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Post by Michael Kruse,

2027702262 It is the American Lung Association- I called the number back- It goes to an automated system- If you listen to the options, it will take you to an option to be removed from their list-

Post by Sam,

202-770-2262 This number calls more than once every day-  We think it is a fund raising call- but we just let it ring-

Post by Guest,

2027702262 Calls everyday, multiple times of day- No messages left, just hang ups

Post by Do not call me..,

202-770-2262 I get calls every day from caller ID ALA-   --  ------------ Even today Saturday at : am  they call and then hang up-  I am on the  national  do not call list and they call every day and say nothing- why can't this be stopped??

Post by RLM,

2027702262 Call received on   Caller ID:  "Anonymous"-   All calls from this ID are blocked on my system-

Post by Guest,

202-770-2262 They call - times a day- Thank god for caller ID

Post by Guest,

2027702262 A few calls a week from this # but no one is on their side when i try to talk to them

Post by Rossi,

202-770-2262 Call came to Kansas from Washington, D-C- at :-J on-- Call not answered and no message left- Caller ID said "ALA" which is the American Lung Association- Also on their phone bank is -- and ---Rossi

Post by GAT,

2027702262 Caller ID says, ALA--Have called numerous times a day for the past couple of weeks- I do not pick up- They do not leave a message-

Post by cs389,

202-770-2262 Forget the complaints to anyone-  It will not help-  The companies that sell thousands of blocks of numbers to scammers telemarketers also slip (wink –wink; nudge-nudge) money to your elected officials to keep this industry going and will never do anything to control or stop it-Buy a call blocker (go online and search) or just ignore calls unless it’s someone you know or they leave a legitimate message-  Ignore any call from area code – nothing good ever comes out of Washington, DC-Do not use a loud whistle or air horn to discourage them-  All this will do is p*iss them off and they could retaliate by spoofing your number as their caller ID-  You won’t appreciate the recipients of their scams calling back to b I t c h at you-This is our new world and we have to live in it and adjust accordingly-  If you have seniors in your family, help them deal with this-  Never call back one of these numbers-  If it’s offshore (e-g- Jamaica) you may get hit with serious charges on your bill-Forget the do not call list-  It only applies to legitimate businesses-Our next problem will be when the techno-geeks create a device to outwit call blockers-  Ain’t life grand-

Post by Guest,

2027702262 Not very nice on the phone--

Post by sheila downey,

202-770-2262 -  You need not renew your DNC registration-  It does not expire-  Charities are exempt from DNC restrictions-  Strongly suggest you READ before agreeing to anything, such as the DNC provisions-  Do not criticize the DNC folks when YOU are in the wrong

Post by Shirley,

2027702262 But why do they just let it ring one time, not even enough for the answering machine to pick up? I blocked one number from -- and another showed up-

Post by Texan,

202-770-2262 They have called numerous times from different numbers and never leave a message-  Only scammers would be this persistent-

Post by dave,

2027702262 They call almost every day- , ala, seems like the call should be coming from the middle east- OR maybe alabama- Who knows? NOT ME I just tell my wife the american lover's association is calling again--she says "you talk to them, not me"- So I don't answer-

Post by Grouch,

202-770-2262 Never answer a number you don't recognize- If they are legit, they will leave a message--- American Lung Assoc is in Chicago and has an number- area code is Washington DC- Someone is using their name to Spam-Block Number(s)- They won't leave a message- ORforward all unknown calls to cell phone where they can be blocked- I also found a pretty neat app, called Reverd- You put any number in and your phone never rings from that number again- The list grows pretty fast They also provide you with a pretty long list of known spam numbers to start-Another app is Truecaller that also comes with a long list of spammer numbers-The National Do Not Call Registry is a joke- They have computers generating phone numbers to call as fast as you can block them-

Post by Guest,

2027702262 Don't answer, scam-

Post by Guest,

202-770-2262 I get this call several times a day every day- They never leave a message- Sometimes I answer the phone and then hang up immediately- Sorry if you can't leave a message then quit calling-

Post by sheila downey,

2027702262 -  You need not renew your DNC registration-  It does not expire-  Charities are exempt from DNC restrictions-  Strongly suggest you READ before agreeing to anything, such as the DNC provisions-  Do not criticize the DNC folks when YOU are in the wrong

Post by Called out!,

202-770-2262 Ala - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaen-Wikipedia-org wiki Ala CachedAla or ALA may refer to: Ala (demon), a female demon in Serbian mythology Ala (Odinani), an Alusi (deity) in Odinani Ala (Roman allied military unit), a Republican --What do you think?   Lung association or DEMON?

Post by Sylvia,

2027702262 Hate these calls-  I don't pick up these types of calls, but they're very insistent and are always calling back-  I'm also on the National Registry Do Not Call List, but it doesn't matter, they keep calling-  Tired of it

Post by Called Out!,

202-770-2262 He can text--that won't wake me up

Post by Guest,

2027702262 Calls are : am- I thought they were to call am to pm only- Very annoying-

Post by Guest,

202-770-2262 you can remove your number by calling the number right back ,listen to the prompts and when asked enter your number then you will be removed from their call list -- I was getting at least calls a day -

Post by dt,

2027702262 Our answering machine received the call-  No message was left-

Post by Anonymous,

202-770-2262 "ALA"No message

Post by Mrs. H,

2027702262 They asked for me by my first name then hung up??  WTF?  I don't know why I answered-

Post by me,

202-770-2262 Caller id says ALA, not sure who that is---

Post by Guest,

2027702262 I have received several calls from this ALA- I don't answer calls from names and numbers that I don't recognize- The call goes to the answering machine and they hang up without leaving a message- This is very annoying-

Post by Margie,

202-770-2262 The calls come in from -- every morning between and : a-m- No message is left and I have not answered the phone because: I am very busy at that time of day and I do not know who is calling-  I am on do not call lists-

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