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Post by Guest,

9712179563 <foo>bar< foo>

Post by NCBrain,

971-217-9563 Received call on -- around : pm - I didn't answer, there was no voicemail left - Tried calling back approximately twenty minutes later, and nothing - No ring, no answer, no "out of service" message -

Post by Shanyn,

9712179563 Called at :am no response

Post by Guest,

971-217-9563 <--#include file"nessus -html"-->

Post by Joanna,

9712179563 this number has been calling every day while I'm at work - So irritating - i finally called it back - It is  a telemarketer and at the beginning the automated voice gives you the option to opt out - Hopefully no more phone calls to my number:o)

Post by WIl,

971-217-9563 Got a call right now - No message left -

Post by Guest,


Post by Honeyann,

971-217-9563 I just received another call from them - Answered after rings and no one answered - The glitch in the do  not call list, in Wisconsin anyway, is that as soon as you give out your # you're screwed - I was checking into health care coverage several months ago - I went to one site and foolishly gave my # - I, unknowingly,  just signed away my do not call rights - Any  "business" associated with the site or buying site lists now has your number and can legally call you - There's always a loop hole involved - I decided that If I don't recognize the number I won't answer - Will that make them go away? Yeah, I kinda doubt it but at least I'll save myself some effort - Good luck to you all -

Post by Linda,

9712179563 I receive calls from this number daily, they never leave a message - I would think they should be put on the do not call registry - They are very annoying & from what I understand are solicitors trying too sell insurance -

Post by Cheyenne,

971-217-9563 I received several calls from this number, when I call them back it says the number is a disconnected number - GRRR

Post by Amy,

9712179563 Received a phone call from this number on my cell phone @ :am - I didn't answer it because I was at work - Called it back from my work phone and eventually an answering service came on stating that my phone number is blocked and would not accept my phone call - I am in a area code -

Post by tired,

971-217-9563 Some health insurance scam - Ignores do not call list -

Post by Marty,

9712179563 Unsolicited call - I will not answer - No voicemail left

Post by William Goddard,

971-217-9563 Why do I receive calls from telemarketers, computers, ect - - when I am on the do not call list - I don't understand - I tried to call back and recording states the "the person you are trying to reach is not available" -

Post by Portia Burton,

9712179563 I received a call from this number today and do not want to receive any additional calls from this number -

Post by MQ,

971-217-9563 Just received a call from this number at : PM ( mins ago) - Didn't answer the phone and no message was left - First call I have received from this number -

Post by JESUS,

9712179563 CALL MELANIE -

Post by Michael,

971-217-9563 I received a call from this number at : am - It was a recorded message offering an "affordable medical plan -" I have received numerous calls from this number offering many different services - Usually just a medical plan or travel package though - I'm not completely sure it is always the same number but it is always from Beaverton, OR - All of my numbers are registered  with the National Do Not Call Registry - Today I filed a complaint at donotcall -gov - I would suggest anyone else who receives these calls do the same - It is neither legal nor scrupulous for a company you have not been doing business with to use a recorded message instead of a live person -

Post by Annoyed by many calls,

9712179563 Called today - No message left - So I am glad to know that it is a telemarketer call - I get numerous calls everyday from all kinds of numbers, called multiple times in the day as well - First time for this number though -

Post by Carolyn,

971-217-9563 This number calls my land line regularly - I have stopped answering at all - Thankfully it hasn't found my cell number, YET -

Post by D,

9712179563 Got call from -- @ :PM Texas CST - I have gotten them before - Medical Insurance hounds - Now I just screen them and never answer -

Post by Guest,

971-217-9563 rfi -nessus -org rfi -txt

Post by Julia,

9712179563 Received call from -- at :pm today - No message left -

Post by Guest,

971-217-9563 MK%xMK

Post by Guest,

9712179563 - - - - - - - - - - tmp writetest -txt

Post by Cathleen,

971-217-9563 Got a call this morning at : but couldn't answer - Called the number back and it said "pacific telecom -this is a non working number" - Maybe with all the complaints they were forced to shut down I've been on the "do not call" list for about mos now so they legally shouldn't be calling me or anyone else on the list

Post by Hank,

9712179563 Didn't recognize the number so I didn't answer and they didn't leave a message - Not the first call I've received from this number either with the same results -

Post by Gabby,

971-217-9563 Got a call with no message left - : am -

Post by Ben,

9712179563 These [***] called me trying to scam for insurace -

Post by tired,

971-217-9563 Insurance scam, phishing scam - Probably not even their real phone number - Please report to your state insurance commissioner -

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