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Post by Guest,

2019322692 Google's attempt to sell BS advertising

Post by kaileena,

201-932-2692 google listing samI always press and as soon as someone comes on the line, I say in a monotone voice, "Illegal robo call- Remove from all listings- This number has been reported-"It usually stuns the heck out of them or pisses them off- either way, it is funny

Post by Guest,

2019322692 It's from google Advertising, they need to stop calling-

Post by Guest,

201-932-2692 Very rude

Post by Ben,

2019322692 No message left- Go away scammers

Post by LJC,

201-932-2692 Received a call on this number- Hang up with no msg- Will block this and other numbers referenced in this thread- Thanks to those who take the time to post-

Post by Bart S.,

2019322692 ILLEGAL ROBO-CALL for a Google Listing "SCAM" THIS IS A SCAMMER

Post by Guest,

201-932-2692 repeat caller, no one on line when picked up

Post by Guest,

2019322692 What's your message Moron?

Post by M,

201-932-2692 Didn't answer-  Left no message-  scam-

Post by angrygramma,

2019322692 two calls in one minute-  Caller ID said Bayonne, NJ?????  Phone only rang once-  Did no mo ro bo kill it?

Post by Marc,

201-932-2692 Recorded message, bored-sounding male voice: "Our records show you have not (something something) Google--" I hung up at that point- Caller ID says "Assist," which may or may not be valid- Scammers are spoofers, too-

Post by jackhammer,

2019322692 Google Business update call, garbage leave me alone

Post by Guest,

201-932-2692 Called twice in one minute- Only rang once- I think nomorobo has already "killed" this number for their subscribers-

Post by Guest,

2019322692 spam recording

Post by kaileena,

201-932-2692 dead air

Post by B,

2019322692 Call all the time never leave a Message, that google scam must pay great ,they have multiple numbers call about times a week

Post by Guest,

201-932-2692 Dumbass doesn't leave a message that should tell you something

Post by Guest,

2019322692 Spam

Post by Ben,

201-932-2692 That's funny I called this number back and a recording comes on to be placed on the do not call list- I smell a rat- When a number that is disguising their ID name then its a big red flag

Post by Bart S.,

2019322692 These guys have been calling like crazy the past weeks trying to "Assist" in lightening the bank account with their "Google experts"- Calling from:------------

Post by BEN,


Post by annoyed,

2019322692 I have received numerous calls from -- with a rebo message about confirming our Google listing-  We don't need to confirm our listing - it is fine-  This is a scam-  I just hang up each time but want them to stop calling-

Post by Ben,

201-932-2692 We have had the area code blocked for about years - New Jersey-They called over hours ago and I just saw the call-  Our phones do not ring when a blocked call comes in-You must purchase a call blocking phone or device if you want these criminal calls to cease-

Post by SoCal,

2019322692 Blocked for being spamed

Post by Slim,

201-932-2692 Get - calls a day with the google scam crap don't answer these pricks--

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