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Post by Guest,

8142463456 claims to be google, pushing nine does not remove you from their list, I've recieved a few of these -

Post by Guest,

814-246-3456 Caller is a robot - They are a Google scammer - Caller leaves message saying I need to claim my Goole site - Just a scam -

Post by tired,

8142463456 It's Kate, your Google expert - blah, blah,blah - Just another Google Scam call -

Post by Richard Cranium,

814-246-3456 Google Plus Business Listing SCAM - - These people call to "verify" your Google business listing - They want to charge an absurd rate for doing what can be done online absolutely free - Google does not have any affiliation with these idiots I already verified my listing with Google about months ago, it was totally free - These cum-guzzlers wanted to try to charge me to "verify" an existing, already "verified" listing - No thanks - - If you do decide to amuse them by picking up, be sure not to even come close to saying the word "YES" as an answer to anything - Otherwise, you may find yourself locked into a bill you supposedly agreed to - Best advice - - send it to voice mail

Post by Andy,

8142463456 I answered - - No reply - - Disconnected -

Post by Joe,

814-246-3456 did not leave a message -

Post by 814-246-3456 SCAM,

8142463456 Received a call on at :PM Eastern - there was no sound on the other end -  Dead silence -  I stayed on for seconds, then hung up -  Came here to check report the number -

Post by Guest,

814-246-3456 Spam

Post by Guest,

8142463456 A recording from "Kate - The Google plus local specialist -" All of these calls from Google have guaranteed that I'll never advertise with Google -

Post by Francesca fedele,

814-246-3456 I know right

Post by Guest,

8142463456 computer call - Google plus

Post by Andy,

814-246-3456 Ha

Post by Guest,

8142463456 robocall, "Google Local specialist"

Post by Francesca fedele,

814-246-3456 I know right

Post by PA Girl,

8142463456 Google Plus business listing account scam - I don't own a business nor do I have a Google Plus business account - The recorded call stats that my Google Plus business listing account must be claimed and that I am losing customers -

Post by Marty,

814-246-3456 As I know a Punxsutawney,Pa phone pre-fix and caller ID did not have right pre-fix(s) I let machine pick up - Played some crappy elevator music with please continue to hold & it disconnected -

Post by marty,

8142463456 Recored message, I hung up, hate those but think it is a Google listing scam -

Post by I hate scammers,

814-246-3456 Just send them the complete phone number with a full description of what is going on - Also, copy your state attorney generals office about this issue as well -

Post by Francesca fedele,

8142463456 I know right

Post by carly,

814-246-3456 didn' get to it in time, couldn't call it back -  I think it has something to do with the monsters under the bed -

Post by J,

8142463456 I just got a call from this number at work - No response after I said hello -

Post by Annoyed,

814-246-3456 Left no message,Tried calling back, number not valid, I blocked the number

Post by I hate scammers,

8142463456 Just send them the complete phone number with a full description of what is going on - Also, copy your state attorney generals office about this issue as well -

Post by Andy,

814-246-3456 Ha

Post by monica,

8142463456 didn't answer, no message -  I called back and it said the number wasn't working and started a message about changing to sprint -

Post by Er Sag,

814-246-3456 Didnt pickup, they didnt leave message - So I'm adding them to Call Detector for Android

Post by Guest,

8142463456 when trying to return call get busy signal then nd time call could not be made

Post by DebbD,

814-246-3456 number on caller id -  No message - Called back - busy -every time I called back -

Post by Guest,

8142463456 Receiving multiple calls from this number - Google advertising it says -

Post by Marko,

814-246-3456 They called me, but left no message - I called the number back, but only received a busy signal after about seconds - Could be some knucklehead saying that your computer is infected with a virus that needs to be fixed immediately - Beware of that -

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