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Post by happy victim,

2012858030 I get call every day since last monday about : pm- These phones are originated from MajicJack- When it is off, one does not get answer- Can be from anywhere, any corner of the world or form just next door- can not be sure about accent because caller can fake it- These people are smart, only bad part is that they use their smartness in wrong direction- Want to become rich over night and do not care they are hurting others- Also, do not know they are at the receiving end of hatred and bad wishes and hence sooner or later, they will pay for it-

Post by Guest,

201-285-8030 called at pm lot of background noise and just hung up-

Post by Guest,

2012858030 this number calls me just about every day and the ahole doesn't even speak English very well it is a scam caller

Post by Ikoudis,

201-285-8030 They are calling everyday- I have asked them to take me off their list and nothing is being done about it-

Post by wendy,

2012858030 How can we report the number?

Post by Dennis,

201-285-8030 Sorry that's the FCC

Post by sam,

2012858030 keeps calling at least twice a day and tells me thy want to talk to me about my gas bill and wants some personal informationI try calling the number back and it dose not ring just goes to a buzzy signal pretty sure it is a telephone Scam ( person on the phone has an INDIAN ACCENT )CALLER ID is from ( BAYONNE, NJ )

Post by lawless,

201-285-8030 I got the same caller with indian accent, sometimes male and others female- I picked up and gave them a F*ck each time I answer without giving them a chance to talk- they stop calling--

Post by Dennis,

2012858030 Sorry that's the FCC

Post by ian,

201-285-8030 Same thing as me Stephan- Switched Palmco and got jacked up rates after a few months- Cancelled service and now get calls multiple times everyday- I just have the number set to ignore so i dont even know they call unless i look at my log-

Post by Jam,

2012858030 At least once a day, sometimes twice I receive a phone call from --- No message- Very, very annoying-

Post by Chuck,

201-285-8030 Been getting call from --- those scammers call me every day- it's annoying

Post by Annoyed,

2012858030 This number calls all of the time-  Today, at : AM-  For some reason, the answering machine didn't go on, but the caller was clearly heard breathing and there were many foreign speaking persons in the background-  I am CERTAIN we have blocked this number-  

Post by Dennis,

201-285-8030 Sorry that's the FCC

Post by Robert Glaab,

2012858030 Numerous calls and will not receive- No messages left-

Post by Joanne,

201-285-8030 I'm getting calls from this number everyday it at least twice a day, when I try calling back the call won't go thru- Very strange-

Post by Really annoyed,

2012858030 I had the same experience - great rates for a short time, then a huge increase- They have been calling me at least once a day for a month, and usually more ( times on August )- It got worse after I actually talked to them and said I wasn't interested Mostly I just reject the call-

Post by Jamie,

201-285-8030 I am still getting these calls for months now- I would not take their service if it was free-

Post by Mac,

2012858030 As with everyone else, - phone calls per day- No Message left- Really annoying- I answered it today- Could hardly understand him but he was calling about my PECO Bill- Told him I thought it was a scam and he hung up- The phone # is one blocked on my phone- See what happens-

Post by Guest,

201-285-8030 Stupid Peoples

Post by Guest,

2012858030 this # is on my caller ID EVERY DAY When U call this # back, there is no ring, no nothing tell them to stop harrassing ppl

Post by Ldreece,

201-285-8030 I bought a device called CPR call blocker off Amazon for about for my landline- Worked so well I bought one for my parents-

Post by Dan,

2012858030 I keep getting calls from this number- They tell me I am qualified for some kind of discount on my gas bill- Then they ask me to get one of my bills (no reason given)- When I tell them I don't have one, they get very confused- I have talked to several people from this number, including one supervisor, and not one of them seems to understand much English- I'm not really sure what they are trying to do, but it's not very effective-

Post by Risa,

201-285-8030 I've gotten calls in the past days- This had been going on for weeks- When you call back the number it says the number is not in service- When I do answer they don't say anything and just hang up- It's extremely annoying

Post by Really annoyed,

2012858030 I had the same experience - great rates for a short time, then a huge increase- They have been calling me at least once a day for a month, and usually more ( times on August )- It got worse after I actually talked to them and said I wasn't interested Mostly I just reject the call-

Post by Molly,

201-285-8030 Just called my house- Indian guy with terrible accent- Could hardly understand him- Said something about rates- I told him I don't care, don't call again about times and he didn't seem to get it- This number has been calling my house everyday for over a week--just happened to take a day off of work and be home when he called-

Post by Guest,

2012858030 Same comment as the others- Can't understand what he she is saying so we hang up- I made my caller id show do not answer But calls everyday around the same time If your reading this, your a jerk, scam artist, and we're on to you- STOP CALLING people

Post by Guest,

201-285-8030 This is a number that CALLS ME - times a day, yet when I call back, I get a recording that tells me that this number is not in service- So how is it not in service, yet this exact number is calling me consistently- Last time I had a call made under this suspicious behavior, it was from Seattle, WA with someone trying to extort K from us, saying they were calling from the IRS- People beware-

Post by Stephanie,

2012858030 Almost all of these calls are coming from India and Pakistan-  They can nothing to you Don't talk with them, don't answer or call back- Consider getting a call blocking device or phone- You can google them and many are around - or so-If its a cell phone, some already have call blocking, if not, there are free apps on the web that will work for some- You can google this- If you have a smart phone, there is a free app called call control- Iphones appear to have apps also- Another one is called Mr- Number-www-irs-gov uac Tax-Scams-Consumer-Alertsnotes-com forum ta-cfbfbfa irs-warns-of-telephone-scamReport the Calls to the real IRS here:•report the incident to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration at ---•You can also file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission at FTC-gov- Add "IRS Telephone Scam" to the comments in your complaint-

Post by Guest,

201-285-8030 They call every day sometime multiple times a day- Sometime once or twice a week- When I answer no one is there and then they hang up- I'm getting sick of it and something needs to be done Also when I call back it's disconnected, it's annoying and pathetic

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