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Post by Bridget,

2014196547 After requesting a quote on line from the big four auto insurance companies out of curiosity, I started getting these calls the next day- It's not State Farm, because I have them and am very satisfied, especially now Progressive, Geico, Nationwide, Allstate,? They leave no message-

Post by Guest,

201-419-6547 Got a call from this # when i called it back they said I had the wrong # but i told the lady you called me first how would i get the # to start with? Then she yelled at me and hung up,crazy lady-I hope they dont call me back,they may not like what they hear this time-I dont get these nutty times,people will do anything for a buck

Post by Ohio,

2014196547 Number shows from "Hackensack, NJ" and asked for someone I do not know-  When I said they had the wrong number, they asked "To Whom they had the pleasure of speaking with-" I said "Not the name of the person you called for-" They then hung up-  I am registered with the Do Not Call Registry-

Post by massachusetts private agency,

201-419-6547 please do not call this agency cell phone

Post by Guest,

2014196547 Make them stop-

Post by Pat,

201-419-6547 Thanks everyone for posting here- Received a call- They didn't leave a message- )This is my fourth call  just this morning-two other numbers and one unknown name & number-)

Post by Lisa,

2014196547 Got a call from this number- I was told it was about reducing my home phone number bill- I informed them to: "put me on your do not call list"- They hung up on me- I attempted to call back and got nothing- Not even a ring or anything- Nothing but dead air- Its most likely some call center-

Post by Julie,

201-419-6547 getting multiple calls from this number, no one is even on the line when you answer-

Post by Tim,

2014196547 I get the same number calling me, but i have caller id so i can see the number and hear the id talking-  I don't answer, then when the phone stops ringing, a second later, they call my cell phone-  One time like today, i actually answered the phone call, and they would'nt answer-I called them back on my cell phone, when they answer, no one said hello or anything-

Post by Guest,

201-419-6547 Yes I am a bas___d, then Quit call-n me--

Post by Suzanne,

2014196547 Received a call on my cell phone from this number- No one responded when I answered so I left my phone on speaker to see if anyone would eventually come on the line- Someone did-- but only to make heavy breathing panting noises- When I called the number back, I received an automated message identifying Verde Energy, and stating that "we were trying to reach you for marketing purposes"- There was an option to press to opt out of further calls- I followed this procedure- Weirdos-

Post by 1norton,

201-419-6547 i added it then Blocked it -lmao take that-

Post by robert t tallent,

2014196547 stop calling

Post by Colorado Fun,

201-419-6547 Received a call from this number-  They asked for a first name of someone that does not live at this house-  In fact, I don't know anyone by that name-  There was a long pause when I announced-  This usually means it is some sort of outbound dialer-  Here is what appeared on my caller ID:  "Ramsey NJ"-  They called my home landline phone-  I am registered with the Do Not Call list-

Post by mindy,

2014196547 They called over times today I have told them to stop calling but they still do

Post by sheri osborne,

201-419-6547 Got a call on my cell from this number came up as Hackensack New Jersey

Post by Bill,

2014196547 probably OBAMA calling as no one will talk to him in Washington

Post by Roberta,

201-419-6547 I keep getting calls from this number and when I call it back, there is no rings-

Post by Guest,

2014196547 no calls texts or voicemails

Post by Doug,

201-419-6547 These calls are annoying and need to stop-I have sisned on to the do not call registery times nlow and still get all these call-were can they be reported to put a stop to this?

Post by Jake,

2014196547 Sorry to say with all of your resources you will probably show up at an empty lot or someone's home or business who knows nothing about their phone numbers or addresses being spoofed- You ae going to make a -- out or yourself and I would be very surprised if the FBI agent isn't a whole lot smarter then that and hasn't told you so already-If he she isn't then shame on them-

Post by Jennifer,

201-419-6547 I received missed calls from this number today on my company cell phone-  They did not leave a message-

Post by Retired Chief,

2014196547 Wife answered a call from this number today, they were asking questions about our internet provider- When the wife asked what company they were the answer was Oh we are just asking about internet service- Did a reverse phone lookup and this number -- comes back to a cell phone in New Jersey- Now I ask you what good could an internet provider do someone in Southeast Arizona?

Post by Guest,

201-419-6547 Offers for tv, phone, internet- Unsolicited

Post by Elaine,

2014196547 I called back and got a recording saying they were Verdi Energy and it was a marketing call-  The recording said to press if I wanted on their Do Not Call list, so I did

Post by Amy,

201-419-6547 They have been calling me for a few weeks now, a couple times a day- Ring until the machine picks up, no message, they hang up when the machine buzzes- No ID shows up on my caller ID-

Post by HELP,

2014196547 I have been called by this number over times and it is ANNOYIG When I pickup they hang up-SPAMBOTS I HATE EM

Post by nik,

201-419-6547 will not stop harassing me

Post by moby,

2014196547 Got a call from-- today- They gave me a sell about expensive land line fees- when I told them  I  was using Verison wireless the caller hung up on me-

Post by Nj gal,

201-419-6547 This number just called me, on my cell phone, telling me that they could drastically reduce my electric bill due to a law passed in NJ- I am also on the "do not call" list-

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