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Tips and tricks check WHO CALLED from 201-365-7098

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Post by Guest,

2013657098 No message- Call n hung up- Happening alot -

Post by Ol Lady,

201-365-7098 Called at - No voice, no message- Called the number back and got more dead air-

Post by Guest,

2013657098 rang once and hung up-

Post by Rev Eggplant,

201-365-7098 Call rings once, long enough to trigger caller ID, then hangs up- Callback finds a recorded message saying that they tried to reach me because I visited an affiliated website- Sorry, but no, I don't think so, as I've never heard of your website- Call reported to donotcall-gov just like any other [***] sales call- Claims to be an outfit called Reward Redemptions and offer is for a rebate card redeemable at major retailers- Press to reach an operator and make the purchase, or to be placed on do not call list- Sorry, guys, but this doesn't cut it- It's still an interruption of my work day and I get paid by the character typed line, not by the hour-

Post by Guest,

2013657098 keeps calling no voice mail, spammer-

Post by Sue,

201-365-7098 Just got a ring hang up call from this number- I'm on the do not call list- How do I file a complaint about this- This isn't the first number to try this- I have a few calls from other numbers over the past week or so-

Post by WittyDiva,

2013657098 Everyone, be careful calling back numbers that you don't know and don't leave a message-  Many scammers call from what looks like a local or US number, but when you call it back, it's actually calling Internationally, and you get charged for the International call-  If you get a call from a number you don't recognize, if it's something important, they will leave you a message-  Don't let your curiosity cost you money-  

Post by lopez,

201-365-7098 i called back- its lisa- youve won a gift card- press to claim- scam duhh-

Post by Guest,

2013657098 Scammer

Post by Dk,

201-365-7098 Scammers

Post by Guest,

2013657098 Rang once- No message-

Post by Guest,

201-365-7098 Rung once, hung up- Here I am logging the call-

Post by gate,

2013657098 Just now; one ring on cell phone, then nothing except this number on caller ID-

Post by Guest,

201-365-7098 SCAMMER Company- Savings Spectacular (they go by a lot of #'s) who told me I had won a - gift certificate took my info and charge me -

Post by FBY,

2013657098 Report this to FBI ASAP seems like a dirty business

Post by Jacob,

201-365-7098 Same thing for me called two days in a row late evening hours-

Post by Abe,

2013657098 Called me and hung up immediately after one ring- I am not going to call them back after seeing all this-

Post by Rusty,

201-365-7098 Just called, and left no message-  Will be adding to my reject list

Post by Terry,

2013657098 Called at : am- Did not leave a message-

Post by trevor,

201-365-7098 same here- called just long enough to register the caller id, and then called again minutes later- no voice mail- most likely another scam, dont answer, or answer and report herrassment and to the police

Post by Guest,

2013657098 I suspect this is a SPAM call-- No reason why they should be calling me-

Post by Guest,

201-365-7098 rang twice @ pm hung up

Post by RoseC,

2013657098 Called me time today, never left message-

Post by Guest,

201-365-7098 Caller hung up without saying a word

Post by Dk,

2013657098 Scammers

Post by Jacob,

201-365-7098 Same thing for me called two days in a row late evening hours-

Post by Guest,

2013657098 called and didn't answer when i picked up the phone

Post by maria,

201-365-7098 I

Post by Guest,

2013657098 rang twice, hung up, no message

Post by Guest,

201-365-7098 rang twice and not there when I answered- This is the second time this exact thing happened in the last week but with a different number- Someone is trying to steal the number to use likely for nefarious purposes- The other call was from a little old lady in Texas- subsequently got call from number in Philadelphia with foreign accented person demanding money for a federal tax liability- Were I a betting person I'd say it was all the same folks-

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