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Post by Guest,

2022414508 Got the same threat message over voicemail about being arrested as everyone else. I have done nothing wrong, so this scare tactic is not going to work. Block this number!

Post by Guest,

202-241-4508 PHONE on the lookout! I just received a call from 202-241-4508, a # out of Washington, DC. I let it go to voicemail like I do every number I don't recognize and here's the message the automated computer voice left... “Local county sheriffs are going to arrest you for serious allegations. Before this matter goes to the courthouse and we freeze your bank accounts and have you arrested. For more information regarding this case you can get back to us at 202-241-4508. I repeat 202-241-4508. Make sure you give us a call back before you get arrested." 🤬😠🤬 I hate scammers but I REALLY HATE scammers that use scare tactics

Post by Guest,

2022414508 I got a phone call from this number and they left me a voicemail telling me to call the number immediately and I ended up calling the number back and the man (who had a strong accent) told me that there was a lawsuit filed against me and that if I didn't take action and speak to my attorney that I would end up behind bars for 5 years. He also gave me a case number and everything. I am a 17 year old who has done nothing wrong at all so I think this is a spam but it freaked me out.

Post by Guest,

202-241-4508 Pimp

Post by Guest,

2022414508 They call my number at least once a month- Lawn service in Lincoln

Post by Guest,

202-241-4508 I don't know

Post by WACastillo,

2022414508 Called me once each on two consecutive days- I didn't answer the first time I was called from this number and the caller didn't leave a message- I did answer the call the next day but no one responded at the other end-

Post by Guest,

202-241-4508 Calls daily but no message left- When I DO pick up, they hang up-

Post by KC,

2022414508 Capital One Auto Finance, funny I have a loan with them for one of my cars but they were not calling for me-  They were calling for someone named Keith- Guess they are going thru all the K's

Post by tokata,

202-241-4508 Got a phone call from a guy named Adam Fox from Trent Consultants, supposedly based in South Korea, linked to fraud (non-licensed) investment fund related stories in the Hong-Kong region

Post by G Boo,

2022414508 I saw an incoming call from this number. Not recognizing the number, I sent it to VM. Here's is a transcription of the message: “Allegations have been filed against you and you better contact us before this matter goes to the judge and we freeze your bank accounts and get you arrested. For more information regarding this case you can get back to us at 202-241-4508, I repeat 202-241-4508 make sure you give us a call back before you get arrested…”

Post by Durden,

202-241-4508 I called them and the first time the guy said he was w/ the IRS, I asked him if this was the US government IRS and he hung up on me. The second time I called (right back) the guy said yes he was with the official IRS, and then he tried to tell me "not to talk back to him." He then started attacking me on the phone and talking down to me. I challenged him on being part of the real IRS, and he put me on hold and left me there until I hung up after 5 minutes.

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