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Post by Nancy Long Byers,

2024705938 I have received a call from this number, -  I received this call on July i,  I responed-  This person (foreign accent) informed me that I owed the IRS ,-  He also said that they had sent me notification in -  He said a warrant for my arrest would be coming in the next few days-  This person also said that this was on Friday and he needed to get off the phone, then hung up the phone-The messsage I redeived on Thursday, July , gave me this number, to use for a referral when I contacted them  I don't know if this is any help but I felt anything might be helpful-  Thank you for having this opportunity to report what might be of assistance-

Post by m. wells,

202-470-5938 Harassment, plain & simple-

Post by Wiseup,

2024705938 The IRS NEVER calls those they are targeting for audits, etc- They use CERTIFIED MAIL- Best not to pick up the calls, then BLOCK

Post by Buroak,

202-470-5938 phone calls with a recorded message from the IRS saying I needed to call back immediately to avoid my case being forwarded to the court for prosecution-  I hung up on the first, but decided to listen to the second to see what they said--then hung up-  I did not call them back-  My year old mother got these calls about a month ago-  I told her to ignore them-

Post by A.L.,

2024705938 Got this call minutes ago-  Said IRS is filing a lawsuit against us, and to call back for the case number-  Never addresses our names in the phone message-  BOGUS SCAM  IRS never makes mass robo phone calls-  If IRS really wants to contact you they will send you a letter in the mail-  They will NEVER make a phone call-  Just ignore and delete the message-

Post by Tracy in Lincoln Nebraska,

202-470-5938 Got a message from this number --- at on Jul-  Female voice, great English, sounded official, said that this call serves as final notice that the IRS is filing a lawsuit against me and to call this number at there official location-  I did not call-  Obviously a scam-

Post by Guest,

2024705938 Same as past comments on here - IRS gonna file lawsuit on "you"- What a joke these people are- LOL

Post by Guest,

202-470-5938 This phone number is generating calls saying the IRS is opening file case against you- It appears to be a SCAM as some have been charged for the return call-

Post by Wise,

2024705938 Called from this number, identified themselves as the IRS, notify IRS is suing me and to call that number- I did NOT-

Post by William,

202-470-5938 Call them and leave a message stating that you are looking for a gay lover, or a hitman, or ordering pizza, whatever works - jam up their answering machine with goofy calls- that's what I'm doing-

Post by Melanie,

2024705938 I got a call that was similar- Said there was a lawsuit being filed against me for fraudulent reporting on my taxes back in - I laughed at the idiot and told him that back in I was years old and to do what he thought best

Post by innocent,

202-470-5938 Mail carriers do NOT deliver summons-  This caller is such a LIAR  The police are not coming and he can not take your license or money-  I'll bet he will refuse to give the company name & address as well as who the original debt was with-Don't waste your time with this "person"  He has violated several points of the FDCPA - and is not with the IRS-

Post by Guest,

2024705938 This is a scam did not say who in the family just told us to call back immediately my dad had called and it was some india guy that got scared when we called from an unknown number and hung up

Post by chi,

202-470-5938 received a call from this number-  message left that IRS is filing a claim against me and that i needed to call this number immediately-  when i looked up this number on internet, found many messages from others who had received same bogus message asking for monies-

Post by Debby,

2024705938 What's even worse is how many people still fall for this crap

Post by jchphantom,

202-470-5938 :A on received what sounded like computer phone call from -- stating IRS was preparing criminal tax case against me and I needed to immediately call this number- Have no idea how many or who is employed @ donotcall-gov but the entire government entity should be abolished because they are utterly incompetent and useless- Makes me wonder if it is a front for the 'Lois Lerner Defense Fund'-

Post by Guest,

2024705938 Recorded call says to return call- The IRS is filing a lawsuit against someone, doesn't say who at our number- Never received any letters about said problem so I think this is a scam-

Post by Patricia,

202-470-5938 It is not the IRS calling you- It is a scam- That is why the IRS doesn't do anything-

Post by William,

2024705938 Have you read this news report?https: krebsonsecurity-com irs-crook -- script-feature IRS: Crooks Stole Data on K Taxpayers Via ‘Get Transcript’ FeatureMay ,

Post by J Barton,

202-470-5938 , same as previous comments-  Didn't call back-  Was an automated message generated from a computer-

Post by Guest,

2024705938 Call today said IRS is suing me Unfortunately I tried calling back a few times and if they charge me I want it removed from my bill They are scammers

Post by Guest,

202-470-5938 Left a voice recording saying the IRS was filing a lawsuit against me and to call- Phone number is busy

Post by NK,

2024705938 My father received this call and when I try to call back, the recording says "no one available at this time-"

Post by innocent,

202-470-5938 Got a call similar to this one not too long ago- Idiot started threatening me and said there would be someone coming to "take care of me" if I didn't cooperate-  I told him to bring them on, that I have a gauge, a -, a mm, and a few other "equalizers" to help me negotiate with his bully- Moron had the audacity to hang up on me  Hahahahahahaha

Post by Guest,

2024705938 received call from this number and said they calling from irs and lawsuit to follow- I figured it was a scam but called number to see who would answer and no one did

Post by duh,

202-470-5938 Claim to be IRSfiling lawsuit- I did not call number

Post by Guest,

2024705938 Received the same robo call as others have already reported- This is a SCAM-

Post by Cheyenne,

202-470-5938 I've gotten calls saying it's the "final" attempt to contact me- Hilarious  I just ignore it- Got a call similar to this one not too long ago and actually talked to a live person- Idiot started threatening me and said there would be someone coming to "take care of me" if I didn't cooperate-  I told him to bring them on, that I have a gauge, a -, a mm, and a few other "equalizers" to help me negotiate with his bully- Moron had the audacity to hang up on me  Hahahahahahaha

Post by Davinator...,

2024705938 Just got a call from --, guy says (in very broken English) that he is Shaun Marshall a case officer with the IRS, badge # (hilarious)-  Tells me that they have completed a confidential audit of my tax statements from - and found that I owe , in taxes, interest, attorneys fees and legal costs (I've been through an audit before and it was all via US Mail, so I know the guy is full of it)-  While on the phone with "Shaun", I decided to google the phone # and came across this post and read similar stories, so I decided to have a little fun with him- After attempts to scare me with consequences, he tells me that the IRS was going to drag me into court and put liens on everything I own if I don't tell him my intentions-  To which I replied "when you drag me into court, are you going to drag me by my feet or hair?"  He evidently didn't like my sarcasm and told me he was going to drag me by my hair and told me "F"-off and hung up-  I had to laugh, but decided to post my experience-  Wonder how many seniors these jerks scare into giving them a credit card number or sending a check--?

Post by phyll,

202-470-5938 that makes me feel better- I got the same call on - And I thought wait the IRS would send me a letter- Glad to see these posts- I can now relax-

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