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Post by Jen,

2033072191 This number is calling from Interface- I found their website: www-interfacetalentgroup-com- Based on their site, they are trying to get you to use their stylists and photographers-

Post by Annoyed,

203-307-2191 Girls at Palisades Mall approached me and my child and asked If I was interested in having my child model- I was stupid to give them my card- They have called or times a day and never reply to my answering the phone- I is bewildering what they are up to unless they are pedopholes waiting for a child to answer-This can't be a legitimate business-

Post by MK,

2033072191 Please be advised that I am receiving unauthorized calls from --- I am not interested in you scams so STOP CALLING THIS IS A WARNING I am reporting you to the appropriate legal authorities ASAP

Post by Guest,

203-307-2191 Never give your number on internet

Post by MK,

2033072191 Please be advised that I am receiving unauthorized calls from ---I am not interested in your scams so STOP CALLING i AM REPORTING THIS MATTER TO THE APPROPRIATE LEGAL AUTHORITIES SO YOU CAN BE INVESTIGATED ASAP SO STOP CALLING YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

Post by Guest,

203-307-2191 Anoying as hell

Post by Jenny,

2033072191 This # called times , no messages left - Very annoying- - Do not know who or who is -

Post by annoyed,

203-307-2191 so annoying called me asking for my daughters parents about times a babysitter was there at the time and didnt now what it was- i dont understand how they found her-

Post by Interface Talent is a scam,

2033072191 I posted a complaint with the fcc regarding Interface Talent- After doing this they can't call you for five years- It's like a do not call registry but for a specific company- Here is the link for the FCC so you can file a complaint-https: esupport-fcc-gov ccmsforms form-action?form_typeB You'll need to get the number they are calling you from your caller id- I have talked to two reps requesting for them to stop calling me but they are rude, and I have to hang up- Then they call and don't say anything- Very unprofessional-- total scam artists that prey on the hopes and dreams of parents and their kids-

Post by vic,

203-307-2191 Oh ya - and  forgot to mention -   the Caller ID for this number comes up as saying--  "TRUNK GROUP"    No idea what this means-

Post by RandomRockey,

2033072191 I get multiple missed calls from this number, usually around in the morning and - in the evening time- They don't even leave a voice message- Just quick missed calls- I'm this close to changing my number- x-(

Post by Guest,

203-307-2191 some kind of automated clicking then blank then huing up

Post by Guest,

2033072191 block asap

Post by Guest,

203-307-2191 They called me times in hours until I blocked their number- They left messages saying they're from Interface and looking to speak to me about getting into the entertainment business-

Post by Guest,

2033072191 They were asking me about modeling and if I wanted t do it-

Post by Guest,

203-307-2191 Scammers for pictures of your children-

Post by vic,

2033072191 Oh ya - and  forgot to mention -   the Caller ID for this number comes up as saying--  "TRUNK GROUP"    No idea what this means-

Post by Guest,

203-307-2191 They are annoying gosh I cancelled them like four dats ago they called me times since then

Post by scottyboy,

2033072191 called no from land line nice lady told her this was emergency business- could here delay in backround second my voice- asked what kind of business,make something up-She asked for my cell no# gave it to her said she would take off list- didnt ask her anything- hung up

Post by danny,

203-307-2191 They keep callin me hung up once a million times a woman says good thing ur alright wondering bout u

Post by Guest,

2033072191 Talent agency- Block

Post by Katherine Cui,

203-307-2191 keep calling me

Post by Guest,

2033072191 It is okay they claim to be an online - talent broker-

Post by stop calling,

203-307-2191 what does trunk group means

Post by O.,

2033072191 They've been calling me every day for the past week- When I pick up, there are just beeps- Stop it

Post by Guest,

203-307-2191 A talent company that continues to call and they want me to come in to interview me-

Post by Jess,

2033072191 They called me times today and left messages saying that their from Interface and that they want to talk to me about getting started in the entertainment business- Just leave me alone-

Post by Victor Andreana,

203-307-2191 THey keep calling me-  I dont want their calls-  They are on my reject list and still get through-

Post by Guest,

2033072191 They call everyday- So annoying-

Post by Abby,

203-307-2191 i am warning you right nowthe next time you call i am going to answerI AM WARNING YOUI THINK YOU WANT TO BE SUED  i am typing to you right nowand last warningIF ANY ONE IS READING THIS I AM JUST SAYING DO NOT SIGN YOR SELF

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