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Post by Lavonne,

2024703314 That would be a big NO Lol

Post by Guest,

202-470-3314 Received call stating a lawsuit was being filed against us by the IRS and to call back the number - Did not call back- Had received no written documentation in the mail so we knew it was a scam-

Post by Disgusted,

2024703314 We received messages on our home phone voicemail, saying the IRS was bringing a lawsuit against us-  Some people in our community received the same-  The neighbors told us that if you call the number, they put you on hold and charge your phone outrageous rates for the call-  -Not sure about all this, but I realize the IRS would send you a letter if they wanted to contact you-  THIS IS A SCAM, OF COURSE-

Post by Guest,

202-470-3314 left a message stating I was being sued by the IRS and when I asked if why I didn't receive written information he got nasty with me- He had an indian accent also

Post by ST,

2024703314 They left a message saying they are the IRS and filing a lawsuit against me-  I don't owe the IRS anything-

Post by Guest,

202-470-3314 Left messages saying, Final notice from the IRS, I need to call or I'd have a lawsuit filed against me- Stay far away from these people-

Post by chris,

2024703314 ""  area  code  fraud  scam  calls---research  here   first  ,  as  it's been  addresses a  billion  times  already  

Post by Guest,

202-470-3314 called claiming to be irs

Post by janyce,

2024703314 robo call from -- is a IRS scam - id says Washington dc

Post by tom k,

202-470-3314 The IRS, They do not call-

Post by Guest,

2024703314 Received a message on answering machine- IRS is suing me and must call -- immediately- This is a sick hoax by some dishonest person with a terrible foreign accent- Thanks to all of you who so kindly posted your experience- At least I'm not alone- Hopefully these jerks are the ones who end up in prison

Post by Elizabeth Sauls,

202-470-3314 They left an automated message that they were from the IRS and that they were filing a lawsuit against us- They did not address us by name- Just told us to call the number back-  This is a SCAM

Post by Guest,

2024703314 If you call the number back -- (and block your caller ID) -- at least times and hang up, you will hear the same people answer the phone- I kept calling and hanging up over and over- HA My turn to harass- Now they have taken 'the phone off the hook' and I'm just getting a busy signal Keep messing with them, and maybe they will realize it's not worth it

Post by Guest,

202-470-3314 Left a message to inform us that we are being indicted by the IRS- Left this number to call them back- Like the previous entry it seems like a scam to me-

Post by Guest,

2024703314 I also received a call on stating that the IRS was filing a lawsuit against us and to call the -- number- When I called I got a busy signal, then I got that this is not a working phone number-

Post by Guest,

202-470-3314 Left a voicemail saying there was a lawsuit against me- Call back immediately- I didn't since they didn't even say who they were- After reading the above comments I marked this call as spam-

Post by tartelle,

2024703314 Gotten a phone call from this number and they left a message that it was the IRS and they were suing me to call back- So I called the number back from a track phone and Richard answered- He asked me my phone number that the message was left on so I gave him a fake number- Guess what happened next he hung up on me - Stupid scammers

Post by Guest,

202-470-3314 caller said the irs needed - from me or they would be suing me- Was a foreign person-

Post by Beth B,

2024703314 I also received a mssg stating that I was being sued by the IRS-  Smells like a scam--

Post by Patrick,

202-470-3314 Just got the same call about IRS suing me- Interesting yet annoying- At first I was like "wtf", than they say final notice and realize the IRS would not get ahold of you this way- You would know if they were trying to reach you for some time lmao-

Post by Andy,

2024703314 I got a call today from this number indicating that they were from the IRS and that they are filing a lawsuit against me--thanks for posting your advices--surely its a SCAM

Post by Marianne,

202-470-3314 caller said was from IRS and said they were going to sue me-  said I was a Ms- Mosley- Have gotten calls for this person and  told caller they had a wrong number-

Post by Guest,

2024703314 They did not leave a message but I did a reverse look up on it since I get a lot of bot calls and saw all these posts- Thank you all, I'm glad I did not answer

Post by Srmonti,

202-470-3314 I got a message on my answering machine saying the IRS was filing a lawsuit against me- Knew it was a scam as the IRS would not call- Played along to have some fun for a bit - then treated him to a nice bunch of expletives and got hung up on- Call them and F with them it is kind of fun- I actually called back twice more from different phones-

Post by Guest,

2024703314 Caller claimed that an IRS lawsuit was filed for the years -- I am a former CPA and know how the process works- I immediately asked where was my written mail notification- The caller in a hardly understandable Asian accent claimed it was sent out in July by her boss- She gave me her badge no- RRM and demanded - I continued to ask probing questions and was hung up on-

Post by Guest,

202-470-3314 Said to call about a lawsuit against us- It's a scam

Post by Guest,

2024703314 they are telling me there will be a lawsuit against me , this is a final notice they said for me to call and talk to them

Post by BB in ATX,

202-470-3314 if you call the number back -- (and block your caller ID) -- at least times and hang up, you will hear the same people answer the phone- I kept calling and hanging up over and over- HA My turn to harass- Now they have taken 'the phone off the hook' and I'm just getting a busy signal

Post by Rocco,

2024703314 Got a partial message on voice mail , something about a lawsuit against me but it was cut offI blocked them with my call blocker unit

Post by Guest,

202-470-3314 Says the IRS has been trying to get in touch with me that they are filing suit against me- Tells me to call this number immediately

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