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Post by Justine,

2028705858 We just had a call from this number- They asked if this was so and so at said address and my husband asked what this was in regards to and- The reply was that oh my computer screen went black can you give me your information- DOB- Social Security Number And the credit card number that we use to pay our bills- We do not own a credit or debit card- I think this is a scam

Post by feed up person.  ,

202-870-5858 I don't owe century link a dime quit calling filed a complaint with attorney general-  Quit calling

Post by calc,

2028705858 I t might debt collector from century link, or other

Post by Donna,

202-870-5858 Dont know this number-  Leave me alone

Post by T.M.,

2028705858 Stop calling, this is considered harassment and has been reported to the Attorney General-

Post by DeDE,

202-870-5858 I get calls from this number, or more times a day- I finally put them on the reject call list- They never leave a message- If it is CenturyLink--I haven't even received a final bill yet-

Post by Guest,

2028705858 I've gotten a couple calls from this number as well- No voicemail or callback number- Supposedly they are debt collectors, but I've verified all my transactions are in order and owe no money that I'm aware of- I might answer the next one to see what's up and tell them off- Sometimes these debt hounds call about relatives or friends as well-

Post by Guest,

202-870-5858 IC systems :

Post by Diana,

2028705858 Same issue- Getting repeat calls with no message-

Post by Guest,

202-870-5858 NEVER ANSWER

Post by Guest,

2028705858 I am tired of these people calling, thanks to the posts below I will not answer their call-

Post by Upset,

202-870-5858 These jerks have the NERVE to keep calling my parents and in the latest message some guy with a heavy Indian accent named "John Smith" (pssshh Yeah right) claiming to be from the IRS dealing with some income tax trouble- These guys are trying scare tactics to try and get to people now Don't answer

Post by Becky,

2028705858 This is IC Systems and I have a transfer call for you, hold please- I hang up because I have no idea who this is or why they are trying to call me- I am afraid it is a long distance transfer-

Post by Anon,

202-870-5858 If you do not owe any debts, then they apparently have a wrong number-  File a complaint with your state Office of Attorney General, Consumer Protection to get the calls stopped-  If you're not sure if you owe a debt, check your credit reports to see if a debt appears on there-  Make sure you recognize it and it belongs to you-  If you find no debts that would result in collection calls, file the complaint with your state Office of Attorney General-   www-annualcreditreport-com is the only truly free annual credit report-  You can go on there once a year and get copies of all of the national credit reports-

Post by Christopher Williams,

2028705858 I told them to shut off the phone line, they did not FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE  to keep racking up the bill- I told them to remove me from their calling list, if they need to send it to collections or continue further action then do  it-  DO NOT WANT THE - CALLS A DAY ANYMORE- I do not have the money to pay it- So there is nothing I can do-

Post by Guest,

202-870-5858 Phone number is IC systems- They do not leave a message, but when I called them back (blocking my number) I got an automated message asking for my phone number- Then the phone hangs up-

Post by rk,

2028705858 I keep getting calls from this number, they never leave a message- Please stop calling me-

Post by Guest,

202-870-5858 She said she was calling regarding a personal matter for someone else- When I told her the person she was looking for was deceased, she started asking more questions- I told her it has been my phone for more than years

Post by Joe Dirt,

2028705858 This number call me times day never leave a voice message

Post by Aaron,

202-870-5858 Debt collection for Century link- They continue to call my phone even though I have told them several timea that I am not the person they are looking for and that they have the wrong number

Post by Lenny,

2028705858 STOP calling my phone--not interested in anything you have I will call you if I want something-Take my number off your call list--NOW

Post by AppleBloom,

202-870-5858 This is a collection agency and i think it is part of Centurylink-

Post by Jeanne,

2028705858 calling with no message

Post by Kev,

202-870-5858 Definitely from century link- Bill collector

Post by Guest,

2028705858 They just keep calling

Post by Guest,

202-870-5858 Repeat calls- No voicemails-

Post by Kayvee76,

2028705858 I just bought this cell phone & have been getting calls from this number-  They finally called at a time when I could answer it & they are asking for 'Lucy'  I told her she has the wrong number & she hung up-  We'll see if it happens again-

Post by Topofdammitt,

202-870-5858 This is a collection agency known as ICS, from century link

Post by Guest,

2028705858 Calls all day every day with no one on the line-

Post by Gary Diaz,

202-870-5858 Remove me from your call list

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