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Post by Guest,

2026800811 Called and did not leave message, blocked-

Post by Guest,

202-680-0811 Spam call- Since I've installed the 'NQ Call Blocker' cell phone app—aka 'Call Blocker Free - Blacklist' by NQ Mobile Security—and used its setting to change to only accept calls from phone numbers I want, incoming unwanted calls automatically do not ring or display as an incoming call (rings on the spam caller end of the call, but not the recipient end)- I go to the app>Main screen>Funnel icon>Blocking mode> change it to: "Accept ONLY FROM WHITELIST and CONTACTS"- Add the phone numbers you wish to receive calls from to your Contacts (keep your Contacts up-to-date as normal) and or add non-contacts that you wish to receive a call from to the app Whitelist- With my carrier service, I also turn voicemail OFF with the phone carrier so that it doesn't pickup the spam call after its set time to record- https: play-google-com store apps details?idcom-netqin-mm

Post by Guest,

2026800811 these people call my phone to times a day then when i say anything they hang up

Post by Holley,

202-680-0811 Just received calls from this number-  After telling them NO and stop calling me the first time-  They called back and said what you don't want free money-- WTF Scams are never free

Post by Guest,

2026800811 Its foreign people they ask to speak to me then I say who is this and why are you calling they hang up- They call everyday for no reason then you call back it's says sorry the person you're trying g to reach is not available-

Post by Erin,

202-680-0811 They did they same to me yesterday- Said the "f" word two times-

Post by Barb,

2026800811 Caller said I had been chosen to receive a - government grant and I had was to receive bank account deposit or cash in hand from money gram- When I chose money gram she gave me a release number and a call back number ()- I was instructed to call back right away and keep trying, if it was busy, every - minutes- Surprise it is busy even if it starts to ring it changes half way through the first ring to a busy signal-

Post by Guest,

202-680-0811 keep calling and hanging up

Post by Melinda,

2026800811 I didn't give a chance to talk, said put me on thedo not call list, he mocked back what I said, and was repeating it when I hung up- Called back when I answerd, the hung up-

Post by Erin,

202-680-0811 They did they same to me yesterday- Said the "f" word two times-

Post by Mary,

2026800811 Called me this afternoon- Said he was from a government agency (thick foreign accent and sarcastic)-  Said the government wanted to give me a "grant" that I would never have to pay back- This was done because of a random drawing "once in a lifetime" thing and I was chosen due to no criminal record or bankruptcy-  Wanted me to confirm my address, etc-  I hung up-  He called back and left a v mail-  Nope- Not gonna happen-

Post by Guest,

202-680-0811 This call is obviously SPAM, as I know no one in DC or surrounding area, don't do business up there, etc- I suggest you track the calls, number, date time of call and after logging about calls, report the number to the Federal Trade Commission in D-C- where hopefully these SPAMERS will be fined in federal court-

Post by GH 8019732888,

2026800811 Called and said i had been ramdiomally selected for grant dont have to pay back or claim taxs, and wanted my routing and account#  and also make a security deposit at walmart also cam up as -- dc-,usa******************scam do not do************************

Post by Guest,

202-680-0811 Since I know no one in the DC MD area, I suspect spam call and you can't ask them NOT to call back because they will just ignore you- I suggest one just not pick up-

Post by Cristina,

2026800811 I too just got a call from that number- They told me they were giving me k and that I would have to use adequately- And that the way I was chosen was because I had no criminal record, no late payments and bla, bla--I couldn't believe the guy but didn't want to send him to where he belongs or else he would call back- So he gave me a different number to call- Not that I tried- I just wanted him out of the way-So watch out You want easy money, try the lottery

Post by Maria,

202-680-0811 Beware SCAM  Spoke to a person named Ashley Lynch-  You can tell the call was from offshore-  She informed that the Government was giving me a grant of K because I did not have a record of bankruptcy-  Said I could accept the money via ways, by ) providing her with my bank account info, ) providing her with my credit card info or ) cash in hand-  When I replied, cash in hand, she said she called the wrong person and hung up on me-  DO NOT GIVE YOUR BANK OR CREDIT INFORMATION

Post by Guest,

2026800811 treasurer department spam

Post by Guest,


Post by Guest,

2026800811 told them to take # off list and the lady kept calling back saying you'll receive this call every day and hung up call will not go through when trying to dial back

Post by Smarter than the scam,

202-680-0811 I never answer calls from unknown area codes or numbers- They never get the chance to spin their tale-

Post by GGP,

2026800811 Call to mobile number (on DNC lists); no message left-

Post by Palak,

202-680-0811 Bothering me everyday to times-

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