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Post by ANGIE,


Post by Guest,

201-448-9370 Keeps calling

Post by Guest,

2014489370 Spam call-

Post by Loretta,

201-448-9370 I have never had an account with Verizon and I am getting the calls with no messages left-

Post by Rob,

2014489370 That is also illegal- You can not call family members who are not on the acct-  So they are criminals-

Post by Guest,

201-448-9370 Keeps calling several times a day leaving no message-

Post by Guest,

2014489370 Has called numerous times and has never left a voice mail message- Nuisance call

Post by Guest,

201-448-9370 Ti

Post by Guest,

2014489370 call all day

Post by Also Fed Up,

201-448-9370 This is a scam, people-  Verizon Wireless won't ever call to demand your cc number-  Ignore the calls, if possible-  They're also texting people with the message that you should call them right away-  What an aggressive bunch of scammers-

Post by Heidi,

2014489370 I would highly doubt this is actually verizon calling- They have called my house twice a day for days- I have never had any type of service through verizon, so it's impossible that I would have any type of bill through them, current or past due-

Post by Guest,

201-448-9370 They dont leave a message but keep calling and its a problem I wont answer the phone-

Post by Eileen Ruiz,

2014489370 These people continue and continue and continue to call non stop-  OMG, what a nightmare- They call in the a-m-, p-m-, days a week, ,,, times a day-  They do not leave a message so I do not know the company-

Post by Guest,

201-448-9370 Said they were Verizon wireless and i owe money-- Seemed very sketchy

Post by james abbatello,

2014489370 no message

Post by Guest,

201-448-9370 keeps calling for a couple of weeks now--no message left

Post by kthomas719,

2014489370 It is from Verizon Wireless, and it is legit- They are calling about an overdue cell phone balance- But I would still go online to pay, or do so via check-

Post by Guest,

201-448-9370 Hangips

Post by Guest,

2014489370 Verizon Financial Services

Post by Renee,

201-448-9370 Billing Dept

Post by Chris,

2014489370 Why don't they just leave a damn message? Or *gasp* put "Verizon" on the caller ID so we at least know who they are? People who are past due on one bill-- Are often past due on others and might not want to answer the call from a random bill collector-

Post by Also Fed Up,

201-448-9370 Better yet, call the REAL Verizon Wireless (by calling the phone number on your bill or on their website) and complain to them about this scam-  Don't call the number given in the text messages-

Post by TIANA,


Post by Guest,

201-448-9370 Spam number, reported on numerous sites as scam posing as Verizon Wireless collections--

Post by Guest,

2014489370 Selling something--

Post by jim,

201-448-9370 Thanks for the info I just locked the number out and added it to new contacts with the name SCAM

Post by ANGIE,


Post by scam dodger,

201-448-9370 I got five calls from them today it's a clever scam where they have your general account info as far as money owed but being someone who's been behind many times I know that Verizon wont bother you on the weekends

Post by Guest,

2014489370 This appears to be a billing collection agency scam based on Verizon- They want your credit card to pay a "past due amount"- I was not past due but they insist on the phone that I need to give them my card # asap-

Post by mac,

201-448-9370 this is not a verizon wireless or a verizon fios- They are pretending like a collection agency to collect past due balance from whatever verizon devision- DO NOT GIVE THEM A CREDIT CARD NUMBER- They might call you a lot of times like real a real collection agency-

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