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Recent Comments for 9712201003

Post by Kamilla Maii,

9712201003 I keep getting calls from: -- -  They never leave a message; however, since I live in Hawaii, they call at all hours of work (I'm a school teacher and my phone goes off when I'm in class) and sleep -  How do I block these people from my cell phone?K - Maii[email&#;protected] * *

Post by jerry thomas,

971-220-1003 Receiving calls from this number, unsolicited -  What is necessary to block these type numbers -

Post by Jess,

9712201003 It's probably cablevision - Pay your bill and bam No more calls -

Post by composites,

971-220-1003 I recieved several calls from a voice saying this is sean from Home Protection - I believe it is automated because they do not respond when I tell them i am on do not call list -

Post by K,

9712201003 They got my number where?  A hang up call -

Post by Dave,

971-220-1003 Anyone up for a pizza now - - -? I am in Santee, Ca - -God Bless America - -

Post by Rich,

9712201003 continue to call after asked them to take me off their list - times a night until pm

Post by Nancy,

971-220-1003 Hey Eve thanks alot for the info -  I already have a lawyer ready to sue -  HE is not a happy camper he just got a call today -

Post by Sissy,

9712201003 Receive calls from this number every day - No message is ever left - Tonight they actually called at : p -m - I clicked the on button and then the off button - From reading what others have gone through when they actually answer, I am glad I have never answered this number -

Post by Robb,

971-220-1003 Thanks for this hint  I'll try that the next time these a-holes call

Post by RochelleL,

9712201003 I have Verizon and they are calling me relentlessly

Post by Z28susan,

971-220-1003 I got calls from this number also - After seeing this post I answered and told him I wasn't interested and do not call again - Let's hope he listens -

Post by Laurie,

9712201003 it just called - i didn't answer -

Post by MourningDove,

971-220-1003 I have been getting calls from -- the last days, several times a day - Don't know the # so I don't answer it - They are calling my home # -

Post by lindase,

9712201003 I am

Post by going crazy,

971-220-1003 At and T cell phone - - - times today - -never answer

Post by M,

9712201003 These annoying twits have been bothering me too - And I receive the calls on a cell phone with a prepay AT&T account that charges for every received call - I'll never buy any product or service from people who are so discourteous -

Post by Ray,

971-220-1003 That same A-hole called me -

Post by Deb,

9712201003 Getting non-stop telephone calls from this telemarketer  They are selling home security systems and when we state to pls take us off the call list they hang up -  We are receiving up to telephone calls a day on our residential telephone -

Post by d4,

971-220-1003 I called the #back and pressed hope this helps -

Post by Katie,

9712201003 This number is apparently a telemarketer named "Sean" who is "supposedly" calling from 'Home and Family Protection' -  It's obviously another scam -  Don't answer and DON'T PROVIDE ANY PERSONAL INFO -  Never answer if you can't ID the caller -  Keep safe and well all of you -

Post by annoyed,

971-220-1003 been calling me for a month -  had to turn cell ringer off so kids could nap - and often missed their calls -  finally called them back today and message said press at anytime to be removed from their list (allow hrs to take affect) -  we'll see if it works -also re-registered on fed no call list -we'll see if THAT works

Post by Times Tough in Oregon?,

9712201003 They have to be - -who could stoop so low -

Post by tired of it,

971-220-1003 calls from this number in days - recorded message is very vague and just says its an attempt from a marketing company - no company name

Post by lea,

9712201003 Rec'd calls from this # -

Post by Ma,

971-220-1003 I think the 'do not call' is a JOKE  Our gov't trying to make us 'think' it is an answer -

Post by They keep calling,

9712201003 Number blocked, but I still see it on caller ID almost every day

Post by Barb,

971-220-1003 I am bombarded every day from this number - I don't pick the phone up to see who it is calling - I would appreciate it if they would STOP calling my home -

Post by frank,

9712201003 don't call again remove me from call list now

Post by antphl,

971-220-1003 i got calls today from this number, the telespammers always change their numbers -

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