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Post by L,

2018911029 I got calls days in a row- I do NOT use Medco- I am not calling them back and entering the number as a scam in my phone- I will not be answering it, especially since no one can verify who is really calling- I'm not going to waste my time or energy on it-

Post by JJ,

201-891-1029 This is Medco -- They left a message and a callback number that was the same as the number given to me on the Medco website- When I called, they said that the address on the prescription I faxed was fuzzy and they needed to verify it-

Post by maryann mc kinley,

2018911029 caller said she was with medco and wanted date of birth to verify prescription we told her we don't give out any personal information- Person (scam artist) immediately terminated call-

Post by mgd,

201-891-1029 It doesn't bother them at all- You're in a data base on an automatic call list- They just hit a button and it calls the list until someone answers- They will keep calling- You are better off picking up and asking to be taken off their call list-

Post by fuplup,

2018911029 I got a call from this number, again, today-  PhoneTray did the job I want and disconnected the call after one ring-  Heh-heh-  If a real person is on the other end, they get a message saying that my phone has been disconnected-

Post by chloe,

201-891-1029 I don't know this caller


2018911029 This is phone number (--) is just an automated phone line that calls out from the Medco Home Delivery Pharmacy-  The call is being made to verify your address as % of the time your doctor has faxed phoned in a prescription that didn't have enough info on it to get it sent to the patient-  As there are a lot of regulations about what can be said or not said about someones' Individual Health Information, the call will usually just come thru as call MEDCO-  If you have concerns, as I would too, just call the number on the back of your prescription card-  Say "representative" and then don't answer the machine, then you will get a rep-  They will ask some minimal information, just to make sure they are not giving your health info or your ID number to the wrong person-  When you call the number on your card, you will get the Call Center not the Pharmacy-  The Pharmacy really doesn't take calls-  If you don't call back in several days, your prescription will get cancelled-

Post by Annoyed,

201-891-1029 Received calls from this number various times before w no msg left-stopped for awhile and got it again today, on a Saturday at :am

Post by Misty,

2018911029 YES THIS IS MEDCOI called the number back

Post by mj,

201-891-1029 when they called last night they said they were medco and identified my employer-- and I said I was too busy to talk to them--said they would call in the morning--didn't--I don't think medco would call unless there is an issue with meds--I don't have one--why wouldn't they email first?

Post by chillbad,

2018911029 yup-it's medco

Post by JP,

201-891-1029 they still shouldn't be calling-  I have asked them to stop times-  They can't tell me why they are calling me-  DUH  I am not going to give them personal information-

Post by Guest,

2018911029 Keeps calling without leaving a message-

Post by crankyvter,

201-891-1029 Have calls on my caller ID almost daily and they have been going on for months-  Sometimes several times during the day while I am at work-  They called yesterday during dinner and asked for me and when I said "speaking" no one said another thing- Getting really old

Post by ihatescammers,

2018911029 I keep getting calls from these jerks- Never give you private info to anyone who calls you-

Post by arentcj,

201-891-1029 This number just called me and I didn't answer-  They DID leave a message stating they were MEDCO and a pharmasist needed to speak with me regarding a medication I am taking-  They gave a number for me to call back ----  When I called back it said I had reached MEDCO-  A pharmasist answered the phone and asked me about one of my medications that they noticed had not been filled in a while-  He said they have a new diabeties center and that they are on hand for any diabeties questions etc-  This was a legit call and the pharmasist was very courtious and helpful-  Since I don't have diabeties, he said he would take me off of this call list-  So I think this number must be for their diabeties center-

Post by Jan,

2018911029 You guys are drama- It's Medco--who would have an automated phone system and spend money to scam you? Come on, stop wafting it's making you paranoid-

Post by Jason,

201-891-1029 didn't leave message-  We've used medco in the past - and have been getting mailers from them recently-

