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Post by Oma Garcia,

2026587468 You can block their phone number, no more calls -- at least from that number-

Post by Chelsea,

202-658-7468 Same here, I keep getting these calls almost weekly now-  I started to pretend to accept and they wanted to confirm my mailing address (they have my current mailing address and cell phone)-  I hung up around that time-  I want to know how much personal info they have on me-  The next time, I want to say that is the wrong address and give them a fake one- I am very concerned with what company in the US leaked my personal information?  I'm pretty sure they are calling from Africa based on their accent-  The first time I got a call, you could hear a lot of wind in the background, I was imagining them sitting in these outdoor tents-  Pretty sad job of theirs if you ask me-

Post by MD,

2026587468 I noticed I had missed a couple of calls coming from this number and then when I did answer, nothing would be said-  This past weekend they called again and my boyfriend was with me and I hand him the phone and they ask for my son, I think, cause the name they give is the same as his- Anyways, they ask my boyfriend if he is this person and he replies with "you have the wrong number"-  The guy gets upset and calls him a f*(%*&) liar and tells him that he will have his head for lying-  Can you say scary, especially with all the crap going on in our country nowadays-

Post by Kyle curtis,

202-658-7468 This number keeps calling me and I know its a scammer cause I look the number up and people get call from the same number and they all say its th scarmmer- It keeps calling me everyday hours its annoying please help

Post by Geoffrey,

2026587468 This caller contacted me stating they were with social security department in Washington DC- Be vigilant don't give personal information to anybody that contacts you- Social security department wouldn't need my SS number or back account numbers-

Post by FORZA,

202-658-7468 Calls several times a week-  I never answer- They leave no message-  I just keep hitting decline-  Eff-off-

Post by matt,

2026587468 Dumbass

Post by None of your business,

202-658-7468 They keep calling- Somehow my phone knows its a scam and my phone doesn't even ring- After they call i get a notification that I just received a "harassment call" but my phone automatically blocks it- Why are they calling me?

Post by alice,

2026587468 Those lowlife  scammers how did they get my number they called me times in one day- First not responding I hear alot of people  talking in the background- I persistently ask who they are and the name of the agency- They hang up quickly when it get too no-where  with you- They have African Indian and middle eastern  accents- I will file a complaint  with the states attorneys of an agency that product consumers- So far the only info I have on these jerks is that they use Verizon communication services and that they  live in  Washington D-C-  Somewhere on H st- NW area-

Post by sf,

202-658-7468 got a call --they did not leave message--

Post by Christy,

2026587468 They call almost everyday sometimes twice a day asking for my son by name who is a minor- When I ask what they want with my minor son they hang up on me

Post by Guest,

202-658-7468 They say I applied for a school loan and that I am eligible for Grant and need my information- Well if I had applied and I'm eligible, why don't they have my information then? Stop calling me

Post by Guest,

2026587468 Asked for dob, ss#, and other info

Post by Armour,

202-658-7468 The # comes up -- and i didn't get to the phone the first times the rd I was asleep and some one who sounded like they just got a retainer came on the line and said  I think Josh and from the US department of Treasury but I was not shure but askt shockt what and the phone lost signal hung up- Tried to call back all times and got the prerecorded all circuit's ate bizzy- And I haven't to my knowledge done or wrote down anything with the # they keep calling me on- Makes me wonder if the bank,drs office or someone else I did businesses with got hackt and haven't realized it- The alarm panel at the bank I bank with whent hay wire the other day and shut the whole building down; great time for hacking,and other evil mayhem and no one realizes it- Has other business in the building to- Who knows think about it-

Post by Tricia,

2026587468 Are you applying for jobs as of recent? I am and I've noticed I'm the past that when I start applying for jobs I start getting all kinds of junk calls--so ya they are selling our info from job applications I believe,  wonderful huh

Post by Guest,

202-658-7468 Told me he was from government and either I owed , or he was gonna give me , dollars- Couldn't understand him for the foreign accent- Told him it wasn't true and he hung up on me- Tried to call number back and it said I couldn't complete my call

Post by Beckie,

2026587468 Yep-- to times a day, same number

Post by Guest,

202-658-7468 Asked not to call

Post by sf,

2026587468 they call and hang up constantly

Post by Geraldine fox,

202-658-7468 Unwanted calls- Never a message- I'm on do not call list

Post by Guest,

2026587468 Calls multiple times daily-

Post by Don Corleone,

202-658-7468 I'ma gonna send Luca Brasi to collect mya grand from these bums- Probably Barzini 's bunch-

Post by sarah,

2026587468 they just keep calling and harrasing

Post by Danielle,

202-658-7468 They've been calling me for a while saying they're from the US treasury or something-

Post by Guest,

2026587468 Very bad scam-- They say from-gov and they argue--

Post by missy leatherwkod,

202-658-7468 They called and asked fir-my husband and told me the sun rises in the east and sets in the west and hung up on me-

Post by Brooke,

2026587468 The called today exact same scam telling me us gov did a random survey and I was chosen to be granted k-- longer I stayed on the phone I knew it was a scam-- very krafty-

Post by Guest,

202-658-7468 I have blocked in the past but unblocked to have some fun- Hid name was Michael calling from the grants department- Let him go through his talk then asked him how the government knew about my bill paying activities,etc- Again, he said his name was Michael- Then I asked him what city he was calling from and he said Washington DC- I then said excuse me, my husband just walked in for lunch he is a police officer with our local county and could he speak up so I could have him hear this conversation of free grant money- Michael promptly hung up

Post by Sandy,

2026587468 That was what the first caller said-  All of them have heavy foreign accents-  Yeah, sure, the government is going to call random people and give them money-

Post by Oma Garcia,

202-658-7468 Thank you So much for sharingI just got their call but I decided to hang up and block their phone number-  I wasn't sure though if it was a scam-  Now I know for sure-

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