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Post by Guest,

2028641328 IRS SCAM ?

Post by Guest,

202-864-1328 Purportedly calling to tell me the IRS is filing suit against me- Same as others reported here- Called my home and my cell- Scam

Post by Bill Willingham,

2028641328 recieved same message, IRS in final stages of filing lawsuit and if I call a certain number, at which point I deleted it-

Post by ltd income person,

202-864-1328 got the same call-- they gave no time to grab a pen to write their number but caller id said out of area -- knew it was scam but the IRS reference was disconcerting-  After reading other people's comments I decided to report it to BBB-

Post by N R,

2028641328 Automated voice of a woman said she was with the IRS, & they have been trying to reach me-  They have filed a lawsuit against me and I am to call back at -

Post by sc,

202-864-1328 I was dumb enough to call back not having just awoken-  The more the guy talked, the more I knew something wasn't right-  Luckily the internet had "scams" all over for the number, and I told the guy where to go- Do not bother answering this phone call

Post by Michelle M,

2028641328 I just received the same call and message that I was being sued by the IRS-😜--the devil is a lie because the IRS knows that I don't have anything for them to take- This is a scam-

Post by Guest,

202-864-1328 Call was an automated-female voice- Message was 'this is the IRS- We are calling to let you know you are being sued by the IRS- Call this number immediately; ---' The call originated in Washington, DC per ID caller-

Post by J,

2028641328 I got the same thing-  Automated call saying the IRS was filing a suit against me

Post by Annoyed Again,

202-864-1328 Let them come and sue me- Arrest me, I need the moneyI always wonder; how many of the U-S- entitlement people ever fall for this scam? And acually submit payment money Wow if any ever do think of how much monies the tax payer could recover? Oh- the possibilities-

Post by GAP,

2028641328 I called the IRS and am reporting this-Guy told me he was going to kill me

Post by Sheila,

202-864-1328 Automated system stating this my final notice and to call the number back- Says that this is the IRS-

Post by PuckStopper,

2028641328 Same story, with one minor change- Doesn't even show up as a missed call, just popped up as a voicemail- So either a) it's an Internet-based spoofed # that doesn't ring or b) it's a number that I already have blocked for scamming- That tells me all I need to know-

Post by Guest,

202-864-1328 They called once so far leaving a message on my machine- The female voice said she was calling because the IRS is filing a lawsuit against me- I should call her back at -- She didn't give her name or any other information-

Post by starolee,

2028641328 Got a recorded call said the irs was going to sue us and call this number back

Post by Roseann Cocchiaro,

202-864-1328 Same message on my phone scam

Post by Guest,

2028641328 Received a message today stating there is a lawsuit against me for taxes- Message was identical to the others mentioned below- I did not call the number back but came to this site and was relieved to find out that others had also commented on the scam call- K

Post by suec,

202-864-1328 And what makes this scam even worse is that on my caller ID the number shows up as coming from Washington DC-  Spread the word that the IRS will never, ever, call you on the telephone-

Post by QB,

2028641328 SCAM

Post by BC,

202-864-1328 The recorded message was a SCAM call from someone claiming to be with the IRS-  I was told to call this number because I was about to be arrested for tax fraud-  Last two times this happened, I called and acted concerned about owing the IRS money-  Both times, middle eastern men explained that I owed a huge sum of money but could settle for a smaller amount-  Finally, I told them I knew they were scammers, and they hung up quickly-  This time, I didn't listen long before asking the guy (another middle eastern man) if he made any money with this scam-  He spent the next minutes using every "dirty" English word he knew-  When I laughed at his attempt to insult me, he laughed back and tried to use the words in more creative ways-  When I laughed, he laughed-  Apparently his job is pretty boring most of the time, and he was having fun talking "dirty" to me-  Glad I could entertain him for awhile-  Finally, I said I was bored and hung up-  Pretty sure the call was from offshore and was spoofed to appear it was from the DC area-  Although only an idiot would believe this scam, apparently it makes enough money to be worth doing-  Sorry I don't have much sympathy for people who get cheated by really bad scams-

Post by Guest,

2028641328 Recorded message claiming to be from IRS- Caller ID merely identifies the locale (D-C-) Robo caller claims that "this is your final notice" and that the IRS is going to sue, gives a number to call- Likely scam-

Post by Anonymous,

202-864-1328 Their call said that they had repeatedly been trying to contact me and this was their final attempt- "We are filing a lawsuit against you-" Don't be afraid; be angry at these people trying to intimidate- If they are successful with only %, they will become very rich- Don't call them back unless you feel inclined to waste their time like they've wasted yours-

Post by Guest,

2028641328 scam - when irs sues people - you get written notice

Post by Guest,

202-864-1328 Said I was being sued by the irs

Post by Guest,

2028641328 IRS doesn't call- it sends mail- This is definitely scam-

Post by Guest,

202-864-1328 Received call like others on home phone saying I was being sued by IRS- Call --- Knew it was a scam and didn't call back- IRS will send written notice not some prank phone call-

Post by Guest,

2028641328 I got a call from this number and called back and they said it was the IRS concern concerning back taxes and I ask to speak to his manager and he says I am the manager and I said well you sound like you're from India he hung up

Post by Ryan sherwood,

202-864-1328 Irs scam-

Post by Guest,

2028641328 Same robo call as others- Same day too--

Post by Guest,

202-864-1328 Same as other comments- Being sued by IRS- recording

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