Post by scription junkie,

2018911029 just rec'd a call from this number --, cam eup on caller id as MEDCO PHARMACY-  Lady ask me to go over my prescriptions with her and told me that I have BC BS health insurance- I never said  I was who she was looking for but she did know my name- I am on the DNC list, and maybe its a issue with bc bs not medco-

Post by Guest,

201-891-1029 Repeatedly calls but never leaves a message-

Post by james,

2018911029 I called medco after getting  a call like this and they said this is NOT them-  They contract with private corporations and do not solicit by phone-  Do not give info to the fradulent persons posing as them-

Post by Scrounger,

201-891-1029 They left a message with ref- number-  Sounds like MEDCO PHARMACY-  But, here's the rub-  These moronic simpletons can't keep TWO active addresses on file for me-  There is a physical address for temperature sensitive meds packed to stay cold that ship UPS 'One Day Air' and a separate Post Office Box address for dry meds such as pills that are extreme temp sensitive-  My Texas mailbox at the entrance to my driveway during most of the year and especially during summer months is essentially a small oven 'on a stick'-  (Thank you Jeff Dunham)  So, should they send meds that store indoors between to degrees to my driveway mailbox, then I am in a lot of trouble because the meds are destroyed before I can use them the first time-  When I called MEDCO to ask that they keep two active addresses for delivery of meds and use them in common sense regard to what type of med is being sent, they said they can't do that-  Yet, they can utilize a entire PBX system and staff it with bimbos to parrot read a statement about an address problem for which I have brought to their attention time and time again?  They are a bunch of stooges-  (Apologies to Larry, Moe and Curly-)  MEDCO may be mandated by my employer's health policy-  But, sometimes I'd rather use my local pharmacy at my convenience and the bureaucratic red tape games that MEDCO plays with my prescriptions and consequently my health, is horrendous-  There IS a better way-  But, MEDCO is deaf-

Post by James H and Gayle A Church,

2018911029 Calls from -- Wycoff, NJ- Never leave a message but calls at least twice a day-  Want calls to stop immediately-

Post by Angel,

201-891-1029 The associate I spoke with provided me with my information (name and birthday only), and only asked that I verify- He told me the prescriptions that I was on (the names and the dosage), then verified the changes I had made on their website previously- Take off your tinfoil hat and stop being so paranoid :)-

Post by JustSumGirl,

2018911029 It is Medco and i my insurance company switched to medco and i didnt know it beacuse i get my perscriptions from a local pharmacy- So medco started calling trying to soliciate me to switch to them- I tried to have my number removed from their list through email but  was told the only way i can have my number removed is to call- I called and the phone calls stopped- Then i recieved a letter- After getting the letter i called again and said that i had asked to be removed from their solicitation list and the lady told me that if i didnt specify they would only stop calling which they had- So i told her i wanted to be removed from all future communication-

Post by whatever,

201-891-1029 They called asking by my last name- He said he was from Maytag and were clearing up there records saying I was elgible for a free repair or rebate for my recalled dishwasher- I said "and you are calling from Maytag" he said "yes"- I told him that that is pretty embarrashing for Maytag if they can't keep accurate records and know that I already received a rebate-

Post by Amma K,

2018911029 I just received a call from 'Medco' but the guy who was speaking tripped over giving me his name  Anyone who isn't even sure of their own name will not get me to listen to anything they have to say

Post by Guest,

201-891-1029 They keep calling me

Post by Roger,

2018911029 I received a call this afternoon on my cell from ---  No message was left-  I'm eligible to receive prescriptions from Medco Express Scripts and have done so in the past, but not in the last - years-  I'm thinking that if more calls arrive from this number, the maliciousness of their effort may be revealed-  Since this problem seems to have started in and is continuing thru present day, it might actually be legit in an incompetent sort of way, which would explain why it hasn't yet been eliminated-  Best regards to my fellow sufferers-

Post by Guest,

201-891-1029 Legit Express Scripts call-

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