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Tips and tricks check WHO CALLED from 202-888-2828

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Post by Guest,

2028882828 Caller ID says ID systems never say anything when you answer- I alway say I report these numbers- They just hang up- Call several times a week

Post by Guest,

202-888-2828 This # has called as early as : a-m- never leaves a message and calls multiple times a day-

Post by CiscoSD13,

2028882828 I keep receiving calls from this number --, i never answered until recently- They said it was an important business matter and they needed to verify my address and social before they could release any information- First of all ive learned not to give out or confirm any information- If they need me they will not be reluctant to disclose information especially if they called me, nd ive been repairing my own credit by doing my own credit checks---and i know who should be calling me or who ive made arrangements with-

Post by nobody important,

202-888-2828 I'm called by this number every hour  Never leaves a message - Don't owe anything-  Its been increasing amount of times a day since the first time they called which was two months ago- - really annoying but I put in reject list-  Not sure what else to do but just ignore-

Post by Guest,

2028882828 Block

Post by Guest,

202-888-2828 debt collectors

Post by doug,

2028882828 they called today-Placed them on reject list-

Post by Karen,

202-888-2828 Phones everyday several times a day does not leave a message

Post by Guest,

2028882828 Debtor collector-

Post by Guest,

202-888-2828 Calls my house repeatedly and hangs up on me- Today a woman said hello and asked for my husband- I told her he wasn't here- She said okay and hung up on me-

Post by DJ,

2028882828 Get calls daily, say it may be recorded- Never leave messages and there is a long delay before anyone speaks- They claim it's regarding a business matter-

Post by Guest,

202-888-2828 Bill corect

Post by anon,

2028882828 answered- they said they were looking for someone for a personal matter, then asked if they could speak to a non-existent spouse-  they also asked alternate numbers to reach the person-- He mumbled something about representing ICTS  when I asked if he wanted to leave a message

Post by Texas Tired,

202-888-2828 Getting repeated calls with no message left from them-    I do not owe anyone anything-    Suspect they have associated me with a nephew based strictly on name connection in one of the online databases-

Post by Guest,

2028882828 They know my address and its literally the same guy that answers if you call back- I even tried today and its the same dude- This guy needs to be investigated-

Post by Guest,

202-888-2828 FIrst calls there was nobody on the line- Last time there was a person on line and I told them to remove my number as I owe no debts-

Post by Guest,

2028882828 This is a collection agency I C Systems- That hangs up- And doesn't leave messages-

Post by john,

202-888-2828 your phone number is not new-  it used to be someone elses and that person is likely who they want to contact-

Post by Katherine,

2028882828 I received one call yesterday and one call today from this number- Whenever I answer no one answers- Their is total silence on the other end-

Post by Rick,

202-888-2828 Repeated calls-- no messages ever left- Area code is a DC number, but I suspect that it may be phreaked-

Post by d wms,

2028882828 caller will not identify self , when I call back they still will not identify self

Post by Guest,

202-888-2828 this number called me multiple times in a row never left a message, said the caller ID was from Washington, DC GET THESE PEOPLE TO STOP CALLING ME NOW

Post by Guest,

2028882828 Called, let the answering machine pick up and then they hung up-

Post by mary dowling,

202-888-2828 NO CLUE

Post by Mark,

2028882828 They keep calling me even in class and I'm

Post by No Dummy Here,

202-888-2828 its a Stupid  third party debt collector -IC systems - I have no business with them   (they are not the original debtor )  and they are calling a phone that is on the do not call list--   the best thing you can do is block their  # on your phone to where it wont ring your phone to you- and goes straight to message-most smart phones have this capability- they have called times today and they do not leave a message even if they did I would not reply  and the also have an Idaho  # its  this is SCUM low payed idiots and I'm sure these pest on the phone have  a few Debts too-- do not ever answer them or acknowledge them-- They'll fade away eventually ---

Post by Guest,

2028882828 TF

Post by Jessica,

202-888-2828 I have received a call from this number several times, and am always being told to hold while they transfer my call-

Post by Angela,

2028882828 Thank You for this info

Post by Guest,

202-888-2828 This number had called me numerous time & never says anything- As soon as I say hello within seconds they hang up- Extremely annoying

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