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2016-12-28 19:26:07
p&b capitol group DEBT COLLECTORS - This company has to have about numbers. I have blocked them all and they still get through by using another number
2016-11-18 19:21:50
This number no longer belongs Jawzys Powersports inc. Please remove listing.
2016-08-24 09:21:10
thought you had a friend !
2016-08-24 09:19:10
This person has been sending me harassing text message
2016-05-14 10:23:46
2016-05-06 21:47:29
Got a call from this number for a computer I was selling on CL.Offered the price+$100 to do a transfer via paypal.Smells like the scam!
2016-05-06 19:13:34
438-898-1061 texts and makes threats to call cops and landlord. Sas he is here for appointment but needs unit number and them says it's his condo and he's having you evicted. Fake number.
2016-05-05 21:10:26
2016-02-16 08:43:16
block it
2016-02-16 08:36:57
who is it?
2016-02-16 07:45:30
Keeps calling
2016-02-16 07:11:01
2016-02-16 06:33:19
unkown call from this says number does not exist when you call back what kind of backwards shady *stuff is this???
2016-02-16 06:02:26
they give keep texting me when I ask them not to
2016-02-16 05:56:53
Call and hang up
2016-02-16 05:49:47
Won't say a word when you call back number is discontected
2016-02-16 05:23:38
The caller left no voice message.
2016-02-16 05:07:59
I had the same type message and now they are calling my younger child and threatening her. This folks are out of control and have called me 5 times in less than 10 mins. Calling my family members and threatening young children is uncalled for and there has to be a law to protect me from them contacting other numbers on my phone bill!
2016-02-16 04:55:09
A Pakistani solicitor or phisher.
2016-02-16 04:28:22
chatter and then a hang-up

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Phone number Recent comment Author Total Time
8297962661 Threatens to come to my home. Terrorize. Guest 5 2015-12-14 06:31:38
8295749504 I just got the same message as TM. It was very loud in the background and I could hardly make out what the woman was saying. I tried calling back and no one ever answered. Weird. If this message was important I believe a certified letter via mail would be delivered. Ca81 8 2015-12-18 16:54:41
8293852398 I was taking a freaking nap and this number called me three times in a row.  So I tried calling from my house which is a blocked number and the operator came on and said it was an international phone call.  So I called my my cell, and he was some Spanish guys saying eello? eello?  It was weird.  And now I'm reading weird stuff on the internet about this area code saying it's a scam from the Dominican Republic tricking people out of money.  I'm really confused. Joann 1 2015-11-04 18:50:14
8292302414 Same as KV, guy told me he was calling from London On. But is Toronto. Bond Insights same annual evaluation. I asked him what he was selling and of course said nothing. I asked why he is calling and he seemed to think everyone should know them.....I don't so I hung up. Tired of telemarketers 7 2015-12-14 20:56:24
8292365878 Multiple calls from this and other numbers- caller ID indicates Grapevine Texas. Agent says heshe represents HVAC trying to sell AC units. Texas 8 2015-12-15 00:59:01
8293020022 Called them to see if I could get answers and what do you know the line is disconnected. Mary Anne 6 2015-12-08 17:24:32
8295401771 it is bothering me Guest 1 2015-11-04 19:20:00
8298206770 I would like a New iPad to try. FARMWIFE 8 2015-12-16 10:14:20
8294156307 Congratulations, You won a $ BestBuy Card. Please Go To Desiree Hughes 8 2015-12-16 18:13:42
8295130915 they have called my elderly mom several times trying to intimidate her into buying a satellite I have reported this # to the Kentucky state Police. Guest 8 2015-12-21 01:09:28
8292160390 Happy Mother's day to all the great mothers I know.  Hope you're having a great day.. Lisa 4 2015-12-19 10:53:08
8297311902 Text msg with bit'ly link - I didn't follow the link... Guest 9 2015-12-08 16:11:39
8298692028 Called countinously. Person on the other line spoke nothing but spanish.  Called again using an unavailable number. 829-869-2028 1 2015-11-04 20:08:11
8294043617 called twice but could not understand what they were asking so i just hung up. WF 1 2015-11-04 20:11:30
8293961912 Has called me x in the last two days. I haven't answered. Leo 1 2015-11-04 20:12:22
8295093618 Your number has been blocked. Guest 6 2015-12-09 07:34:48
8294699193 Called at :am. When I called back someone picked up and then hung up. Guest 4 2015-12-08 14:07:32
8293395408 Scam call, don't answer, don't call back. If you do, you'll be charged Alex 1 2015-11-04 20:23:52
8293918506 Wanting to collect info about how businesses purchase fuel. Credit card spam Guest 7 2015-12-16 07:57:09
