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Post by Guest,

2028641661 IRS robo call about tax fraud- The call went to my cell, so they are blocked now-

Post by Rick P,

202-864-1661 Got the same call, perhaps someone should track who is doing this and make an example of them-friggin scammers it would likely work on a elderly senior citizen- If the punishment was horrendous enough people would think twice about scamming-

Post by Claudia Rivera,

2028641661 I got a call from this number () - from DC, USAsaying that I must call right away about some law suit against me from some taxes

Post by Nateman,

202-864-1661 Just got the same call-  I called back from a landline and they claimed to be US Treasury Sr investigator-  Wanted my first and last name

Post by Mary Witzak,

2028641661 I also received the same call-- why can't the telephone company put a stop to this-

Post by Jimbo,

202-864-1661 They say they gon' put my old [***] in JAIL 'fi don' payum Wunner'f dey gots good food innuh jail?  I HONGRY

Post by Miss Wendy,

2028641661 Just received a call from -- indicating a potential law suit to be filed against me for tax fraud unless I return this call asap-  I didn't take it serious because I don't pay taxes and not obligated at this time- However, I find this type of call irritating so I returned the call with the expectation that I would be able to speak to someone-  I called the number and there was no connection made hence the call abruptly ended while in the process of attempting to connect-It was a duplicate message just like Kenzie shared previously-Thanks for posting testimonies so others can be spared any unnecessary drama related to this call-  Hopefully, others will conduct a search on this phone#: -- and obtain needed information to prevent stress-

Post by William,

202-864-1661 The only reason you posted anything was to tell lies and spam "vote for 'this person' "

Post by Guest,

2028641661 Recording about tax fraud, Federal Claims court, and possible arrest-

Post by Honda guy,

202-864-1661 They will sometimes have a rd party call you saying it's your local police department-  It's an absurd trick and shouldn't fool anyone since all parties have a Hindi accent- Total scam-

Post by Chris,

2028641661 Just received a call-  Let it go to voice mail-  Different phone number but references IRS, warrant, must return call

Post by Heywood Jablowme,

202-864-1661 Got the call- Left me a message- yup- tax fraud and a case against me- We know we have no issue with the IRS, so I called back for amusement, -quite a busy sounding call center and very Pakistani- they verified my phone number ( wow, they have caller id) and then asked for my name- I said, "I'm not sure of my name- Hang on, I'll go check" and hung up- Will be reporting the call and and message right away-

Post by Wayne,

2028641661 Got same call just scammers -

Post by Guest,

202-864-1661 I didn't answer-

Post by Rudy,

2028641661 Just had the same voice mail- --thank you for all the info

Post by Guest,

202-864-1661 The robotic call stated that the IRS was taking legal action against me for tax fraud-

Post by Nateman,

2028641661 Just got the same call-  I called back from a landline and they claimed to be US Treasury Sr investigator-  Wanted my first and last name

Post by sig,

202-864-1661 Just got a call from this number with a recorded message saying it's the IRS & if I don't call immediately I will be arrested & charged with tax fraud-  Geez, Luiz-----do people actually fall for this ridiculous scam?  Hope not----I added them to my reject list-

Post by John,

2028641661 Some message about tax fraud -- These sites need to be stopped-  What is wrong with the Phone System?

Post by karlos,

202-864-1661 I just received a call threatening with jail if i did not call back claiming to be the IRS

Post by Emily,

2028641661 I got the same phone call

Post by Guest,

202-864-1661 This phone number said IRS was taking legal action against me and I should call as soon as possible- Said IRS officers would come arrest me

Post by Judy,

2028641661 I did call them back-  I told the man that I know the IRS doesn't make calls like this and was going to report this number-  He immediately hung up-  They still call about every - weeks-

Post by Guest,

202-864-1661 I have received repeated calls, this should be illegal, I know a confirmation letter is sent, this is a scam and illegal

Post by MCarmen,

2028641661 Answered the call from -- to have a recording tell me that the IRS has a fraud case against me and I need to call back the same number to clear this up- I called back from my mobile and landline and wasn't able to talk to anyone-

Post by mrjazzbeau,

202-864-1661 Just go a call from this number- Thanks for this site- I felt it was a scam - you all verified it-

Post by bogie,

2028641661 Got call from this number - waiting to see if I get a message--Blocking yet another--  Up to entries, each holding numbers--

Post by Guest,

202-864-1661 This phone number stated the IRS was taking legal action against me for Tax Fraud that I should call as soon as possible- --

Post by Guest,

2028641661 called about case against me in federal court and threatened arrest-

Post by Guest,

202-864-1661 Posing as IRS

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