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Tips and tricks check WHO CALLED from 202-436-9791

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  • Protect yourself from scammers and spammers
  • Don’t pick up on an unidentified number
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  • Run the digits through a Reverse Phone Lookup to search for information about the caller, which may include details like social media profiles, photographs, and job histories created on LinkedIn
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Post by Liz,

2024369791 They tried to call me- I had my phone ringer off so I can rest- If I don't recognize the number I won't answer it- They tried calling me times in mins- I might try some of the things suggested- I've been burnt before by these type of people- I always look up unknown numbers-

Post by Liliya,

202-436-9791 i got the same k grant this morning and did the same - asked that since it is such an important matter I need to record it to make sure I do not miss any important detail, and he hanged up on me- But then in a few hours I got calls with phone number as -- with the same k grant offer

Post by reportscammers,

2024369791 Received calls, answered after third call within two hours, heard a very loud electric guitar sound for only about three seconds though, then they hung up- LOL, good to read these comments, though- Excellent to know they are bogus, thought so since I don't recognize the number anyway-

Post by kim smith,

202-436-9791 They told me i have been approved for a loan i never apply for then told me to call a number which was in indian then today a women call with the same story-i ask her where she was calling from she said Dc i told her a man call yesterday and this was a scam she then hung up in my face- I cant call the number back so i looked it up it yes it was a scam

Post by Tash,

2024369791 I have just received a call from ---  I figured it was a scam and offered to turn their number over to the FBI unless they quit calling me-  Besides my number is unlisted and on the do not call reg-

Post by Guest,

202-436-9791 Offering government grant of if I give my bank acct, credit card info- just because I am a loyal American, and pay my taxes

Post by Ron,

2024369791 Second call today from these scammers-

Post by SHEMA,


Post by John,

2024369791 If you have a galaxy phone you can add it to your auto reject list and it seems to have stopped--they call about once a week-  I tried saying I was the sheriffs office, FBI, cursing at them--messing with them and they still call-

Post by Kristin Gonzalez,

202-436-9791 Your State Attorney GeneralTheir State Attorney generalwww-naag-org (you can find your state AG at this link)-https: www-ftccomplaintassistant-gov #&panel-www-consumerfinance-gov complaint www-rcfp-org reporters-recording-guide state-state-guideAdvance fee loans are illegal period and in some states, so are the payday loans-   Please be aware the scammers may also claim down the road that you have taken a loan even if you did not and try to extort money from you that way as wellwww-consumer-ftc-gov articles -advance-fee-loanswww-fraud-org scams direct-marketing advance-fee-loansPayday loanswww-paydayloaninfo-org state-informationdfi-wa-gov consumers alerts cashnet-payday-htm*****www-cashnetusa-com consumer-noticeswww-nwc-org www-ic-gov default-aspxwww-fbi-gov https: www-ftccomplaintassistant-gov #&panel-https: esupport-fcc-gov ccmsforms form-actionwww-consumerfinance-gov complaint www-fraud-org www-stopfraud-gov report-htmlTip off FBI about this extortion attempt by filing form at: stips-fbi-gov

Post by Guest,

2024369791 i am so sick of these calls-i did the block telemarker but that isnt helping

Post by Tracy,

202-436-9791 I just got that same exact call from the same exact person today about minutes ago-

Post by anonymous,

2024369791 --Lady called from this number stating I have been pre-authorized to receive a government (federal) grant of , that I would never have to pay back- It's nothing but a scam- Told them I'm not interested

Post by JLyn,

202-436-9791 This just happened to me as well He told me to suck his **** and that he would r*** my daughter This ridiculous

Post by Jennifer,

2024369791 I have been getting calls from these guys for a couple months now from the () area code, sometimes they hang up on me without saying anything, one time I called the number back and asked why they were calling me so many times, the guy on the other end asked if I was gay? WTH I said don't call me anymore, instead they started calling - times a day for another week or so- Today, for the first time, I got a call from (unavailable number) and for the first time, a woman (indian accent) said the dollar grant thing, I said I'm not interested and please don't call back- I too recently posted my cell number on a job site-

Post by Tash,

202-436-9791 I just received another call from ---  They never say hello or anything when I pickup-  Idiots-- then when I try to call them back to harass them for calling me - they do not ever answer their phone  I would say that these people are scammers

Post by Guest,

2024369791 I've received calls from them saying I qualified for a grant that was not a loan, not taxable, and that did not have to be repaid- After barraging them with logical questions, implying one would have to have lost their marbles in order to believe the government is handing out grand for not having filed for bankruptcy or having been arrested, they hung up- When they said they needed to verify my information, they were unable to state WHO they were trying to verify the information for- Lol

Post by di,

202-436-9791 Received three calls last evening from this number-  Did not answer as the calls were very close in timelapse- I just read these horrific stories-  Be smart people if you don't recongize the number don't answer and certainly don't give out any information no matter what they offer you-  The old saying " if it sounds too good to be true- it probably is"  

Post by Madison,

2024369791 Me too It keeps happening- I'm gunna block them again and hope this time it works

Post by Deborah Schada,

202-436-9791 A caller said they were from the US Treasury and want to award me a grant of - and gave me an ID#, and their acct mgr # --  I suppose this is a SCAM, especially since reading similar posts-

Post by TiredOfIt,

2024369791 --- calling over and over-

Post by R,

202-436-9791 All of these comments say that they called informing people about a fake loan they received, but they called me from the "Windows Computer Support Department" (because that sounds totally legitimate)-  They said there was a security fraud issue with Windows computers, but I cut them off saying that I don't use a WIndows before they elaborated-  They very well could have planned on asking for my information to "protect myself from the fraud" or whatever-Definitely spam-

Post by Guest,

2024369791 I think they wanted to talk me into something

Post by Miss Linda,

202-436-9791 Just received a call from this number- Said he was Lucus from the US Department of Treasury and I had received a grant worth , because I pay my bills on time, no bankruptcy, etc- This grant is called Financial Assistance- IT IS NOT A LOAN- I am to call --- and give them code #KK- He demanded that I hang up and  call the number immediately-

Post by Al,

2024369791 This person called claiming that i had won a grant offered by the Jewish community for the sum of -  And all i had to do was pay a fee of - through Western Union-  I knew it was a scam right off-  Bummer was that this was the third call i have received from different numbers-

Post by Guest,

202-436-9791 She s aid I was one of , people who were selected to receive ,

Post by Kenya Mahone,

2024369791 Someone has called me from this number three times, but I have not given them any information-

Post by Guest,

202-436-9791 Picked up some lady was talking in an Asian language it sounded like a butt call- I kept saying hello repeatedly n she kept on yappin in the dialect then hung up- Called the number back n told by my phone carrier? That the number I dialed didn't exist- Definitely spam

Post by Jesus saves,

2024369791 Call this never I called it and they stop answering after I called them

Post by kb,

202-436-9791 Block the number and report-  I always google unidentified numbers and you find out real quick what scum is out there-

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