8292617591 You have been randomly selected fo a $ BestBuy Card. Get your prize now at MarkF 7 2015-12-20 16:10:57
8292208900 called received at : AMno message left DW 1 2015-11-04 20:35:44
8294358770 '' Guest 7 2015-12-10 00:13:51
8293392070 DFSJV- rings once and hangs up. over and over. Guest 4 2015-12-15 00:52:04
8294328140 Started with unknow calls, immediately follwed by multiple calls throughout the day from this number - never left a message - had it blocked. Rachel 2 2015-11-04 20:37:54
8292194569 DO NOT EVER CALL THIS NUMBER Guest 6 2015-12-09 05:41:21
8290008345 Dominican Republic scam - DO NOT ANSWER... calls on my landline.http:phone.ioerror.usnew--area-code-brings-out-scam-artists John IV 6 2015-11-04 20:40:46
8290007684 do you have a valid return number for them, i tried calling back that number, it did not work annoyed1 6 2015-11-04 20:41:29
8293150027 got text saying i was randomly selected for a gift from best buy.  with a link that i didn't click on. Bo 5 2015-12-19 06:34:36
8298073957 This person scamming is such an idiot. Called me at : AM, which legally any reputable business is aware they can only call btwm  :am - :pm. His message, whom called himself Mike Brown was so ignorant I'm his message and, yes, was going to have his people take care of me if I didn'rt call him back. These idiots are scammers and need to be behind bars. Do not give these idiots the time of day. Joannie 7 2015-12-18 02:04:22
8293709145 jonas jonas 1 2015-11-04 20:56:58
8297222797 Harassment Guest 4 2015-12-18 16:57:57
8299094018 happy fathers day and came from someone named Charlie Thompson Guest 5 2015-12-14 06:25:45
8298013267 Computer or human, trying to persuade voters or selling something. Turn off your phones when you sleep and at all other times you don't want to be bothered. (They won't leave messages.) Guest 4 2015-12-16 17:08:20
8298513249 Stalker Guest 4 2015-12-08 16:16:03
8299548190 d Guest 5 2015-12-18 17:05:30
8295661866 Keep call my phone Guest 7 2015-12-16 21:04:10
8290006358 I received this call yesterday and my caller I.D. showed dominican republic..  I soooo did not pick-up that call.. I joined the DNC when it first came into being..(so much for that)  Plus I've submitted a whole list of these types of call to the FCC and received the following:Thank you for contacting the FCC regarding possible violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”) and the Commission’s telemarketing and junk fax rules.   Information provided in consumer complaints like yours helps the Commission to combat abusive or unlawful practices in these areas, including taking enforcement actions against individuals or companies. In this regard, the Communications Act authorizes the Commission to issue citations and, in some cases, impose substantial fines upon entities that violate telemarketing and junk fax rules.  Although the Commission does not resolve individual complaints, each complaint is individually analyzed and assists us in enforcement actions to protect consumers like yourself.  You should be aware that the TCPA also provides for enforcement of the telemarketing and junk fax rules by state attorneys general and by individual consumers.  With respect to the latter, the TCPA permits individuals who have received certain unlawful telemarketing, such as junk faxes or telemarketing calls, to sue the violator in state courts where they may be awarded up to $ for each violation.  We invite you to visit the FCC’s Consumer & Governmental Affairs Bureau’s Internet web site at http:www.fcc.govcgb for more information. You may also call the FCC’s Consumer Center toll free at --CALL-FCC [---], TTY: --TELL-FCC [---].  Sincerely, Sharon C. Bowers, Division Chief Consumer Inquiries & Complaints Division Consumer & Governmental Affairs Bureau donniel 7 2015-11-04 21:21:20
8298556327 I got a call and they said they received a call from my phone number, which was not true.  I asked who it was and they said it was a pharmacy.??? Jane Doe 4 2015-12-15 04:13:52
8294410637 unblock Guest 5 2015-12-16 12:16:06
8299079234 They continuously called and never said anything. Called back and the person wouldn't respond. Guest 1 2015-11-04 21:30:12
8297302997 Received call from --Scam???? lungman 1 2015-11-04 21:31:38
8298022326 wants to change your credit card rate Guest 5 2015-12-10 20:08:41
8299570992 klk la para 1 2015-11-04 21:39:13
8293969031 harrasment Guest 4 2015-12-09 07:32:26
8291983428 Got calls on a row from this number and when answered, no one said anything on the other line. I dont know who this is nor do I know what they want. Jesika 8 2015-12-14 10:06:41
8295526201 . Guest 6 2015-12-16 14:36:12
8299834432 I want to retrieve my yahoo account and change my phone number to Guest 8 2015-12-18 16:58:51
8292621572 Called times. I did not answer them hank 1 2015-11-04 21:50:51