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Tips and tricks check WHO CALLED from 203-534-9050

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Post by Guest,

2035349050 broke me

Post by JD,

203-534-9050 Keeps calling my FAX #

Post by Guest,

2035349050 dont want them calling me-

Post by AEA Scam,

203-534-9050 American Expense Analytics (AEA) is the third in a string of schemes initiated by Darren and Darryl Oliver of Colorado Springs, Colorado-  AEA follows AmCorp Management (notes-com Phone-aspx ---) and TRG (www-ct-gov dob cwp view-asp?a&q) as a franchise business opportunity scheme backed by the Olivers-  AEA, like AmCorp and TRG promise you commissions based on sales of expense and tax recoveries from corporations-  They overstate the opportunity, then collect the upfront franchise fees-  Hundreds of victims will tell you it is very difficult if not impossible to make an honest living off of the expense recovery commissions-  The only people to make money on this scheme are the Olivers and those unknowingly recruit others to buy into it-  When the scheme becomes common knowledge, they close the company and open under a new name without refunding any of the franchise fees or paying commissions due-  AEA is the Oliver's latest scheme, this time fronted by the Burke brothers as the Oliver name has become too well known-  Make no mistake, AEA is backed by the Olivers as proven by the whois database which shows the Olivers own and host the AEA website- AEA is also lead by Al Branca, a key figurehead in the AmCorp scheme and recently implicated in a New Jersey mortgage fraud scam (www-nj-gov oag newsreleases -BIRMCO-Complaint-pdf)-If you have been a victim of any of these three schemes, please file reports with the State of Colorado Attorney General's Office (https: www-coloradoattorneygeneral-gov depar -- _complaint_form) and the Federal Trade Commission (https: www-ftccomplaintassistant-gov )-  Note: In an odd twist, Darren's wife Sara Oliver works for the Colorado Attorney General's Office-

Post by Guest,

2035349050 "Card rewards" scam-

Post by Terry,

203-534-9050 Did you get someone to call you at your job by this number --? I'm just curious of what this could be and what it is concerning too- Could you help me with this? And it was by a "business" called Coast Professional or Coage Professional? I'm just curious of knowing what is the in regard of- Thank you sooo much if you could help me wrap my brain around this-

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