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Tips and tricks check WHO CALLED from 203-482-5200

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Post by Realtor,

2034825200 I just got the same text-  For mrs- Connor as well-

Post by No VA Realtor,

203-482-5200 Did you receive a lead from Zillow or similar from a single guy years old saying he was relocating and looking for + acres?

Post by Realtor in FL,

2034825200 Received this same text last yr and this morning so I decided to google the number and bump into this thread-  Concerned, I'm a realtor too in FL

Post by MN KW Realtor,

203-482-5200 I just got the text message too - sicko

Post by No VA Realtor,

2034825200 Did you receive a lead from Zillow or similar from a single guy years old saying he was relocating and looking for + acres?

Post by No VA Realtor,

203-482-5200 Keller Williams Realtor?

Post by perv,

2034825200 Same- Realtor NJ- Idiot-

Post by Texas Realtor,

203-482-5200 Got a semi-lewd text from this number today--I'm a realtor in Texas- Obviously sender is utilizing business people with public numbers

Post by Guest,

2034825200 This is ridiculous that there are clearly many complaints and he is still texting- I will contact police if this number isn't shut down-

Post by Katie,

203-482-5200 I'm a Coldwell Banker agent not a KW agent (not that it matters) I plan to report to the FBI

Post by Guest,

2034825200 Indecent Text sent to my phone- I have no idea who the sender is-

Post by Guest,

203-482-5200 Same Miss Reynolds text- Looks like he's targeting realtors? Someone needs to find a hobby-

Post by AZ Realtor,

2034825200 Rec'd same text message I am a realtor with KW- Is he targeting KW realtors?

Post by NJ Realtor,

203-482-5200 Just received one this morning from to Ms- Connors

Post by Guest,

2034825200 Sent an inappropriate message- Seems to be targeting Real Estate Agents- What a pathetic creeper who clearly has no life and a lot of free time-

Post by wa realtor,

203-482-5200 Got the same message this evening g- Will be reporting it to my local MLS, our managing broker and police-

Post by KW Realtor in Cali,

2034825200 Just got the same sext- Mine was to Ms- Vasquez-

Post by Realtor in FL,

203-482-5200 received a text from this phone number same saying same about miss somebody with a lewd remarks about a birthday present

Post by Jill,

2034825200 Got the same naughty text this am

Post by Realtor in Tx,

203-482-5200 Also a Realtor-- Got the Miss Conner message-   He tried to get me to keep talking- I never responded after I told him wrong number-  It was clear he was "baiting" me w questions like "are you mad?"   Get a life dude

Post by MA Realtor,

2034825200 OMG I'm a realtor and I got this text today

Post by Realtor,

203-482-5200 Realtor in Atlanta- Sounds like I got an identical text- Anything that can be done about this person?

Post by patricia,

2034825200 lol,,, I told him my husband was a major and I found all his information- They are calling from Connecticut it is a telemarketer co

Post by Amy,

203-482-5200 Just got the multi part rude text- I am a Realtor in NY

Post by SS,

2034825200 My friend who is a realtor in Fl just received a nasty text from this person- I tried to call the number back but there was no answer-

Post by OH Realtor,

203-482-5200 I have contacted the Danbury Police department at ---  I first spoke to dispatch and was then transferred to Officer Krupinsky-  He advised me that I have to make a report with my local police department before anything can be done-  If my police department contacts his department-- an investigation will be STARTED  Yes, STARTED  There is no on going investigation  He has heard the exact complaint but no one has followed through  I can find online that this guy has been doing this since  I believe I will follow through--just because the phone is registered in Danbury--  doesn't mean that this guy is IN Danbury  He could call me from a different phone to see a house tomorrow and I would never know it was him  He DEFINITELY has an issue and needs to be tracked

Post by Kim,

2034825200 Got the same perverted text and I'm a realtor for Re Max- I just blocked his call after I saw this board- It did make for a good laugh- Maybe his mom was a realtor and he has mommy issues-

Post by Guest,

203-482-5200 I got the same text- I am also a Realtor-

Post by J,

2034825200 I received the same message but they mentioned "Miss Parker"- He acted embarrassed and then said "well I hope at least a lady got this message"- So I found a really creepy picture of a dude online and texted it back- He ended the conversation- I also blocked the number immediately when I found this info-

Post by Wendy,

203-482-5200 I got the same message today, and I'm a Realtor  this is so weird

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