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Post by Kris,

2024702627 Just got the same message- So glad i located this website and found others whom they tried to scam- I actually called the number that they instruct you to call and immediately asked "who is this and what is your intention of calling me?" They immediately hung up; guess i didn't sound vulnerable enough for them-

Post by Michele,

202-470-2627 Got similar message with electronic voice saying i was going to be arrested if I didn't contact them

Post by jv,

2024702627 They wouldn't-  Our Asian friends at work,  trying to extort a few bucks so they can buy pretty things for themselves-

Post by Guest,

202-470-2627 Threats of jail & etc- Said it was about taxes

Post by unknown,

2024702627 Called Federal Grant office

Post by GD,

202-470-2627 CALL FROM -- -regarding  "enforcement action" due to "tax fraud"-  Kinda scared me-  Caller ID posted it as from Directory Assistance- Thanks for this site-

Post by Martha,

2024702627 I might follow through because I told him I will call him back but I'm not giving him any of my personal info- Will let you know how it goes-

Post by annonymous,

202-470-2627 they just called and asked if I wanted to go to barracks for the government- and then I asked why they were calling and hung up

Post by Guest,

2024702627 Caller states that to not call back is a crime Scary spam call; do not respond

Post by Guest,

202-470-2627 Yes they say I will be arrest of I don't call back-don't no this number

Post by Guest,

2024702627 Recorded message threatening prosecution or arrest from an agent of the Treasury- Badge number ?

Post by Champ198,

202-470-2627 This number left a message on my wife's cell number that we would be arrested if we didn't call this number back and pay our IRS taxes- Obvious scam-

Post by Guest,

2024702627 Says you must call to avoid arrest or prosecution for tax matter collection

Post by anonymous,

202-470-2627 Lady with accent said my phone number was picked to receive a grant over ,-  I told her I didn't apply for any and she said this was just a verification call and quickly hung up-  Can't anyone cut off service to those using their cell phones for scam calls?

Post by kelley g,

2024702627 I got the same call yesterday and the lady hung up on me too when I asked what the deal was--

Post by kelley g,

202-470-2627 I got the same call yesterday and the lady hung up on me too when I asked what the deal was--

Post by Mike H,

2024702627 My mother just got a call from this number, with the same callback number, also claiming she was going to get sent to jail- I told her to ignore it after seeing all the hits on scams-Ridiculous abusers of technology and preying on innocent people-

Post by DDK,

202-470-2627 I just got the same crap

Post by jc,

2024702627 Same message was left on my machine- Ignoring it-

Post by jc,

202-470-2627 Same message was left on my machine- Ignoring it-

Post by Guest,

2024702627 Federal charges, blah blah- No identifying organization- Scam call-

Post by Alissw,

202-470-2627 Modification of earlier post--Received an automated call telling me to call them to take care of an IRS issue before federal charges were filed against me-  The call was from -- this is the second call and the first time they left a badge # of

Post by nestle water,

2024702627 Same exact thing happen to me- Heavy Hindu accent- Him: " mam I am calling you to collect your , check for you college tuition-"Me: " huh, I didn't apply for financial aid-"Him: " Mam it was based on your good credit rating, I will give you a phone number to call for further directions"At this point I knew he was a party scammer-I hung up the phone-Cos, first off all I just relocated to the US as an immigrant with a new SSC #-I am going to school and looking for work-

Post by jv,

202-470-2627 They wouldn't-  Our Asian friends at work,  trying to extort a few bucks so they can buy pretty things for themselves-

Post by screw the scammers,

2024702627 To report the fraud, go here:www-grants-gov web grants support general-support grant-fraud-htmlTheir number is listed , along with an email address, at the top of the page-Also here:www-consumer-ftc-gov articles -government-grant-scams

Post by Libby,

202-470-2627 Called me earlier and payed no mind- Didn't look this time just picked up and silence when I answered and starting ringing and I hung up- USC says probably a scam but shouldn't do anything on my bill- On line says heavy spam activity Washington DC-

Post by Guest,

2024702627 Threatening message left on my cell, first few words were missing, but "if you don't call back you will be taken into custody"-

Post by Guest,

202-470-2627 bugagooo

Post by Martha,

2024702627 The caller had a thick Southeastern Asian accent and offered to give me a government grant of , USD- He identified himself as "Edward" and said his extension number was (like really, though ?) He told me to use the money wisely and not to do anything like gamble lol- I didn't give him any info and thank goodness I found this website-

Post by Nope,

202-470-2627 I got the same call today at : pm- Think its total BS- Don't believe it at all?

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