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Tips and tricks check WHO CALLED from 202-568-7490

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  • Don’t pick up on an unidentified number
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Post by Mike,

2025687490 i have gotten these calls a few times a day for about three weeks now and reading the comments here i just dont answer them- its becoming a real pain in the you know what

Post by pavedngold,

202-568-7490 I answer unknown calls without saying a word as I did with this call- When no one says anything the call is hung up- It is definitely a robo caller

Post by RJM,

2025687490 when I asked: who are you ?Answered: your mother-  I hung up-

Post by Guest,

202-568-7490 The caller stayed the were calling about grants

Post by Shirley E,

2025687490 I just received a call from -- on my cell-  When I answered it nobody responded-

Post by Judy Martinez,

202-568-7490 I just received the same call-

Post by Crystal,

2025687490 I told them to stop calling and they said they can't- They keep calling every hour and the guy sounds Asian-

Post by Rick,

202-568-7490 These people call evryday few times a day, times today-First they said they were from AARP identy fraud,told them I wasnt interested- Next call,sounded like Indian accent,could barely understand,I hung up- One time they said I owed some payday loan,well never taken any payday loans

Post by Shane,

2025687490 Been getting calls from this number for a week- Searched online and saw this site- Decided to pick up today to see what's going on- Apparently I was randomly selected, of people, to receive some sort of money in the balance of ,-Guy spoke decent English (I've lived overseas a lot so used to it) and claimed he was with the US Department of Health and Human Services-I told the guy the U-S- Government always pays by check and contacts its citizens by U-S- mail- He said this was a special event and whatnot- Some more excuses spewed from his face-He became rude and tried talking over me- I simply hung the phone up and blocked the caller from future attempts-

Post by carl Robinson,

202-568-7490 This caller keeps calling me

Post by Me Too,

2025687490 I got the same call- When I asked "why would I want to waste tax dollars like that?" The lady got really quite for about seconds then she just hung-up Very funny

Post by Max,

202-568-7490 Just got a call and picked up just for heck of it- Lady with Indian or Pakistani accent was talking to someone in the background but never addressed the call to me- They she hung up-

Post by Cindy,

2025687490 I told them if they were the federal government they could just mail it to me and they hung up-

Post by LaCarlous Jackson,

202-568-7490 telling me a own money knowing i dont owe them [***] but a good cussing out they need to stop calling my damn phone

Post by T,

2025687490 It's the foreign terrorists- They have gone too far- Asians - India - you name it They pose as people they are  not and they are a bunch of loser terrorists- SEND SEAL TEAM - INDEED- This needs to stop-

Post by g,

202-568-7490 I have got this call everyday-for weeks- So I just hang up- They won't stop calling-

Post by Guest,

2025687490 bitchs

Post by dr barry,

202-568-7490 calls me regularly and is on my reject list now

Post by Not falling for it!,

2025687490 I just rec'd a scam phone call from -- comes up as a DC, USA phone number- I've already reported to the FTC but wanted to share as some might be taken by this- I've seen the number a few times on my caller ID so today I decided to actually answer it-Very heavy foreign accent and I couldn't understand his name- He said he was calling on behalf of the US Gov't and that I had been selected to receive federal grant funds in the amount of - I said what is this--it makes no sense and I don't believe you- He said why don't you believe me? I said well for starters it's really loud in the background there, I can barely understand you, and why would the gov't be handing out money that's stupid and makes no sense- He said would I like him to explain how I was pre-approved and I said I guess but this doesn't sound legitimate- He said it was because I pay taxes that this money is coming from that- I said OK--then he said that I could use the funds for anything I want as long as it's not for illegal activities- I said you sound like a scammer and I don't believe you this sounds stupid- I then asked him to tell me his name and what company he was calling from again and he said "you're right this is a scam---bye"-

Post by Gina Hare,

202-568-7490 Received several calls from this # -- regarding a - Grant- When I explained send me a check, they hung up- Called back when I answered I asked are you calling to offer me grant money- He then called me a bit** and hung up- Now this [***] wipe thinks it's funny- I need this # reported ASAP-

Post by Sam,

2025687490 I got the same call and I immeadiatky googled the number and I knew it was a scam

Post by Feejai,

202-568-7490 i just recieved a call about the government grant for -  The man gave me the spill about not paying it back and he needed to verify some information i advised him I wasn't intrested he hung up-  Shame though someone who is desparate for money may fall for this and get screwed in the end-  Guess I fooled him-

Post by Greg,

2025687490 Learn to ignore bad area codes- Stop answering every call-If nobody answered, the scammers would go out of business-Get a call blocker- google 'call blocker'-

Post by Me,

202-568-7490 Just do what I did- Tell them that person is in prison for murder or that they died- Worked for me when I always got calls for a "Tony"-  LOL

Post by Claudia ramirez,

2025687490 A guy is being calling saying he is from the USA government and he had ask me to press certain tabs in my computer because my information is interfering with theirs and that my computer might get damage- He also used this number ()-

Post by Kathy Seacrist,

202-568-7490 >> but they continue to call daily <

Post by Tired of scam calls,

2025687490 I will receive from the govt-had to listen to him just to hear what bs criminals are up to these days-he knew my name but he asked my age & when I told him he called me-you should have it-he hung up-

Post by William,

202-568-7490 Once you figure out the caller is a scammer, do not talk to them-Just hang up-They entertain themselves by being smart-alecs towards you-And in the future, do not answer calls from unknown numbers-Let the call go to voice mail-

Post by Doesn't Matter,

2025687490 Asian girl said, "heh o" "heh o"- When I replied, "hello" she hung up- Now what was the point of this phone call? She at least could have said the police are after me and that I'm on Americas Most Wanted Philippines Most Wanted or have asked me to send , dollars on a pre-paid card or something- Sheesh   Here I was thinking she was the female Asian version of Ed McMahon from Publishers Clearing House- Not my lucky day I guess-

Post by Nana,

202-568-7490 Received calls from this number- Answered it today & I couldn't understand the guy--foreign accent & alot of background noise- Finally he asked if I was a virgin & I screamed "GO TO HELL" into the receiver & hung up- Have blocked the number-

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