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Tips and tricks check WHO CALLED from 201-297-9369

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Post by Guest,

2012979369 It rang one time, called my iPhone

Post by Me,

201-297-9369 Received call, no message-  Once I read all the responses on here, I blocked the number-  I'm wondering, too, about getting spam calls after using a job search site--I recently signed up on Monster, and get a ton of spam calls now-

Post by Emmi,

2012979369 I also rec'd a call, and will be blocking their telephone number-  That seems to work very well-

Post by hunting you down,

201-297-9369 you can run but you can't hide forever

Post by Carol,

2012979369 Thanks for the Android info- worked perfectly

Post by Guest,

201-297-9369 Keep calling and hands up after one ring- What the heck PC

Post by DP,

2012979369 I have iPhone --it does have the block call feature-look again

Post by Jwhosea,

201-297-9369 The iphone does have the block caller option- Tap the circle and scroll to the bottom- I hope this helps-

Post by Too Busy Too,

2012979369 I have received a couple of calls from this number-  I have Mr- Number installed on my Droid and it noitifies me if it is a suspected spammer calling in-  If it is I don't answer and then run the Mr- Number app to get the info on the caller-  Then I have the option to block the call immediately when it comes in-

Post by Eli,

201-297-9369 Just like some of the other respondents said, they called my cell letting ring just once and did not leave a message-  Cannot imagine wanting to know whatever they want to talk about-

Post by Guest,

2012979369 Ring once and hang up

Post by Doug,

201-297-9369 I am a do not call number-  Do not call

Post by Guest,

2012979369 On a No-Call list- This should not be permitted- Nuisance

Post by City Chick,

201-297-9369 I received a call, I blocked it- Scammers beware, your time on this planet is finite We are going to block you one call at a time

Post by Guest,

2012979369 Rang once & hung up

Post by Guest,

201-297-9369 Two hang ups in a week this must stop

Post by Guest,

2012979369 Was your Facebook or account just hacked- if so this number is associated with it-

Post by Guest,

201-297-9369 Hang up

Post by Bobby Burrows,

2012979369 Rang once and no voicemail-

Post by Annie,

201-297-9369 This number called my cell phone-  I did not answer-  Luckily, I was on another call, and since I didn't recognize it, I didn't answer-  This site is helpful-  

Post by Steve,

2012979369 The only way you will ever manage to put any kind of an end to these calls, is to legislate a requirement that every phone have the ability to reverse charge the phone system for allowing these calls through-   I spoke with one of these spammers, and asked how they can call me legally if I am on the no-call lists-   His answer was telling- "  Simple he said, I did not call you, I had a phone bank call you, and when you answered, they transfered the call to me-"   This gets around the law because the person who called you was not trying to sell you anything - and the person trying to sell you did not actually call you-   The phone companies thought this neat little trick up to allow them to keep selling to the phone bank industry-   So everyone knows you can hit * to block caller id, or * to block the call-   But the phone company actually charges you for this-   So require by law, that you can hit *?? to reverse charge these spammers to call you and try to sell you-   Your time is just as valuable as theres, make them pay for it-   And when the phone companies find out that they have to pay you, even if they don't get paid by the caller - how long will it take for this crap to come to a screaching halt?

Post by Guest,

201-297-9369 Unknown number

Post by Capecarpenter,

2012979369 The iPhone and s does not offer the block caller option- It was released on the iPhone and s- It's a great weapon against these [***]-

Post by Guest,

201-297-9369 Potential internet spammer

Post by Guest,

2012979369 Web site trying to scam money

Post by Fitih,

201-297-9369 These losers- If a caller does not leave a detailed voice mail, it is a scam Dont ever call back-

Post by also ohio,

2012979369 Cell phone rang once- It said New Jersey call- No voicemail

Post by terri,

201-297-9369 This number has called my iPhone on , and -  They did not leave a message and they called at different times- I didn't recognize the number, so I didn't pick up-

Post by Missouri,

2012979369 They have called several times and have never left a voicemail-

Post by Mrs. Jones,

201-297-9369 Same as many folks have said-   It rang one time-  I did not call back-   My cell is on AT&T btw-  if that makes a difference-

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