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Tips and tricks check WHO CALLED from 203-538-0930

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Post by NJY,

2035380930 Came us on Caller ID as Quality Care, which seemed pretty bogus so I let it go to the answering machine-  Like all the other scammers, this bozo autodialer didn't leave a message-  Just trolling for numbers that have a human answer, so they can sell the number to other scammers-  I now have the number blocked on my call blocker device-  well worth the investment, people

Post by mb,

203-538-0930 Got recording "This is about your current electric bill"--I hung up immediately

Post by Kim,

2035380930 I applied at a position named Quality Care and this number came up so I called to see if it was regarding employment and it was an automated message asking if I wanted to be removed from their call list-

Post by Guest,

203-538-0930 No message left when the answering machine picked up-

Post by Cindy O,

2035380930 Just so you know, as I live in CT, where this number originates, I called it- It's a spoofed, as the number isn't even in service-

Post by William Reedy,

203-538-0930 I got a call from this number, and I let go to missed calls- I looked up the number and it is some type of solicited call- I am on the no call list, and wanted to report them -

Post by fedup,

2035380930 >> The only way to stop these calls is to not have a land line-  <

Post by Broke-a** Btch,

203-538-0930 These pond scum are supposed to use the national DNC list to AVOID dialing numbers on the list, NOT SHOP for potential clients And just what makes these morons think anyone who signs up to be left alone WANTS MORE spam and scam?

Post by Ken in Ct,

2035380930 As others here have posted, call came in as Quality Care- Let it go to voicemail, they hung up as soon as my answering machine message started-

Post by Guest,

203-538-0930 Unknown telephone number hung up no message JUNK CAll

Post by Guest,

2035380930 Called the number back and got a recording saying it was a non working number-

Post by Guest,

203-538-0930 Called times within minutes and a half- did not answer- Don't know anyone from this area code or do business with anyone from this area code- After waiting for message from my answering machine, they left about seconds of dead air before hanging up

Post by Bob,

2035380930 This is the th time this number has called me- I have never answered the phone nor have they left a message- I am putting the number on my block caller list

Post by Guest,

203-538-0930 I answered the phone and there was no response- I then trying calling the Ph # and the message i got was the # had been disconnected- this was with-in the span of about minutes- ???

Post by Guest,

2035380930 Called and when I answered, no one responded- Do not know anyone from this number- Do not want them to call again-

Post by del,

203-538-0930 Political grandstanding and politicizing is off topic,  dilutes the value of your posts- and not necessary in explaining the DNC- There are opinions other than yours, if made to the contrary,  would also violate the TOS of this forum-  We don't need a political Flame thread going and ask that others please refrain from addressing your post-Thank you Slim for your articulate, informative and always considerate post-

Post by Ima Pissedoff,

2035380930 Well we are seniors and on fixed income with lots of aches and pains and we pay too much for electricity and pain meds- But these B A S T A R D S will double or triple your rates after a few months of switching and then charge you hundreds of dollars to switch back- Now if that doesn't require some kind of pain cream nothing will- Any who right after this one attempted to call Clean Planet tried also with a number (--) either way they are blocked here I just check my call list to see who tried to call and was blocked- Footnote these switch your electric supplier scammers are under investigation here in Connecticut for the high rates- Best advice don't switch your supplier if you do hope the pain cream is for rectal use your going to need it-

Post by Philo McGiffen,

203-538-0930 Very helpful, especially your supercilious tone- Nicely done-

Post by Ken in Ct,

2035380930 Called on  at : PM (just going through my Caller ID log)- Let it go to voicemail, no message left

Post by cmille,

203-538-0930 Quality Care Ct- called me today at P-M-  I hit the "reject" button on my Sentry call blocker-  It hung up right away on caller and will remember and block future calls from the same number-  I bought it for a couple of bucks on Amazon-  Check it out everyone

Post by Guest,

2035380930 I don't answer and no message left?

Post by Jopi,

203-538-0930 Thanks, I had one of these on my caller lists, didn't know what it was about- Glad I didn't pick up-

Post by Guest,

2035380930 Keeps calling cell phone, very annoying

Post by Guest,

203-538-0930 Came in, picked up because looked like a number I knew- Message about my electric rate , yadda dadda do, then press number to speak to rep- Hung up and blocked-

Post by Guest,

2035380930 Calls, I pick up, no answer

Post by Guest,

203-538-0930 Calls, I pick up, no answer

Post by Sam,

2035380930 Thank you, JayL, for reporting what the call was really about-  I, too, received a call from "Quality Care," but did not answer, and did not let the machine answer-  But I *am* always curious about what these people who call under questionable IDs really want (which is why I look up the -- likely spoofed -- phone numbers at sites like this)-Very interesting to learn that some electric rates people are now masquerading behind, apparently, a medical care label-

Post by marty,

203-538-0930 Agreed  Overboard political for this forum--issues not wanted or necessary-

Post by Ima Pissedoff,

2035380930 The child abuser is the criminal that rings the phone trying to scam people who wakes the year old up

Post by Guest,

203-538-0930 Calling my cell phone- I'm on the do not call list-

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