahy 8142463456

  • 2019/04/23 (7 months ago)

I just got a call from this number at work. No response after I said hello..


Kisha 8142463456

  • 2019/04/18 (7 months ago)

Received a call on 𝟲/𝟭𝟮/𝟮𝟬𝟭𝟱 at 𝟭𝟮:𝟱𝟵PM Eastern - there was no sound on the other end.  Dead silence.  I stayed on for 𝟭𝟱 seconds, then hung up.  Came here to check / report the number..


Margiewalters 8142463456

  • 2019/04/01 (8 months ago)

did not leave a message..


Cloutier 8142463456

  • 2019/03/12 (8 months ago)

Re cored message, I hung up, hate those but think it is a Google listing scam..


Lynnrainey 8142463456

  • 2019/02/17 (9 months ago)

did' get to it in time, couldn't call it back.  I think it has something to do with the monsters under the bed..


Grantham 8142463456

  • 2019/02/03 (10 months ago)

I answered... No reply... Disconnected..


Amin 8142463456

  • 2019/01/06 (10 months ago)

The caller (pare-recorded message) stated that I had called and there was no one available to answer my call. Left a number to call back. I called the number, no one answered- voice mail came on. I requested that they remove my number from their list..


Tylor 8142463456

  • 2018/12/04 (1 year ago)

Automated call from this number asking me to "claim my company's Google + listing page, or that it would be at risk of not being found or even removed". A I suspect they pulled the number off an email scrape or something such, as I don't own a business. A There's a thread on the Google product forums that details a similar experience, though I didn't press 𝟭 to be connected to an agent.https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/business/Arqbn𝟵𝟵APjI.


Nathankrehbiel 8142463456

  • 2018/11/03 (1 year ago)

It was Punctuating Phil saying it is going to be a great summer any hopes I get my firecracker off on the 𝟰th of July.


Keshavgrover 8142463456

  • 2018/09/25 (1 year ago)

My friend has got a phone call from this number and when we called back it says that it is a non working number..


Emilycaron 8142463456

  • 2018/09/18 (1 year ago)

Didn't pickup, they didnt leave message. So I'm adding them to Call Detector for Android.


Mort 8142463456

  • 2018/08/23 (1 year ago)

Just send them the complete phone number with a full description of what is going on. Also, copy your state attorney generals office about this issue as well..


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