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Post by Prank Call Victim,

2025808200 It's one of those typical prank calls that uses a soundboard to get a rise out of somebody. They put it on YouTube just look up Frank Garrett, Rick The Mullet Man, Chris Perron, or Fred Herbert.

Post by Laura,

202-580-8200 So this customer called supposedly being a customer from Russia who wanted to place an order with us with what he said was a stolen credit card- We told him we cant do that, he claimed he has over , stolen credit cards and wants to place an order- When I told him no on the th call from him that day, he three way conferenced call the San Francisco Police station asking them to come to Maryland to arrest me- They told him no, and he also claimed he was in Moscow, but the police there weren't aware of our business in the U-S- Finally we just started hanging up each time he called, or just putting the phone on mute until he hung up- Our answering service also said he called several times while playing Michael Jackson music in the background- The best thing to do is ignore the call, place it on mute until he hangs up-

Post by ABC,

2025808200 Extremely Vulgar message left on my cell phone- Come on get a life, whoever you are

Post by herbaliva,

202-580-8200 : am I received a text with CB: --, then they called but left no message, no Id no reply number available-

Post by Chris Perron,

2025808200 Whoever's callin you it aint me

Post by Devo,

202-580-8200 Its Just Someone Doing Prank Calls with soundboards-

Post by Marge,

2025808200 I got a call from -- that said it was from US customs and the they had checks for me in the amount of & ,- From Badge #-A Robert Garcia

Post by abreitman,

202-580-8200 This is the second time these creeps have tried to get info from me-  The first was about years ago-  Truly-  A Lawsuit has been filed??  Then SERVE me  NO ONE presses or discusses legal issues over the telephone  They must be on a year loop and keep adding new numbers- -, --  Those are the numbers that keep calling now-  Fishing-- If they call you, ignore or tell them "Then Serve Me" and hang up the phone

Post by bright fire,

2025808200 jerks need get a life GAY

Post by Donuts,

202-580-8200 Received call late in the evening from this number as well-  Left no message-

Post by bdl,

2025808200 I work for a medical distributor- Some lady called and asked for one of our company directors- She said she works for a medical manufacturer in Italy and had a product he would want to know about-  It is my job to screen calls, so I told her he wouldn't be interested and she kept saying she found his name on our website and needed to talk to him- I said no, "have a nice day" and hung up- She called right back and asked for him again- I told her no is the same in Italian and English and it was no- I hung up on her and she hasn't called back yet-

Post by PDiddy,

202-580-8200 Person called from this number, I have a trucking company, line was active but no one would speak, weird, skip trace said call was from a cell phone originating in Washington DC, Skype was listed as the provider

Post by MH9213,

2025808200 Call came in on my phone times this morning, the first time I answered it, no one answered it- The seconed time, it rang once and showed up as a miss call- The third tiem, I answered and it seemd like a teenage voice askign how is shrink wrap made, I told him I did not know and too look it up on the internet, may be you can tell me- Then he hung up the phone-

Post by Frank Garrett,

202-580-8200 where do you live now five hundred miles away [***] you

Post by Trinity,

2025808200 I get crank calls by this number on my toll free office number  at least once a week for over a year and a half now- I don't even answer it anymore- In the beginning when I did answer it sounded like an older woman trying to disguise her voice and would say sexually explicit things and try to waste my time-  Also someone who sounds different has threatened me from this number-

Post by Chris from Boston,

202-580-8200 I know the trunk is already comin off i've already had a conversation with the vice president in charge of verizonsee this is skype this is a skype line we're gonna back track on your a** and bust yawww-datboys-com

Post by Bob Chandler,

2025808200 Well everyone these pranks are mostly done on Skype and we so many trolls out there that are using it- I am years old and the polices knows about it-

Post by Duke Of Earl,

202-580-8200 These damn kids keep calling and saying my name over and over again- I'm thinking on calling the police and filing a report is this harassment doesn't end-

Post by Chrissy,

2025808200 I found out from Comcast that the Company that owns this number is called bandwidth-com-  I have called and they said they were sending it to there legal department-  The number is -- Maybe if we all call, it will go faster-  I just cannot take it anymore-

Post by wiser,

202-580-8200 you should be able to block calls from this number on your cell phone, with the number in view click on options-  You should have a block or reject this number place-  We are not in the area code so this makes sense for us- This is the Washington DC area, it's a verizon cell phone, someone could get them blocked, the company won't put up with that foul language and harassment stuff-here is a place where you can report that you received a call, if enough people complain perhaps something will be done-  It's not verizon however, someone in that area could call there rep and complain directly would probably do more good-

Post by DAnne,

2025808200 This number call me --- threatening the harm me please keep posting and report all to the FBI

Post by dont ask,

202-580-8200 this is a skype number, they got your number and they were prank calling it, numbers with skype are free and they can not be traced in a million years- the number is the  number skype uses for caller id's-

Post by Jason,

2025808200 Just got a call from , when i tried to find out who it was it said it as a non working number and also it said switch -- What does that mean?

Post by Tom,

202-580-8200 I don't know who you're talking to and have no idea why you call and call and call, but you're going to have to stop- You're gonna end up getting in some [***]-

Post by Anthony56,

2025808200 Wow That's disgusting Jerry, I'm sorry to hear that you've been a victim as well- What you need to do is call your local law enforcement and put a trap on your line like I did- Also, call your phone company and ask to speak to somebody higher up in management (that's the only way you'll get somewhere) and explain the situation- I believe we an put a stop to this guy if enough people voice their grievances- I've been rounding up some the other victims and I've heard some of their stories, and I've come to realize we're dealing with somebody who's deranged and potentially dangerous- I plan on having my lawyer call sometime tomorrow to inform him legal action is being pursued- You wouldn't believe the stories I've heard from the other victims, I'm starting to think this guy is maybe mentally unstable or has some sort of mental illness if he's doin' all this [***] (if what people say is true)- I'm thinking that his "business" is actually in fact running some sort of scam here to get credit card numbers, because in one call I remember him yelling at saying "What hotel are you at?" and giving multiple false aliases in an attempt to trick me- Well anyways Jerry shoot me an email at my "disposable" email because you can't trust anybody on the net, it's [emailprotected] * * I'll send you some links and telephone numbers you can use to report him to local police department and phone company- Best regards, Anthony G-Tucson Computer Repair Service

Post by J,

202-580-8200 YEAH I got the call, he said his name was "Brian Cooper" with the thickest Indian accent ever-- he said im getting a , grant for paying my bills and taxes on time , ha--lol he said that all I had to do was to go to the nearest westernunion and deposite a total of wich is refundable-- and to not tell them that i was getting free because they were gonna charge me - -- who the hell this guy think i am? Mr-bean

Post by jAY,


Post by Jerry,

202-580-8200 It's some [***] from Boston named Chris Perron-  He's some kind of hacker who goes after people's server data-  He will give you a url to type in, then he'll upload viruses and take control over your computer-  He did it to me, sadly-  We're already pursuing legal action against him, "the trunk is coming off" as he likes to say-

Post by ???,

2025808200 If u get a call from this # is totally FRAUD- I work for a company that deals w FRAUDULENT sales- We got him so many times for FRAUD, & he keeps insisting to get paid for an account that he open- "IGNORE THESE CALLS"

Post by myoung,

202-580-8200 This number is someone calling from Skype messaging on a computer- My husband uses Skype to call me when he's deployed, but I would assume lots of people use skype to make prank calls, since most people wouldn't trace the number back to an individual-

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