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Written by cathyyue, 2019/10/28

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Cathyyue 9713732958

  • 2019/10/28 (7 months ago)

Actually, I receive calls every day from this phone number and I dont Know any reason...


Ronda 9713732958

  • 2019/10/24 (7 months ago)

Got a call from this number today. Didn't answer. They left no message. Go ogled it and found this page.My number is also on the government 'Do Not Call List'.  This post is to document that call. I too, will pursue pressing charges if it continues..


Thomasmacdonald 9713732958

  • 2019/10/14 (7 months ago)

They called today 𝟭𝟬/𝟵...selling dental plans..... heading to www.donotcall.gov.


John 9713732958

  • 2019/09/25 (8 months ago)

How can a company call from a number that when called back says its a disconnected number. I am on the do not call list but I guess that doesn't even work. Man this world is full of scammers....


Jacob 9713732958

  • 2019/09/23 (8 months ago)

call every day with offer for dental insurance. A End of message says "press 𝟮" to get off list. A We'll see. A This guy should be shut down. A I am on DC list.


Sakka 9713732958

  • 2019/09/13 (8 months ago)

Z FD Calling. They have been calling at least 𝟮 times a day.  Today, Saturday 𝟭/𝟵, they called at 𝟭𝟬.𝟰𝟮am, 𝟭𝟭.𝟮𝟳am and 𝟭𝟭.𝟱𝟯am and left a recorded message offering free security systems.  The number is from OREGON and I live in FLORIDA! I am too registered with DO NOT CALL..


Mehrdadnaderi 9713732958

  • 2019/09/03 (8 months ago)

This number is calling me over and over.  I am on a 'do not call' list for telemarketers.  The voice mail message is fragmented--press one for more info- just starts the recorded message over again, and press 𝟵 to get off their list---just starts the recorded message over also.  They message does not indicate a company name.  I'm really tired of receiving these calls..


Danishawan 9713732958

  • 2019/08/30 (9 months ago)

These lunatics have called me 𝟲 times today and leave an incomplete message about installing something. A Then they ask to press 𝟭 to hear more or press 𝟵 to be put on a do not call list. A I have pressed 𝟵 about 𝟭𝟬 times already but the calls keep coming.I have reported them to the "Do Not Call Registry" but, apparently, they are useless in stopping this.When you call back, it says the number is disconnected.These are bottom feeders, wasting their time and everyone else's!.


Buddy 9713732958

  • 2019/08/18 (9 months ago)

Just called here (Florida). A Says Z FD Calling on the caller ID. A Left a message about getting dental care..


Ann 9713732958

  • 2019/08/02 (9 months ago)

Got a call from this number and let it go to the Machine - Could not understand what was said.Pare-programed garble.Thanks for the great site.


Nikkiperkins 9713732958

  • 2019/07/30 (10 months ago)

I received a call from 𝟵𝟳𝟭-𝟯𝟳𝟯-𝟮𝟱𝟵𝟴 i didn't answer it when I returned the call it said it was disconnected.  Has anyone actually answered this call?  I wonder how they got my cell number I am on the do not call list?.


Ronnie 9713732958

  • 2019/07/22 (10 months ago)

I want them to quit calling.


Becky 9713732958

  • 2019/07/18 (10 months ago)

I dint know who is calling me from this phone number 𝟵𝟳𝟭-𝟯𝟳𝟯-𝟮𝟵𝟱𝟴 but I want it stopped.  I have been directed to your site to make this report.  Thank you.


Hitchcock 9713732958

  • 2019/07/16 (10 months ago)

This is about a A dental A insurance A plan. A I A am A on the do-not-call A list but it A looks A like A it A is A not A being A enforced A anymore. A When A  Do-Not-Call A was A  introduced A under A Bush, A all A telemarketing A stopped from one A day A to A another, A now A under A Obama A it A is A getting A worse A and A worse. A  I A can A fill A out A the A complaint form on their A website A several A times A a A day A and A nothing A happens. A Probably A that's A the A only A thing A they A are A doing: A maintain A  a A website A to A  signal A "we A are A still A here".


Willson 9713732958

  • 2019/07/16 (10 months ago)

I am on the Do Not Call List and Still received calls from this number. 𝟮 to 𝟯 times a day.  How do I make them stop!,  Tried registering a complaint with the State of OR and That did not work..


Tammycolbert 9713732958

  • 2019/07/12 (10 months ago)

If you are a Verizon subscriber log into your account and block the number. you can block up to 𝟱 numbers..


Pate 9713732958

  • 2019/06/27 (11 months ago)

please stop All calls from this number..Annoying people.


Gourley 9713732958

  • 2019/06/10 (11 months ago)

Keep getting phone calls from this number would like it to stop! Thanks..


Joyhelms 9713732958

  • 2019/06/05 (11 months ago)

I have been receiving calls from whomever this obnoxious person/company regularly - NOW THEY ARE LEAVING A VOICE MESSAGE!Isn't there a law....


William 9713732958

  • 2019/05/09 (1 year ago)

I am on the Do Not Call list.  They shouldn't be calling me..


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