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Recent Comments for 9712089947

Post by mscott,

9712089947 Just receive this call on my cell phne while at work -    Not only is it an unwanted\annonomous call but now it has used up what little time I had left on my phone - AND since I did not anwer,it also went to voice-mail -  This is ridiculous and cant do anything about it - Just now right

Post by LR,

971-208-9947 Indpendent Survey Group automated telemarketing calls

Post by Jamesb3,

9712089947 The telemarketers are calling under the guise of conducting a political survey, which is exempt from the "Do Not Call" prohibition - That is how they are getting away with it - Congress needs to close that loophole, and fast -

Post by K,

971-208-9947 The number hasn't been registered for days, thus the DNC registry won't accept the complaint -

Post by tom harris,

9712089947 callas all the time

Post by DG,

971-208-9947 Telemarketer trying the bait people into expensive cruise vacations - They have a flimsy questionnaire they hide behind so they can trick people into thinking they have won an expensive vacation for free - SCAM

Post by sk,

9712089947 Called and did not leave a message -  I called back and number was temporarily out of service -  BS

Post by Linda,

971-208-9947 I live in Canada also and have gotten calls from this number as well as calls from - This number also originates in the Portland, Oregon area and my calls also has to do with the upcoming election in the U -S - I have no idea where they get the numbers from - I have not listened to the entire message and press the pound key several times before hanging up because I've been told this will mess up their system - It apparently doesn't work - Very frustrating

Post by lord h t,

9712089947 got calls from this number few times

Post by Barbara Yates,

971-208-9947 The 'don't call' list is a joke, it always has been -  I tried to block numbers that way and it never worked, they always got through -  Now, anything without my area code and not in my contact list, is toast -  I actually delete the call while it's ringing -

Post by jane,

9712089947 Called three minutes ago - - I answered and no one on the other end - - They just hung up - - times this morning - -

Post by Concerned,

971-208-9947 I live in Canada and got a call from the above number but, I was away when the call came so it went to the answer machine so when I tried to retrieve the message it called that number just as I pressed the button to listen to the message -

Post by Ram,

9712089947 Also received a call from this number hours ago - missed it, and they left no voicemail - Getting way too much of this garbage, these calls count as minutes on our cell phones even if unanswered

Post by Jason,

971-208-9947 Just got a call from this number wanting me to take a survey and get a free Cruise -yeah - -that sounds legit -  Blocked -

Post by Max,

9712089947 Just received a call from these idiots as well -  My phone rings - times a day from BS numbers like these - Oh, and I am on the worthless DNC list as well -

Post by Guest,

971-208-9947 www -wikihow -com Stop-Collection-Calls

Post by Texan1,

9712089947 I received a call from this number -

Post by mscott,

971-208-9947 CIDIND SUR GROUPI did not answer the call -No message was left -

Post by BigJ,

9712089947 Very true Bob - This place also calls from area code () - I try to answer when they call just to screw with them -

Post by WantingMyFreeCruise,

971-208-9947 I'm in Canada - - this call was from Oregon reguarding the upcomming american election and they promised me a free cruise - - they did not deliver but after the servey (which I just faked my way though) the cost was actually more than if I drove to the port and booked the cruise myself - - what a scam -

Post by art freund,

9712089947 I get calls from this number on my cell phone which I have registered on the "do not call list" -

Post by fedupinil,

971-208-9947 I have been getting these survey calls every couple of days for almost months now and I'm tired of it -  I have caller id, so I will never answer the phone when they call -  Losers -

Post by Northern Ontario,

9712089947 Seems like these people are a SCAM for sure  Have had several of these calls last couple of days, and when I don't answer, they hang up on my voicemail -  Actually did leave one message for me to return phone call about an "important bussiness matter" though -  Obviously, I didn't call them back -  I'm glad I was able to this site to confirm that it is a SCAM

Post by Hell Boy,

971-208-9947 Another freaking spam call Block this # if they call -

Post by Mchenry,

9712089947 hung up, no message -

Post by Nana,

971-208-9947 Received a call from this number -  Indian speaking -  Could not understand -  Wanted to know if our computer was on -  Husband reamed him out and hung up

Post by justme,

9712089947 Called and no message on land line -  Thanks to the reports here it's blocked now -

Post by Guest,

971-208-9947 Political survey

Post by SemperFi66,

9712089947 Nefarious [***] are calling my cell phone now during business hours -  I guess all the calls to my home phone were not enough for them -  It is a scam, folks -  Do not answer, or block the call if you can -

Post by Fed up with these phone calls,

971-208-9947 I don't know who you are but I am really really upset -  I am on a "DO NOT CALL LIST" but of course this does not apply to companies in the US -  How dare you impose on my privacy and on my home life -  Who to heck do you think you are??????????????????????????  I live in Canada - that's right Canada - I have human rights - and I think you should all bug off -  OH, by the way I tried to reach you and your line was unavailable - well GUESS WHAT I AM NOW UNAVAILABLE AND I WILL FIND OUT WHO YOU ARE AND REPORT YOU - ARE YOU READY FOR THIS HAHAHHAH

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