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Recent Comments for 8775658456

Post by Marsha Moussette,

8775658456 This is a scam. The company website shows an address of Granite City, IL BUT THE WEBSITE USES A UK server. On Linked in, it

Post by WY2VT,

877-565-8456 Dead air - No one there -

Post by USMC-Vet,

8775658456 The Listed name is Amy Axelrod from Allied Waste of Daly City, California; It is just to remind its customers that there will be NO garbage pickup on December th, due to Xmas -  Instead, all pickup dates will be delayed -day -  For example, your regular garbage collection day falls on Wednesday th , will be moved to Thursday th -

Post by St. Paul,

877-565-8456 Allied Waste Minnesota with a reminder about the holiday schedule -

Post by Rod S,

8775658456 Republic Trash Service letting us know that trash pick up may be a day late, due to Thanksgiving -

Post by Guest,

877-565-8456 Employment service

Post by spliffsmommy,

8775658456 safeway reminding me i got a flu shot there last year and its time for another one -no thanks,last years shot swelled my whole arm up like a giant banana -and it hurt for a week -

Post by mrm,

877-565-8456 that number called us today, being a recorded public service message for our trash pickup service, due to the heavy snowfall in n -e - ohio, there may be a delay in pickup, etc etc - -

Post by jackie,

8775658456 Just received a call from this number saying that they received my resume for job positing for drivers - I did not send them my resume -

Post by ChicagoWalt,

877-565-8456 Just received a call from this number - Same w- scam message that others are reporting - Delete and ignore

Post by Colleen,

8775658456 I got two calls -  I didn't catch it the first time -  I picked up the second and no one said anything -

Post by mort,

877-565-8456 assmunch called today

Post by Guest,

8775658456 RoboCall

Post by Guest,

877-565-8456 Republic waste not spam just letting me know about delay in service

Post by Kate,

8775658456 HERE, republic waste is owned by Allied waste but still markets itself as Republic Waste - -you may not even realize that it's one in the same -

Post by V S,

877-565-8456 I got one today - Dominos was saying there is great offer for a Pizza - Then it gave the local number to call if I want the Pizza

Post by jack,

8775658456 A recorded message fom Safeway Food & Drug Stores reminding me to get my flu shot -Pressed # as directed, to be put on their "DO NOT CALL LIST', for what that was worth

Post by Lisa Loves Her Privacy,

877-565-8456 Automated, pre-recorded flu shot reminder -  Did not pick up, so it went to messages -  Did have opt out info in message -

Post by Leah,

8775658456 Republic Waste call

Post by anonymous,

877-565-8456 Robocall about flu shots, but not from any known medical organization -  Gotta be a scammer -

Post by ?,

8775658456 Bob Harper from NBC's the Biggest Loswer -

Post by Guest,

877-565-8456 Remedy intelligent staffing

Post by Guest,

8775658456 Select staffing - -won't stop calling

Post by Ally,

877-565-8456 Got a call from this number (--) on Feb th -Was a recorded message from a female saying "I'd like you to join me in - -"

Post by Karen,

8775658456 Press to discontinue receiving these calls

Post by JLE,

877-565-8456 Automated message information call for special referendum vote to held today ( Jan ) by the *neighboring* school district -  Don't know how I got on their call list - - :-

Post by Annoyed,

8775658456 Constantly calling - Very annoyed with freaking places calling - Don't want what ever it is or I would call what ever it is for it - Then I hated the fact that's a schizophrenia feeling that this place is talking about the name and number they just called - Enough already - Things like unwanted calling causes mental illness gesh

Post by New Yorker,

877-565-8456 Shanon Jones from Glee recording reminding me about the donations for the AIDS walk New York City -

Post by Dianne Rhodenbaugh,

8775658456 I got a call from this # and they asked for  Charles, that happens to be my husband's name -  I  said he wasn't in and they hung up -  

Post by Guest,

877-565-8456 Prologustics staffing agency -

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