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Written by billbritton, 2019/10/19

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Billbritton 8172317415

  • 2019/10/19 (7 months ago)

Got a message from this number from a "Jennifer James". A She had a very heavy accent and could not pronounce my name correctly. She said if I do not call back they will have to continue with "legal action". I have never dealt with this company before. This is a total scam. Any advice on how to stop this?.


Nisha 8172317415

  • 2019/07/18 (10 months ago)

Here is another number to add to your collection𝟴𝟭𝟯-𝟯𝟭𝟵-𝟮𝟲𝟱𝟮AC'S with Cash Advance Usa "legal team".


Barker 8172317415

  • 2019/07/15 (10 months ago)

i got a call from Jennifer James and the bad thing is that they have called me several times not knowing that i have knowledge of the Scam, and i tell you the number that comes on my cell phone is +𝟬𝟱 which means that they are over seas or in another country all together, and i pray to God that they will be caught because people are having money problems already and to have someone call you and try and get money from you, and knowing they are wrong it is very sad. So trust me they will get caught, rather they use the right name or not..


Jihadkhalil 8172317415

  • 2019/06/23 (11 months ago)

here is anorther number to add 𝟱𝟭𝟱𝟮𝟱𝟳𝟭𝟵𝟯𝟲 and a norther name derrick johnson. this is crazy. how do they have a right to scare people like this. I also ready that you shoudl report this to the federal trade commission..


Joannmason 8172317415

  • 2019/05/20 (1 year ago)

Yeah, I also received a call from this number. A Very thick accent which i could not understand. A Said something about legal action but I knew something was wrong. A I am glad I looked up this number and found out about the scam..


San 8172317415

  • 2019/05/06 (1 year ago)

Received a call from this number also threatening legal action in regards to a debt...no idea what it could be. Threatening to call my employment,the local county officials, etc. A The message is impossible to understand, I called back and a lady hung up on me and told me not to call back..


Laurel 8172317415

  • 2019/04/29 (1 year ago)

I to received about 𝟭𝟲 calls in less than two hours from this number. I refused to give my information....and they hung up. I called back and they continued to hang up repeatedly after they left two messages to call them back. A guy named mark Henry claiming to be with ACS Law Firm....say something about misappropriation of funds. He to had a thick accent that you could barley understand. They continued to call....hang up call hang...as soon as i picked up they hung up so my wife called from her phone and asked them why they repeatedly call and hang up. "They replied..."We are doing what he did to us" "How does he like it" This is far from the truth...I ask who this is and what company they are trying to sue for and I get no answer and click....hang up!! When we said we were calling the police and filing haressment charges they said go ahead and call them and also a get a lawyer were sueing you!!! CLICK!!! Now I call both 𝟴𝟭𝟳-𝟮𝟯𝟭-𝟳𝟰𝟭𝟱 and here's a new number 𝟱𝟭𝟱-𝟯𝟲𝟵-𝟱𝟴𝟬𝟵. The 𝟱𝟭𝟱 is a recording...."IF you want to learn more about our product press 𝟭 and when I did that it said leave a message....and then press 𝟮 to removed from there calling list. It ask for a phone number and then the automated voice hangs up. I have since left a message asking them to never to call again and to send what ever in the mail since they have all my info. What do I do? I've blocked these numbers but they still seem to have all my info that I DIDN"T GIVE THEM!!!.


Hectorparedes 8172317415

  • 2019/03/13 (1 year ago)

Yeah, they have called a woman calling herself Charlie Brown, with a thick accent and mispronounced my name as well. A I damn neared laughed at her, but she said that they are calling for a relative of mine and they said it was for a payday loan and they are going to download legal documents to the local courthouse. A One you Can€™t download legal documents and send to a courthouse.But the funny thing was that when I asked how they got my phone # they said my relative put me down as reference, and they said the number they had for him was an 𝟴𝟬𝟬 number that they said was disconnected, so then I asked them if the payday loan company is "hiring" you locate my relative, why don't you have his phone number? the guy started getting angry when I kept asking this question, starting yelling at me, and I was calm and collective, even asking him calmly, 'why are you screaming at me'? A I posed the question again of why is that if you are working on behalf of the payday loan company, why would they give you my name and phone, but not the person who it's in reference about. He got so angry that I was catching him in a lie, he screamed never to call there again, to which my response was, "Since you are calling me to find my relative to "pass this" on to, wouldn't you WANT me to call back with his phone number?" A Then he hung up me.Never had I laughed so hard..


Bettyalley 8172317415

  • 2019/03/06 (1 year ago)

Scam Scam Scam These guys are all scams. they are all in the same room. A different cell phones all in the same room. A why can't the authorities catch these guys is beyond me.Johnny.


Torres 8172317415

  • 2019/02/23 (1 year ago)

Oh my freaking gosh they will not stop calling me they have all my information saying that i owe them money and I have never heard of these people. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP.


Spring 8172317415

  • 2019/02/17 (1 year ago)

Sorry, typo the last number was 𝟴𝟭𝟯-𝟰𝟯𝟱-𝟭𝟵𝟲𝟯.


Bannister 8172317415

  • 2019/02/08 (1 year ago)

Ya ll is going to prison (scammers). This is rediculous, They also have called me about 𝟯𝟬 times in 𝟮 hrs playing games. Thats exactly why I was trying to do some research and came upon this. I saved the message that was left, because me being in collection (𝟯rd party) for 𝟭𝟬+ yrs I know they've violated every FDCPA law they could. But i just started buggin them over and over to the point where they was getting so upset, it was soooo funny. But whats not funny is how they can continue to get away with it. Hopefully no one is really paying them..


Abdulazizalsalem 8172317415

  • 2019/01/30 (1 year ago)

could not understand the message that was left. A claims that I have a debt and needs to be paid back or legal action will occur. A very heavy accent and spoke too fast.


Brendablair 8172317415

  • 2019/01/25 (1 year ago)

Here's the new numbers: A 𝟴𝟭𝟯-𝟳𝟰𝟵-𝟵𝟵𝟱𝟬𝟴𝟭𝟯-𝟯𝟭𝟵-𝟮𝟲𝟱𝟱𝟴𝟭𝟯-𝟰𝟯𝟲-𝟴𝟵𝟮𝟳𝟴𝟭𝟳-𝟮𝟯𝟭-𝟳𝟰𝟭𝟰𝟴𝟭𝟳-𝟮𝟯𝟭-𝟳𝟰𝟭𝟱𝟴𝟭𝟳-𝟮𝟯𝟭-𝟳𝟰𝟭𝟲this "little" A Scam is getting bigger and bigger by the day. A It seems that these guys and gals have several different scams going on. A this one starts with a website and then turns to bill collections. A  They are also connected with many "crag's list" and ebay scams. A If you get a call that you are not sure about ask them for their mailing address and check it out. A tell them A to send you information about the bill in writing through the postage mailing box. A Don't give them any information what so ever! A they are only going on what they know or think they know and that is very little.John.


Hamad 8172317415

  • 2019/01/16 (1 year ago)

Lola i called them back gave a fake number and name and they told me i owe them 𝟱𝟭𝟬 dollars then i laughed at them and they hung up.


Yaserahmed 8172317415

  • 2019/01/16 (1 year ago)



Bridget 8172317415

  • 2019/01/13 (1 year ago)

Received 𝟰 calls in 𝟭𝟬 minutes from this number claiming I committed fraud, called general numbers for my employment and is threatening call police, have me sued, call my employment. He then "verified" the last four of my social security number which was not even close to being mine! How do I get this to stop?.


Dennishauck 8172317415

  • 2018/12/31 (1 year ago)

yeah this number called me and left a message about some legal action or something. They also called my work number as well talking about a possible lawsuit or something. I could barely even understand this person. I'm not sure if i should call them back or not..


Davis 8172317415

  • 2018/10/25 (1 year ago)

I rec'd a call from these people at my place of work yesterday. A They spoke with heavy accents. They claimed I owed them money. A I asked them for verification of the debt and they refused. A They became VERY abusive, calling me a beggar and other names. A They wanted to know my social security number and where I do my banking. A Again, when I refused to give them that information without some kind of verification of who they were, they started swearing at me. A I had them on speaker so there are two witnesses to their behavior. A Who can I report them to????.


Wright 8172317415

  • 2018/09/24 (1 year ago)



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